Best Golf Irons For The Money In 2024 – Great Value For Money!

Best golf irons for the money

Have you seen the pricing of irons being released in 2024?

Chances are, one look at the prices of golf irons currently, and you will decide it may not be time to purchase golf clubs after all.

With new sets releasing for more than $1000 purchasing golf irons has become a major decision.

However, the good news is that golf irons are not all expensive.

As a golf professional, I have seen so many sets of golf irons put to the side simply because it is assumed they are not as good. Some of the best golf irons sets are fairly priced; you just have to understand what you are buying.

The best golf irons for the money are the Cleveland UHX irons. These are game improvement irons with tremendous feel, a low center of gravity, and a fair price.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at some of the best Cleveland irons on the market, as well as some of the other best golf irons for the money.

Cleveland UHX
Best Overall
Cleveland UHX
  • Variable high strength HT1770M Steel Face
  • Hollow cavity back construction
  • Tour Zip Grooves
Cobra King F9
Best Alternative
Cobra King F9
  • Will work for almost any skill level
  • Makes the game simple for a beginner golfer
  • Can help players get more distance
Tour Edge Exotics CBX
Best For Low Handicapper
Tour Edge Exotics CBX
  • Soft carbon steel for incredible feel on each shot
  • Triple forged design
  • Precision-milled square grooves
Callaway Mavrik
Best Mid Handicapper
Callaway Mavrik
  • Flash Face Cup Technology
  • Optimized Center of gravity and sweet spot
  • Tungsten infused weights for better feel
Tour Edge Hot Launch C521
Best For Occasional Golfer
Tour Edge Hot Launch C521
  • Very fair pricing
  • 15% wider sole and low center of gravity
  • Affordable way to get around the golf course and have more fun
Wilson Staff Defy
Best For Women
Wilson Staff Defy
  • Combo set with an iron and hybrid technology
  • Fast ball speeds
  • New Speed Sole technology
Wilson D9
Best For Seniors
Wilson D9
  • Built for players that value their budget and their golf game
  • Higher launch and lower spin
  • Power holes for better energy transfer
Tour Edge Exotics E721
Best For Feel
Tour Edge Exotics E721
  • Dual VibRcor Technology dampens sound and shock at impact
  • Larger sweet spot
  • Built for the mid to high handicap golfer

What Makes A Golf Iron A Good Deal For The Money?

Before you take a look at our top picks for the best golf irons for the money, it’s worth understanding how we came to our conclusion.

A golf iron that is a good deal for the money is not always the cheapest on the market. The best golf irons for the money offer the most performance for golf players at the lowest cost.

Some of the best golf iron sets for the money may not be considered affordable golf irons, but a player who understands the game will see why we put these irons on our list.

Best Irons For The Money – Reviews

Best Overall Golf Irons For The Money: Cleveland UHX Golf Irons

Bes irons for the money Cleveland UHX

The Cleveland UHX Golf Irons ear the top spot of the best overall golf irons for the money. With the UHX irons, you will get incredible ball speeds and much more distance than other affordable golf clubs.

Key Features

  • Variable high strength HT1770M Steel Face
  • Hollow cavity back construction
  • Tour Zip Grooves

If you look at where most Cleveland products sell in the golf market, the answer would be the wedges. Cleveland sends lots of wedges because their groove technology and feel are quite impressive.

You will notice right away that the Cleveland UHX Irons are a progressive set of clubs. This means that the long and mid irons have a slightly wider sole than the short irons.

The wider sole helps make it easier to get consistent contact and ball speed even from the irons with lower loft.

The UHX irons are also one of the better-looking golf iron sets for the money. The top-down view and overall design of the iron set is one of the better-looking choices that Cleveland Golf has ever put out.

Overall, it will be hard to beat the clubhead speeds, distance, and tour-level feel that you get with the Cleveland Golf UHX irons.

Best Alternative: Cobra King F9 Speedback One Length

For some reason, the one-length irons tend to drop in price a bit faster than the traditional cavity back progressive length irons.

Take advantage of that by picking up a Cobra King F9 Speedback One Length set for a great price.

Key Features

  • Will work for almost any skill level
  • Makes the game simple for a beginner golfer
  • Can help players get more distance

If you have not yet tried the one-length concept, it is certainly worth a shot. Each golf iron set in this set is going to be the same length as your 7 iron.

Even the wedges and the five iron will all have the same length as the 7 iron.

The concept is that golfers will be able to have the same basic stance and setup, regardless of what club they pull from their golf bag.

There is a perceived downside to the one-length irons, and that is that they are not going to be great at producing distance.

This is entirely untrue.

