Best Mizuno Irons In 2024 – Top Picks And Expert Review

Best Mizuno irons

We get it; Mizuno irons look fantastic! They’re probably the best-looking irons on the market!

But which are the best Mizuno Irons? Aren’t all of them considered to be players irons?

Well, not anymore! Mizuno now caters to a broader market without compromising their supers quality and feel.

Hands down – No brand feels as good as a Mizuno!

My name is Britt, and I’m a PGA pro. I have reviewed the best Mizuno irons on the market and found that the JPX 921 Forged is the overall best Mizuno Iron.

This set of irons will work for a wide range of players, and the carbon steel forged construction certainly helps it to have the premium Mizuno feel we have come to expect

I also included my best choice for low handicappers, a value pick, and a premium option!

Keep reading to learn more.

No Time? Here The Top Picks Of Our Mizuno Iron Review

Best Overall
JPX 921 Forged
JPX 921 Forged

The JPX 921 Forged has the faster ball speeds out of any Mizuno forged irons on the market.

For a combination of ball speed and incredible feel, this is the best choice.

Most Affordable
JPX921 Hot Metal
JPX921 Hot Metal

These irons are game improvement clubs built to increase Mizuno iron options for the higher handicap or novice golfer.

If you want something forgiving but great feeling, this is the design to go with.

Best Premium

The MP 20 MB replace the MP 18 of last year. These are blade irons built for the lower handicapped golfer looking for a performance iron.

If you want to score and you need the precise set on the market, this is it.

Best Mizuno Irons – Reviews

We have reviewed be best Mizuno Irons on the market. Keep reading for more info!

Best Mizuno Irons Overall: JPX 921 Forged

Best Mizuno Irons JPX 921 Forged

The JPX 921 Forged has earned our top spot of the best Mizuno irons in 2024. The entire JPX 921 line is, excellent but the forged construction, with the added forgiveness, sets this club apart.

We love that a wide range of handicaps will benefit from the JPX 921 Forged iron.

Key Features

  • Chromoly and forged construction combined
  • Very high ball speed
  • Consistent grain flow forged feel on every swing

When golfers shop for a new set of irons, they often say they are looking for something long, forgiving, and feels great.

The Mizuno JPX 921 Forged will check all of these boxes.

Most people assume that when you switch to forged iron, you lose distance. However, this is not the case with the Mizuno JPX 921 iron.

The JPX 921 Forged are CNC Back milled. This means that they have a larger back milled slot to give players stability.

When you miss the center of the clubface, you lose a bit of stability, and the shots can travel quite far from the centerline.

You won’t have to worry about that instability with the JPX 921.

The compact profile of the 921 Forged also makes it a better golf club to look at.

If you don’t think you are quite ready for Mizuno blades, this club makes the perfect option between cavity backs and blades.

Best Mizuno Irons For Your Budget: Mizuno JPX921 Hot Metal

Best Mizuno Irons JPX921 Hot Metal

You might assume that all Mizuno irons are priced high. Luckily this is not the case.

The Mizuno JPX 921 Hot Metal is priced about the same as other game improvement type irons in its category.

Key Features

  • Harmonic impact technology
  • Pearl brush finish
  • Seamless cup face with sound ribs for higher ball speeds
  • Toe bias weighting for longer, straighter shots

Many people think Mizuno is just for the lower handicap player. With the JPX921 Hot Metal, that rumor should be put to rest.

This is the best Mizuno game improvement iron we have seen, and you don’t even have to miss out on that impressive Mizuno feel.

The ball speeds on the JPX 921 Hot Metal iron are fast, and the face is thin and easy to get some extra launch.

As far as Mizuno irons are concerned, this is one you will want to keep in your bag for a while. Just like the JPX921 forged irons, the mild carbon steel is built using a stability frame for better perimeter weighting.

Even if you miss it just a little, this iron set will get you back on track. Hot metal irons are not necessarily scoring irons.

However, if you want a game improvement club that gets you from high handicapper to mid handicapper and lower, these are the clubs to do it with.

Best Premium: Mizuno MP 20 MB

Most players will tell you that the Mizuno irons are best known for their blade models.

After many years of producing some of the best feeling golf clubs on the market, Mizuno has done it again with these Mizuno MP irons.

