Best One Length Irons In 2024 – More Consistency & Control

One length golf irons are much different than traditional variable length golf irons. This is a concept that came to market several years ago and has only become more widespread since then. Golfers worldwide are completely changing their mindset about what golf clubs are capable of and why single length irons took so long to come to the market.

The concept of a single length iron is quite simple, yet many golfers are worried about what it will do to their golf game. If you have entertained the idea of a single length iron and think that it could be a good choice for your game, we will have all the information you need.

The best one length irons on the market are the Radspeed Irons by Cobra Golf; however, there are quite a few other good options for single length irons on the market. Let’s take a look at whether or not this could be a good solution for your game.

What Is A One Length Iron?

A set of one length irons will have all of the irons in the set manufactured to be the same length as a seven iron. This simple change will impact the way the club performs from a ball flight, workability, and even a distance perspective. The single length irons make it easy for golfers to keep their setup and stance the same on almost any swing.

Best One Length Irons – Reviews

Overall Best One Length Irons: Cobra Radspeed One Length Irons

Best One Length Irons: Cobra Radspeed One Length Irons

It should come as no surprise that the newest release from Cobra takes over the top spot as the best single length irons on the market. On almost every iron set Cobra releases, they will include a one length option to appeal to players. The new Radspped is 37.5 inches long and comes with matching hybrids and wedges as well.

The new Radial weighting system is really what has helped these irons to stand out. There are 10g and 3g weights positioning in the club’s heel to help increase the ball speed. For players that struggle with distance, the Radspeed will help make a big difference.

In addition, the new PWRShell face is a forged face insert. This gives the great feeling that you get with a forged club but much more jump off of the club face.

  • Impressive feel and weighting for a one length club
  • Much higher ball speed than previous one length golf irons
  • Single length golf clubs are available in wedge and hybrid options as well
  • Brand new releases always have the higher pricing

Best Value One Length Irons: PGX Single Length Iron Set

The idea and concept of going to single length golf clubs can be a bit difficult for some to accept. This is certainly not a typical way to play the game, and it can be a scary transition. If you are not sure the one length concept is for you but want to try it out, the PGX Single Length Iron set is a perfect choice.

These single length irons are some of the lowest priced golf irons on the market, and it comes with the 5-GW. For the price of these single length golf clubs, you can economically decide if playing this type of iron is really the best bet for your swing.

The great thing about the PGX is that they have good technology, help golfers get lots of consistency, and they are incredibly affordable. Although this is one of the more value centered brands on the market, there is nothing wrong with the PGX clubs for an average or weekend golfer.

  • All clubs are 37.25 inches
  • It comes with a 5-GW
  • Lower center of gravity for a more forgiving design
  • Will not have the same ball speed or feel as a Cobra golf iron

Best Single Length Irons For Seniors: Senior One Length Men’s Majek Hybrid Iron Set

The single length irons are a great choice for seniors. Senior golfers tend to struggle with so many things about their golf game changing. They will feel changes when it comes to ball speed, balance, vision, and more. Therefore creating some consistency with a one length iron is a great concept.

The hybrid irons all have the same shaft length, and they come in the 3-PW. This is a progressive style design, so the 3 iron will look most like a 3 wood, where the pitching wedge will still have a hybrid shape but look quite a bit like an iron.

Majek Hybrid Iron Sets come with a graphite senior shaft that is perfect for helping to increase swing speed and distance for the senior golfer. It will take a little bit to get used to a one length hybrid in play for use around the greens, but it is a concept that should be highly considered.

  • Very easy to launch
  • It helps create more consistency for a senior golfer
  • All clubs are the same length, with graphite senior shaft
  • Fair pricing for the number of clubs offered
  • Not the best choice for a lower handicap senior with a good swing speed

Best One Length Irons For A Beginner: Cobra Speedzone Iron Set

Beginner golfers can benefit greatly from going with the single length irons as the first set of irons. For new golfers, the single length will not feel any different, and there will be no adjustment period; instead, golfers can start learning the game with the great advantages that one length irons bring.

One of the most frustrating parts of being a beginner golfer is having to learn the different stance and setup options and how they change from one golf club to another. With the Cobra Speedzone Iron Set, this won’t be a concern. Simply step up, take the standard stance and ball position and make a swing.

The Cobra Speedzone Irons set is highly advanced with great forgiveness and speed technology for beginners. Cobra focuses on different performance zones that add accuracy, speed, and spin that beginners need. The great thing about the Cobra Speedzone one length irons is that they will last well beyond the beginner stage.