You will find that you can be more accurate with the One Length King F9 in your hands and hit the ball closer to the center of the sweet spot.

You will have more control and better control with these irons in your golf bag.

Best For Low Handicapper: Tour Edge Exotics CBX Blade Forged Iron Set Golf Clubs

When you first look at the pricing of Tour Edge Exotics CBX irons, you may be surprised to find us saying they are a good deal for the money.

However, something with this much performance for the low handicap golfers is worth every penny you pay for the Exotics CBX.

Key Features

  • Soft carbon steel for incredible feel on each shot
  • Triple forged design
  • Precision-milled square grooves

There is no way around it; irons for the lower handicap golfers are expensive.

This is because better players need a golf club that feels great and gives them plenty of feedback about their swing. Better ball strikers tend to like a smaller head size that is precision milled and designed.

More money spent on materials and in manufacturing certainly leads to a higher price for the end user.

These Tour Edge Exotics CBX Blade Forged Irons are a perfect choice for your golf game if you like a thin top line and the ability to work the ball.

These are without a doubt blade irons, and considering most blades retail for well over $1000, even with a stock shaft, this is a smart deal.

A lower handicap golfer that has been around the game for many years will notice an immediate difference in feel and performance when striking a golf ball with a Tour Edge Exotics CBX Blade.

Best Mid Handicapper Golf Irons For The Money: Callaway Mavrik Irons

Callaway Mavrik Irons is a cavity back iron set built using artificial intelligence to bring the golfer a more reactive and higher performing sweet spot.

The Callaway Mavrik irons have recently dropped in price, making them one of the best game improvement club sets for the money.

Key Features

  • Flash Face Cup Technology
  • Optimized Center of gravity and sweet spot
  • Tungsten infused weights for better feel

The Callaway Mavrik irons are some of the best irons for feel even though they are cavity back irons.

Because of the Urethane Microspheres used in the clubhead, the Mavrik start to feel a little like forged irons.

In addition, Callaway managed to incorporate the new Flash Face Cup technology, which helps produce just the right amount of spin for any shot in the center of the clubface.

When it comes to feel and control, the Mavrik irons performed better than similarly priced competition.

In addition, we found them to be one of the better distance-producing choices on the market.

If you need something new for your game and you want premium technology for a fair price, the Mavrik irons are the way to go. 

Best For Occasional Golfer: Tour Edge Hot Launch C521 Iron Set Golf Clubs

best irons for the money tour edge

If you don’t play golf every weekend, and it is just something you do for a family reunion or an occasional afternoon with friends, it doesn’t make sense to spend a ton of money on golf clubs.

That is where you will find the Tour Edge Hot Launch C521 Iron Set to be a great choice.

Key Features

  • Very fair pricing
  • 15% wider sole and low center of gravity
  • Affordable way to get around the golf course and have more fun

Tour Edge makes two basic lines of clubs. The first is the Hot Launch, and the second is the Exotics. The Hot Launch C521 is an irons set built specifically for the mid to higher handicap golfers.

With the Tour Edge C521 in your hands, you will have no trouble getting your shot up off the ground and headed straight towards the target.

This is a maximum distance and forgiveness iron set, and it is available in both steel and graphite shaft options. The graphite shafts are going to be best for the occasional golfer with a slower swing speed.

One of our favorite upgrades on this Tour Edge is the advanced toe weighting design.

Sometimes when you miss-hit a shot, you will feel a vibration in your hand, and the clubhead will not stay stable.

A great golf iron will have stability technology to protect golfers against this and allow them to hit the ball straighter.

You won’t find a better set of irons for the price.

Truthfully Tour Edge should charge a bit more for the clubs they sell, considering the shots they can help golfers obtain.

Best Women’s Golf Irons For The Money: Wilson Staff Defy Women’s Combo Set

By now, you may be noticing a trend when it comes to the best irons for the money and the Wilson brand.

Wilson tends to make some very affordable iron set choices, yet they still offer plenty of performance for the average golfer.

Key Features

  • Combo set with an iron and hybrid technology
  • Fast ball speeds
  • New Speed Sole technology

Women golfers tend to need irons that help them increase distance and ball speed. The Wilson Staff Defy Combo was built for precisely this reason.

If you are looking for something that gives you incredible performance for a fair price, the Staff Defy could be a great choice.

Women golfers often struggle to find a golf club that helps them launch the ball.

However, the Wilson Staff Defy has technologies incorporated to help women golfers hit higher lofted shots both from the rough and the fairway.

In addition, you won’t have to worry about the lofts between your clubs, as this is a combo set that takes you from the pitching wedge through the hybrids.