Key Features

  • Built for the best feel thanks to the Grain Flow Forged HD manufacturing process
  • Tapered top blade
  • Muscle back technology

Each time Mizuno releases their new iron sets, the blade players anxiously await the arrival of the next Mizuno blade irons.

In all reality, most Mizuno blades look exactly like the previous Mizuno blade.

The thing is, this is about as nice as a blade can look.

When you think of the best Mizuno iron sets, it is this clean-looking MB look that you think of most of the time.

The top-down profile on the Mizuno MP 20 MB iron is the thinnest in the line-up, and it is certainly built for golfers with high aspirations for their game.

As modern golf technology has taught us, a bit of forgiveness is possible even for golfers that play with the muscle back irons.

With the new MP lineup from Mizuno, you can mix a few MP 20 and MB short irons with a few other clubs to create an amazing Mizuno combo set.

If you are confident in your swing and ready to start attacking pins, there is no question this is the club you want to do it with.

Best Mizuno Irons For Mid Handicapper: Mizuno MP 20 HMB

If you are a player who looks at the MP 20 MB irons and feels you are missing out, this is the iron to try.

Let’s face it, not everyone’s game is ready for the golf iron blade.

As much as we would all like to stand up there and hit a six-iron blade to two feet, it’s just not always the reality.

Key Features

  • Will help launch the golf ball a bit higher
  • Copper Underlay
  • Wider sole width construction

The good news is that Mizuno understands this. They know that a golf iron built for the lower handicapped players is appealing but not always practical.

The Mizuno MP 20 HMB is the practical choice for all skill levels. This club looks like the MP 20 MB with a wider profile. Essentially we look at this as like a fake blade.

You get the feel and the performance of the blade with a little extra help. The MP 20 HMB doesn’t look like game improvement irons.

They are built for golfers how are particular about the way a club looks. However, they are also high launching and have a decent-sized sweet spot.

With the Mizuno MP 20 HMB iron, you get the best of everything in a great-looking club head.

If you are a player who enjoys hybrids, we love how the set flows into the hybrid because of the thicker club head and wide sole.

Best Top Down Look: Mizuno MP 20 MMC

Best Mizuno Irons MP20 MMC

The MP 20 MMC irons look just as thin as some of the blade-style Mizunos, yet they bring along the forgiveness you see from cast irons.

The MP 20 MMC is a great choice for golfers interested in the best feel when striking a golf ball but occasionally miss the center of the face.

Key Features

  • Large sweet spot
  • Very stable design
  • Improved flow to the wedges

The  MP 20 MMC will have a very thin top-down look without taking away the forgiveness that mid-handicap players need in their irons.

You will find that the multi-material construction of the MMC has added layers of feel that we don’t see in every Mizuno iron.

The MP20 MMC is much less bulky than the Hot Metal Pro Irons or the MP20 HMB.

If you like that clean players look you find on the PGA Tour, this is the iron to get it with.

One of our favorite things about the MP 20 MMC is how this design flows into the wedges.

The golfer will feel as though there is hardly any transition between the wedges and the irons in the set.

The better flow between clubs increases consistency and gives players the feel they need across the entire Mizuno Iron set.

Buyers Guide

Most forgiving irons - FAQ
Take your time when choosing new irons and consult a professional if in doubt.

When you narrow down which Mizuno irons are for you, you will still need to make sure that you choose those irons in the right specifications. As with all irons, you have a couple of options to consider.

It might make sense to do a golf club fitting, or perhaps you already know your specs from a previous fitting.

Here are the most important considerations for choosing a great Mizuno golf iron.


Swing Speed vs Carry Distance vs Shaft Flex
Choosing the right shaft flex impacts your ball flight immensely!

The shaft is potentially more important than the clubhead.

Let’s say, for instance, you choose the MP 20 HMB iron in a mid-weight, stiff flex shaft.

However, after playing with it for a few rounds, you realize that you are hitting the ball way too high.

Chances are the shaft design is not heavy enough to properly suit your game.

Choosing the right shaft before making your purchase is essential. Try out a few different kinds and know your swing speed.

Club Type

The Mizuno company is pretty straightforward when it comes to what their clubs offer. You will notice that the MB stands for muscle back in all of their irons.

If you find that you are a higher handicapper or beginner, stay away from this design.

