Best Driving Irons In 2024 – Straighter And Further Off The Tee

Best Driving Irons On The Market

As great as it feels to stand on the tee box and hit a drive down the center of the fairway, this is not a reality for all players.

Some golfers can work on their driver continually and still never feel as though it’s right. Even if you are a great ball striker, hitting a driver is difficult.

This is where the best driving irons on the market can really change your game. A driving iron will straighten out your tee shot and give you nearly as much distance as the driver.

In addition, some of the best driving irons are also great for an approach shot into the green.

Understanding what to look for and finding a great driving iron can be difficult; luckily, we have done the dirty work for you.

Although the Ping G425 Crossover wins as the best driving iron on the market, many other high-performing options are out there.

What’s The Difference Between A Utility and A Driving Iron?

There is really no difference between a utility iron and driving irons. These clubs are built to serve the same purpose: to create an iron that is designed to go incredibly far and be a replacement for another long club in the bag.

Some golfers will use driving irons or utility irons to replace their driver, and others will use them to replace the wood or hybrid in their bag. Other players will refer to their driving iron as their 2 iron.

These clubs come in different lofts, and there are options for almost any handicap or player style.

Overall Best Driving Irons: Ping G425 Crossover Hybrid Golf Clubs

Best Driving Irons ping-g425-crossover-hybrid

The Ping G425 Crossover is a brand new release to the market right after the popular Ping G410 Crossover. It is quickly gaining traction as the best overall driving iron on the market.

In years past, driving irons were considered to be one of the most difficult clubs to hit.

Because of their low loft and smaller profile, people couldn’t get the ball up off the ground.

With the G425, you won’t have that concern. The thinner face and the internal construction help golfers get a higher, piercing ball flight and much better performance.

The new toe and hosel weights also help to increase the MOI and give golfers that extra ball speed they are looking for from a driving iron, even with a slower swing speed.

Although this wasn’t a requirement to win our best driving irons category, we must admit this is one of the better-looking driving irons on the market.

If you are a golfer that likes a sleek-looking set of clubs, the new Maraging Steel Face and Hydropearl Water Repellent face make this club really stand out.

The Ping G425 is our top pick in search of the best driving irons in 2021.

Key Features

  • Great choice for adding a 2, 3, or 4 driving iron to your bag
  • Made from 17-4 Stainless steel
  • Allows for maximum distance from the fairway or the tee
  • Significant improvements in the look and feel from the Ping G410 crossover

Best Premium: Callaway X Forged Utility

Best Driving Irons Callaway

It will only take one look at the Callaway X Forged Utility to understand why it is considered the best premium driving iron on the market.

The Callaway X Forged UT is a club that produces very high ball speed, soft feel, and even though it doesn’t look like it, this club is a hollow body construction.

Players that gravitate towards the x forged utility iron typically have a rather strong iron game and are looking for something with a 2 iron loft to continue their long game success.

You will notice that the tungsten weighting in the Callaway X Forged UT is designed to optimize both launch and trajectory.

Golfers that like to control their ball flight will enjoy the functionality of this driving iron.

Key Features

  • Great option for the lower handicapper looking to approach a par five in two shots
  • Classic and clean looking shape that allows for ball control
  • Slightly wider sole than a traditional long iron, easier to launch
  • Very soft feel thanks to the urethane microspheres in the club head

Best Value: Cleveland Launcher UHX Utility Iron

Best Driving Irons Cleveland

Leave it to Cleveland to put out one of the best driving irons on the market for the lowest price.

Cleveland utility irons are built with a low center of gravity, plenty of forgiveness on off-center hits, and high-launch. Although the Cleveland utility irons are only available in the 3, 4, and 5H launch, they bring lots of performance to the table.

The Cleveland utility iron is very similar to the p790 UDI. This is a hollow body construction with a V-Shaped sole.

The shape of the sole is important because it allows these modern driving irons to be used both from the fairway and the tee.

Regardless of the lie that you have with your driving iron in your hand, you will be able to get both distance and performance. If you are not sure whether a driving iron is the best for your game, the Cleveland UHX is one of the best driving irons to try.

With the fair price and the usability, it’s hard to go wrong.

Key Features

  • Easy to hit driving iron
  • Has very similar characteristics to a P790 UDI
  • Fair pricing to ensure every golfer has access to a utility iron
  • V-Shaped sole for better turf interaction regardless of the lie

Srixon ZX Utility Iron Hybrid Golf Clubs

Best Driving Irons Srixon

Srixon has made a real name for themselves on the golf market as being a company that can provide both control and distance.