Regardless of the other clubs you decide to put in your bag, these Wilson golf iron sets leave most of your bag well equipped and ready for play.

Best Senior Golf Irons For The Money: Wilson D9 Iron Set

Senior golfers tend to get a bit particular about the amount of money they spend on a golf iron set. We can certainly understand this being the case, and that is why it is worth looking into the Wilson D9 iron set.

Key Features

  • Built for players that value their budget and their golf game
  • Higher launch and lower spin
  • Power holes for better energy transfer

The Wilson D9 irons are a brand new release that came out at a very fair price. This is a set of cavity back irons even though they have a slight look of forged irons.

If you want a tremendous amount of distance and ball speed, this is an iron set to put in your hand.

The Wilson features a low center of gravity and a very thin and hot face. These thinner faces have been helping players feel an incredible power and jump they can get when the golf ball hits the club face.

Overall the distance and low center of gravity make this one of the best golf irons for senior players.

In addition, they are readily available in a graphite shaft option with a senior flex shaft.

Best For Feel: Tour Edge Exotics E721 Iron Set Golf Clubs

We would be lying if we told you that every set of affordable irons also feels great. That is just not the case. However, these Tour Edge Exotics E721 have a great feel and impressive distance control.

Key Features

  • Dual VibRcor Technology dampens sound and shock at impact
  • Larger sweet spot
  • Built for the mid to high handicap golfer

The Tour Exotics E721 is a great golf iron set for those that want consistent distance and forgiveness.

With this golf iron in your hand, you will be able to control the ball but still get help from the large sweet spot and flexing face.

Every golf enthusiast can tell you that the irons you have in your bag also have to look good.

As far as game improvement irons are concerned, the Tour Edge Exotics golf clubs are some of the better-looking golf iron sets on the market.

It’s also important to consider the fact that the 360 Undercut design on the Tour Edge E721 will promote a higher launch.

A higher launch means a softer landing on greens and more control over what you are doing on the course.

For mid to high handicap players, this is a very smart investment into your golf game.

How To Choose The Best Golf Irons For The Money

How to Choose The best Golf Irons for the money

Now that you have a better understanding of the best golf irons for the money, how will you know which golf iron sets are the best for your game?

Luckily we have narrowed down some critical factors that all players must consider when choosing a set of irons.

Here are the most important to look out for when purchasing your next irons.

Set Makeup

As you will likely notice, a golf set of irons is often sold as 4-PW or 5-AW. Sometimes irons are sold individually, and you can choose the exact set makeup that you may like.

The iron set makeup will vary depending on the skills and the handicap of the player using the clubs.

The beginner golfer does not need long irons. There is really no reason to put a golf iron in the bag over 5 irons for the beginner player.

The best irons sets for mid handicappers also include a mix of hybrids and irons.

It is very rare to see a mid handicapper with a 3 iron. In fact, most game improvement sets don’t even sell the 3 iron anymore.

For the lower handicap player, the best golf irons sets are those that have something that gives them the most feel and workability.

Sometimes this includes a 3 iron, but many still prefer a hybrid golf club in place of the 3 iron.

In addition, lower handicap golfers often go with blade-style wedges as opposed to a wedge that will match the iron set.


The brand of the irons that you purchase will likely play a role in the price you pay.

Unfortunately, you will have to eliminate the newest releases from Taylormade Golf, Callaway, Titleist, and sometimes even Cobra when you are trying to keep the price down.

These companies put out a new set of golf clubs each year, and the new release is often priced quite high.

It’s a good idea to look for the best golf clubs from brands that are not quite as well known, like Wilson or Tour Edge.

You may not see as much of their advertising, but that does not mean that their technology is lacking.

In fact, some will say it is just as good.

Time Of Year

Have you ever thought that there could be an ideal time of year to purchase a set of irons?

Although there seem to be sales on golf clubs all year round, the winter does seem to be the best time to buy.

Usually, companies are going to release the latest version of their golf clubs sometime in February. As soon as the newest products hit the market, the price on the older clubs tends to drop significantly.

The thing is, the technology is still completely relevant and effective.

Golfers that are serious about purchasing a new iron set should consider looking at the start of the year as soon as the newest technology comes out.

You can then purchase last year’s technology for hundreds of dollars less.


The golf shaft is going to be just as important as the golf club head. You must first determine if you want graphite shafts or steel shafts in your new irons.

Steel shafts will keep the shots a bit more controlled, but you could lose a few yards of distance.

Graphite shafts help players with slow swing speeds get the distance they need. The problem with graphite is that it is not always as accurate.