This is a club you can use for years to come.

  • Very fair pricing for newer irons
  • Easy to launch
  • It makes golf a simple learning process for a new player
  • Ball speeds are not quite as high as they are for the new Radspeed irons

Best Premium One Length Irons: Cobra Golf 2020 King Forged Tec One Length Iron Set

Most of the time, the concept of single length irons is thought to be more of a game improvement or forgiving type club. Although this can be the case, there are times that you will find some great looking iron heads in the single length design.

The Cobra King Forged Tec golf irons are one of the better looking one length irons that golf has ever seen. These single length clubs are compact muscle back shape with hollow construction. This helps players to get a softer feel, higher launch, and impressive distance control.

The new PowerShell Face is a face insert that increases the ball speed golfers can get. We like the overall compact shape you get with this golf iron, as it looks a bit more like a player design. The great news is that it performs like a golf club fit for average players.

  • es with Arccos Caddie App
  • Impressive feel
  • Best looking of all the single length irons on the market
  • Slightly less forgiving than other Cobra choices
  • Pricing tends to be a bit higher

Buyers Guide: Choosing The Best Single Length Irons

As you can see from our list of the best one length irons in the game of golf, Cobra is quite well known for its presence in this industry. Cobra worked with Bryson Dechambeau to develop the original one length golf clubs that Bryson had already been playing.

Variations of these clubs had been around for years, with club repair specialists and golf club tinkerers making their own versions. However, having this concept of the same length irons available to all amateur players has been a great move forward in the game.

When purchasing your first set of single length irons, these are a few things to consider.

Custom Fitting

Some people think that singe all single length irons are the same length that custom fitting is not important. However, this is really not the case. You won’t know if the lie angle is right for you or if all the clubs should really be the same length as a 7 iron unless you go for a custom fitting.

Some golfers still need clubs to be 1/2 inch short or a 1/2 inch long, even if they are all the same length. If you are thinking of purchasing single length clubs, don’t ignore the need for a custom club fitting, it will be a necessity.


Swing Speed vs Carry Distance vs Shaft Flex

When choosing single length irons, you must ensure that you are playing with the proper golf shaft. This is especially important in the short irons. Remember that the short irons are going to be longer than they typically are with standard length irons.

The longer golf shaft length can make it a bit harder to release the club and hit the ball straight. Ensure that you have the ability to swing the golf club with ease and finish your golf swing with a full and complete weight transfer.


The lofts of the single length iron and the variable length irons are going to be rather similar. However, if you are switching to a new set of single length clubs, you will want to see how different their lofts are from what you are currently playing with.

Chances are you are going to hit your long irons quite a bit better than you did in the past, but you may lose a few yards. The lofts on the club could end up changing the way that you think about the rest of your set makeup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you have a better idea as to what one length irons you should purchase, it’s a good idea to ask a few questions about these clubs and ensure they are the proper fit for your game.

Do You Lose Distance With One Length Irons?

Golfers are typically very concerned about losing distance with their single length irons. The good news is that because of accuracy, control, and an increase in clubhead speed, the single length irons do not end up costing players and distance.
Most golfers find they are actually increasing distance when it comes to the long irons in the one length design. The increase in the distance comes from the confidence and ease of use that these same length golf clubs provide.
You will have to play with the one length irons for a few weeks to get used to their technology, but after some time, there should be no issues with learning to play with these one length irons.

Do Pros Use One Lenth Irons?

Most golf professionals use variable length irons. However, Bryson Dechambeau has been playing with single length irons for years, and he finds them to be the perfect fit for his game. Bryson has a lot of swing speed, and instead of trying to hit the ball further, the accuracy and consistency that the one length irons provide tend to be a perfect match for Bryson Dechambeau.

Who Makes The Best One Length Irons?

Cobra golf makes the best one length irons on the market. Although some other companies have tried to replicate and release their own single length irons, there is no debating the fact that Cobra golf leads the way. If you are struggling with learning the game of golf and want something like the one length irons to make it easier, look no further than Cobra golf.


We hope that you now have a better understanding of the best one length irons on the market. The Cobra Radspeed one length irons stand out as the best overall choice as they are the newest and most advanced technology. The weighting on these clubs is impressive and allows for some of the fastest ball speeds we have seen from the Cobra brand. For mid to high handicappers, it will be hard to find a better option than the Cobra Radspeed single length irons.

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