Callaway Rogue vs. Rogue X – 2024 Review And Comparison

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When the Callaway Rogue and Rogue X irons were first released, there was quite a bit of confusion surrounding them.

With the differences being fairly subtle and golfers worried about the new adjustments to loft that these Rogue irons brought along, the Callaway Rogue vs. Rogue X debate was quite confusing.

If you are now looking to find a set of these Callaway Rogue irons on clearance or for a great used set, it is still important to understand the differences between the Rogue and Rogue X to get the right club for your game.

In our comparison, we will give you the features and benefits of the Rogue and the Rogue X, and we will even give our insider’s view of which of these is the better iron choice.

Callaway Rogue Features and Benefits

Callaway Rogue vs. Rogue X Rogue View

The Callaway Rogue is the iron built for the mid handicapper. It is a forgiving club head built for a player that is considered an average golfer.

With the Callaway Rogue, you will get a combination of different technologies that bring forgiveness and maximum distance.

Face Cup and VFT Technology

VFT stands for variable face thickness. This means that across the driver’s face, different areas will flex and respond in ways that help increase ball speed.

On a non-Callaway set of irons without this Rogue irons feature, if you miss the center of the face, the shot will be very forgiving on the majority of iron swings.

Tungsten Weighting

Tungsten is a key word in golf club manufacturing. If you want a club head that is precise and will give you optimum launch conditions, the Rogue X can do so.

Since tungsten is heavier than steel, a very small piece of it can be used and placed in an exact location. Therefore the center of gravity is going to be precisely placed.

Urethane Microspheres

When it comes to golf irons, feel is essential. You can have all the club head speed in the world, but if the impact doesn’t feel right, prepare to be disappointed with the shot you hit. The Urethane microspheres had not been used in a set of irons before the release of the Callaway Rogue iron family, and it was an impressive addition.

Callaway Rogue X Features and Benefits

Now that you have a better idea of what the standard Rogue has to offer let’s look at the Rogue X irons review. You will notice that quite a few of the technologies are going to overlap.

Distance Tech Package

If you think that the distance in the standard Rogue irons is impressive, the distance technology in the Rogue X will really stand out.

The Rogue X is lighter and stronger than the Rogue. In addition, the lofts will be considerably stronger, resulting in the ability to gain some extra distance.

For players that struggle with swing speed, the Rogue X has the features that you need.

Optimal Flight Control

The main problem that golfers worry about with the Rogue X Irons is that the ball flight control is going to be off. With the lower lofts features in the Rogue X, it is crucial that a golfer can still launch the ball high enough.

This is where the tungsten weighting comes into play. The Rogue X Irons have a low Center of Gravity that allows golfers to hit higher and have more success with the ball flight control.

If you are worried about the height you hit the ball, don’t be. Rogue X has considered this and does plenty to help it work.

Improved Sound and Feel

There were some good things about the Callaway X Hot irons; however, there were also some issues with this technology.

Although they helped golfers increase swing speed, the problem was really related to the feel and sound at impact.

Although labeled as super game improvement irons, the Rogue X is equipped with urethane microspheres that help to promote improved sound and feel.

Great feel in a set of super game improvement irons can be hard to find; Callaway managed to pull it off with the Rogue X irons.

Callaway Rogue vs. Rogue X

The Callaway Rogue and Rogue X golf irons have a lot of similarities. In fact, for some golfers, the differences are so narrow that this decision can become quite confusing.

However, there are a few great ways to narrow down whether or not this is the iron set for your needs.


The Rogue X golf irons have better distance capabilities than the Rogue golf irons. This has everything to do with the lofts in the clubs.

A standard Rogue pitching wedge has 44 degrees of loft; the Rogue X has 41 degrees.

If you know anything about science and the way the game of golf works, you can tell that these differences in the distance are created by the technical specifications of the golf irons themselves. The Rogue X iron will go further than the Rogue.


The Rogue X tends to be a bit more offset and more forgiving than the Rogue standard. However, for some players, this is not a positive.

Forgiveness is important, but control of the golf ball is also important.