Sometimes the shaft decision can be very borderline for players. The best thing to do in this situation is to get a club fitting.

You can hit shots with the launch monitor and get the opinion of a professional fitter.

Sometimes when purchasing a set of irons, you should consider not just the club you need right this moment, but the club you will need two or three years from now.

Irons should not be used for a season; they should be used for several years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you are an expert on all the best golf irons for the money, there are likely still a few questions lingering.

Golfers should never be afraid to ask questions before purchasing new clubs, you only do this every few years, and you must make sure you get the best irons for your games.

Ask away and do your research.

Does The Price of Golf Irons Really Matter?

Here’s the million-dollar question, or at least the $600-$1200 question.

Does the price you pay for your irons really impact the performance you get with the club?

This will depend on the type of player you are and the irons you have decided to purchase.

Let’s break it down a bit into the different handicap golfers.

Beginner and higher handicappers need an iron set that is forgiving, offset, and wider in the soul. These types of golf irons are typically quite a bit easier to find at a fair price than a blade type iron set.

This means that the beginner and high handicapper could find that the cheaper iron set is actually a better choice.

Mid handicappers are going to have the easiest time finding a deal on a set of clubs. Mid handicappers can play with such a wide range of equipment that it’s much easier to find a deal.

Mid-range pricing for the mid handicapper irons will produce plenty of quality and longevity in a set.

Low handicappers are the ones that are hard to accommodate when it comes to a great deal for the money.

Equipment for lower handicappers is just considerably more expensive. The forging processes, the materials used, and the fact that lower handicap golfers are really demanding all add to the price.

I can say this about lower handicapped golfers because I understand it. There is something about a perfectly constructed blade that is simply worth the money.

However, be sure to buy a club you love because you may get a good ten years out of it.

The bottom line is that you don’t need to choose your irons based on price alone, but make sure you spend enough to get a good quality set.

What Makes Golf Irons More Expensive?

Two things will make a golf iron more expensive than another. The first is the manufacturing process the second is the shaft.

Golf irons are with graphite shafts are more money because they are more expensive to make. Graphite is a harder material to work with, and the pricing on it makes the iron sets increase in price as well.

The second thing that will impact the price of irons in the forging process. Cavity back irons are made with several pieces being put together to create the clubhead.

A forged iron set, on the other hand, is made from one single piece of steel. This process is more difficult, and for some golf companies, it is even done by hand. Mizuno is a great example of that.

As you can imagine, the higher labor costs and lengthier processes involved certainly increase the pricing.

Who Makes The Best Golf Irons For The Money?

It’s hard to say that there is one specific company that stands out from a value standpoint. However, there are a few that come to mind.

Cobra, Wilson, Tour Edge, and Cleveland tend to have the fairest pricing across the board.

Of course, you will see Cobra release a set of irons at the same times that TaylorMade Golf and Callaway Golf do, but their pricing almost always undercuts, even if just by a few dollars.

After a few months of being released, Cobra will cut pricing again.

Keep an eye on this brand if you want some really high-quality golf equipment at a fair price.

Cleveland golf is the place to go for wedges at a fair price.

Your irons set is going to need some high-quality wedges to go along with it. Take a look at the latest Cleveland lineup.

How Much Should I Spend On Golf Irons?

The amount of money you spend on your irons should depend on how much you use them. If you want to see great value out of a set of irons, use them every day.

Think about the golfer that buys a set of irons for $700 and plays golf 100 times in a year. Next, think about the golfer that spent $700 and played twice last year.

They each chose the same set of irons, but one got a much better value from it.

This is the way you need to think when you want to purchase the best golf irons for the money. Consider your commitment level to golf.

Then think about all of the latest technological advances to the market and decide which ones really matter to you.

For some golfers, all of the distance and forgiveness technology is not necessary. For others, it is the only thing that makes golf fun.

So if you want our honest opinion on what you should really spend on a set of irons, somewhere around the $700-$850 mark for a set of high-quality mid handicap irons is a good range.

If you can find a sale on a year-old set, around $600 or so, consider yourself quite lucky.

Another great tip is to alternate the way you upgrade your clubs. One year buy a driver; the next replace your irons, etc. Don’t do this all at once, or your bank account will certainly show the impact.


After reading this review and article, we hope you now feel more confident in your ability to choose the best golf irons for the money.

Although we gave you lots of options for the best golf iron sets, the Cleveland UHX Irons still stand out at the top.

These irons are built to give players easy ball speed, plenty of forgiveness, and high launch.

In addition, the UHX is just a great-looking club. If you are ready to upgrade to one of the best golf iron sets that Cleveland golf has ever put on the market, go for the UHX.

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