The other Mizuno clubs on the market are all in the general category of being for mid to high handicappers.

Choosing between something forged or cast will come down to budget and feel.


Mizuno golf irons are not honestly known for being all that forgiving. If you are genuinely concerned about forgiveness in a club, you may want to look at some other golf brands.

The good news is that some of the more recent Mizuno releases do have a large sweet spot.

Mizuno’s hot metal irons and the Hot Metal Pro make great choices for those who want the extra-large sweet spot and a higher ball flight.

Set Makeup

One of our favorite things about Mizuno irons is the ability to mix them and create an amazing combo set.

If you are worried about the blade-type iron in the longer irons, simply swap those out for something slightly easier to hit.

Many Mizuno sets are made up of two or three different style irons. For the mid handicappers and even the smart low handicappers, this is a great decision.


The price of Mizuno irons tends to be a bit higher than others on the market. The more time you spend around the game of golf, the more you realize how much feel comes into play.

Golf clubs and golf equipment that feels great will sell for higher prices.

Since the Mizuno company is built on giving players a better feel and more performance, you can imagine the pricing is higher.

In addition, the price tends to go up because of the manufacturing processes.

When Mizuno irons are built, the tolerances are stringent, and there is little room for error.

Mizuno irons don’t leave the warehouse until they are ready for tournament-level play.

Frequently Asked Questions

best golf rangefinders - faq
Have a question? We have an answer

Some golfers have a hard time switching from TaylorMade or Callaway to some of these best Mizuno irons.

The idea of going to what is normally considered a players club is a bit difficult for some.

Choosing the best Mizuno irons for your game doesn’t need to be difficult.

Here are a few important questions that golfers often ask about Mizuno golf irons.

Who Should Play Mizuno Irons? Can Beginner Golfer Play Them?

If you asked this question ten years ago, the response would typically be “single-digit handicappers.”

Mizuno was always known for the clubs they made for the single-digit players. However, things have changed.

Regardless of your handicap, there is a Mizuno golf iron on the market that will work for you. Mizuno irons now have plenty of ball speed and enough forgiveness, even for a beginner player.

With perimeter weighting, mild carbon steel construction, and grain flow forged design, the Mizuno irons are continually changing and improving.

The answer today is that anyone can play with Mizuno irons.

Are Mizuno Irons Forgiving?

Mizuno golf irons are not known for being all that forgiving.

However, some of the newer models, especially the JPx 919 Hot Metal and the JPX 921 Hot Metal sets, have enough forgiveness to keep the mid to high handicappers quite happy.

Are Mizuno Wedges Good?

The most important thing about choosing a great wedge for your game is that the feel is a good match. If you like the way the wedge feels, you can learn to use it to perform and succeed around the green.

Luckily the Mizuno wedges feel just as good as the Mizuno irons.

If you opt for a set of new Mizuno irons in 2024, be sure to consider continuing the set with some of the wedges as well. The consistency in feel and performance across your clubs will benefit you greatly.

What Makes Mizuno Irons So Good?

Sometimes a brand name starts to get popular or grows simply because they are good at marketing. This is a reality that most golfers have come to understand.

However, when it comes to Mizuno golf irons, there is much more than marketing going on.

The Mizuno irons go through a rigorous manufacturing process that helps to ensure they are as high performing as possible with almost no room for error.

Have a look at their Grain Flow Forged HD process to get an idea of the manufacturing process.

If you want a club to feel great, look great, and hold its value over time, it needs to be well manufactured.

The Japanese manufacturers are continuing to grow in popularity. Golfers worldwide realize exactly what it takes to make a golf iron better. Most of it comes down to materials and manufacturing.

Mizuno does a great job with both.


The Mizuno golf iron lineup for 2024 is quite impressive. Each one of the irons on our list has some great benefits and features.

They’re so good that Brooks Koepka went ahead to win the 2017 US Open with an all-Mizuno set of irons in the bag.

For me, the JPX 921 Forged stands out as the best overall choice for a golfer looking for new irons this year.

The grain flow forged construction, tremendous ball speeds, and incredible feel truly make the 921 Forged stand out.

This iron has made many low handicap players move away from the blade and back to a clean forged design like this.

Don’t be afraid that your game is not ready for Mizuno irons. Chances are Mizuno will have an option that will suit your needs just fine.

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