With the Rogue, you will feel as though you can hit some different types of shots, including fades and draws; with the Rogue X, the offset nature of the club seems to correct any kind of workability you may want to have in an iron set.


The Rogue X irons are lighter than the Rogue. With lighter weight iron, players can swing the club faster and get quite a bit more ball speed from their shots.

A lightweight golf iron is something you often see in the super game improvement golf clubs, and it is a benefit.

Even though the Rogue X irons are more lightweight than the Rogue standard, the Rogue standard is in no way heavy. In addition, both clubs had very high-quality graphite shaft offerings when they were released.

Sound and Feel

The sound and feel of a golf iron are important regardless of your handicap. Although both the Rogue and the Rogue X feature the urethane microspheres, the Rogue feels a bit more solid at impact. This could have to do with a slightly heavier and more compact club head.

The sound for both irons is about the same and much more pleasant than the Callaway X Hot irons of years past.


Luckily the price of the Rogue and the Rogue X irons is relatively the same, and it has come down quite a bit in the last several years. The price factor will not be a way that you can distinguish between the Rogue and Rogue X.

Pros and Cons

Callaway Rogue vs. Rogue X Rogue View


  • Classic looking cavity back design
  • Distance technology from 360 Face Cup
  • High ball flight
  • High MOI club face
  • Increased launch angle due to tungsten center of gravity
  • Shot shaping ability
  • A soft yet solid sensation when hit
  • Urethane microspheres for better feel




  • Not as lightweight as other game improvement irons
  • Club heads are larger in size for lower handicap players




  • Extreme protection against off-center hits
  • Lower lofts for increased distance
  • Adjusted center of gravity to help get ball airborne
  • Offset larger head on the irons
  • Urethane microspheres for better feel
  • Super game improvement technology
  • It pairs well with hybrids in a combo set
  • Many of the same features as Rogue standard irons


  • Lower lofts can make it hard for some players to stop the ball on the green
  • Faster swing speed golfers will want a heavier club head

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the questions that come up most often about the Rogue and the Rogue X Golf Irons. As we have said, the Callaway Rogue iron series is quite impressive, but you must ensure you choose the set that works for your individual needs as a golfer.

Are Callaway Rogue X Irons Good For High Handicappers?

The Rogue X Irons are a great choice for high handicappers, with one expectation. High handicap players that really struggle to get the ball up in the air may find that the loft of the Rogue X Irons is too low for their game.

Although the loft was created like this intentionally, and the center of gravity has been adjusted, some higher handicappers have a hard time stopping the Rogue X golf balls on the green. Instead of having the ball stop in place, it can tend to roll through the green.

If you want to be able to make consistent birdie and par putts, the ball needs to be able to stop on the green. Keep this in mind when searching for new golf irons.

Are Callaway Rogue X Irons Good For Beginners?

Beginner golfers need lightweight and forgiving clubs, and the Rogue X will provide this for any beginner. Having lightweight golf clubs certainly helps to swing the club faster, generate more club head speed and increase the overall distances you can hit the ball.

The Rogue X irons also have a slight offset, which can help the beginner who may struggle with a slice. The slice is quite a common miss for the beginner player.

Are Mavrik Irons Better Than Rogue Irons?

Mavrik irons are newer than Rogue irons, and they have a few changes that will set them apart. The Mavrik irons are the first golf irons to be created using artificial intelligence. AI is revolutionizing the world of golf clubs.

Manufacturers like Callaway are starting to give players more distance, feel, and forgiveness than ever before. The technology of the Mavrik and the feel is slightly better than the Rogue. However, if you find a great deal on a set of Rogue irons, this could be a great choice to consider.


It’s impossible to say that the Rogue or the Rogue X is a better golf iron. Since each of the iron styles will cater to a different player, it is most important to find something that matches your game specifically.

Higher handicappers looking for ultimate distance and forgiveness will enjoy the Rogue X. The Rogue irons are best for the middle handicapper looking for a perfect game improvement golf set. In the end, the entire Rogue series from Callaway was a success.

Read our review of the best Callaway irons on the market for more information.

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