This Srizon ZX Utility is a great looking driving iron with a small and compact look to it. It comes in a 2 iron, up to 4 iron version, which is great if you find the 2 iron hard to hit.

If you are choosing to put a driving iron in the bag because you don’t like the look of a hybrid than this Srixon is a smart choice.

It is going to look a bit more like a players style blade but it has plenty of forgiveness and launch from the hollow body construction.

We know that the hollow body construction is helping golfers get a higher launch both from the tee and from the short grass. Even if you have a slower swing speed.

We love that the hollow body makes the club look like a pure blade but it actually packs some impressive performance attributes.

Key Features

  • Maximized ball speed and swing speed
  • Tungsten in the toe for some extra moment of inertia
  • Smaller profile than previous models, more of a players look

King Cobra Utility One Length

Best Driving Irons Cobra

One factor that many golfers forget to consider when it comes to driving irons is the length of the club. Since driving irons typically are built for 2 iron, 3 iron, and 4 iron capabilities, the length of the club is going to come into play.

If you struggle to hit your long irons, a driving iron is going to be a rough adjustment for you.

One of the best things you can do is take advantage of the Cobra King Utility One Length technology.

With the Cobra driving irons, you will have a club with a low loft and plenty of distance, but it won’t be longer than your other irons.

The Cobra utility iron is the same length as your 7 iron. This makes the King Cobra the ultimate driving iron for forgiveness and workability.

The fact that you won’t have to change your swing because this club is the same length as your 7 Iron, might make it easier to produce a very straight ball flight and crisp contact, consistently.

To hit a driving iron, you have to have  a decent amount of swing speed as you approach the ball. The length of the King utility iron allows this to happen.

Key Features

  • Shorter golf club is easier to control and work with
  • Large sweet spot built for performance and launch
  • Great looking golf driving iron with a hollow construction
  • Adjustable loft to ensure that the club is easier to hit

Tour Edge Exotics CBX Iron Wood

Best Driving Irons Tour Edge

For the golfer that can’t quite decide which golf club head construction is the best for their game, the Tour Edge Exotics CBX is a great choice.

Unlike the Cobra King Utility Iron or the Callaway X Forged, the Tour Edge looks a bit more like a hybrid and an iron mixed together. The more important factor, however, is that the CBX iron wood plays like an iron.

If you are a golfer that likes to compress the ball and swing down and through your shots for a more penetrating ball flight, this club will do the trick.

We were impressed with the high ball speeds we got coming off the face of the CBX Iron wood. Even on off center hits, you’ll get plenty of forgiveness which compensates for any miss hits.

Even though you don’t hear as much about Tour Edge as you do about TaylorMade or Callaway, this is a strong choice to put in your golf bag. In addition, Tour Edge is always very fair from a pricing standpoint.

Key Features

  • Hollow body construction
  • Dark-colored clubhead makes it more appealing than a traditional long iron, less glare when looking at the golf ball
  • Fair pricing and impressive ball speeds on the CBX Iron Wood
  • The ultimate driving iron for those who can’t decide between a hybrid and a utility club in their bag

TaylorMade SIM DHY

Best Driving Irons TaylorMade

TaylorMade has gone through its fair share of utility irons and driving irons through the years. We have seen models like the TaylorMade SIM UDI, the TaylorMade GAPR, the TaylorMade P790 UDI, and more.

However, the latest model, the SIM DHY, is one of the more unique and impressive options that we have seen. This might be a great alternative to your fairway wood!

Before you question whether this is a hybrid or a driving iron, let’s just put it out there that it is a mix of both.

When you look down at this club head, you won’t really be sure if it’s a hybrid or an iron, but your high ball speed will likely make you forget what the club even looks like.

The versatility of the DHY makes it stand out as the driving iron best suited for mid and low handicap golfers. All of the components of this club are built for distance and higher launch.

You will also see the same Speed Pocket technology in the DHY that TaylorMade features in all of its irons.

Key Features

  • Much easier to hit than a long iron and the Taylormade Sim UDI
  • Will work for a variety of swing speeds
  • Great alternative to fairway woods and hybrids
  • Traditional TaylorMade Speed foam construction in the club head

Buyer Guide

Have we made things more or less confusing by showing you all of these incredible driving iron choices on the market?

High and low handicappers have an opportunity to put a unique golf club in their bag this year, with any of these driving irons or utilities.

Since the utility iron concept is really still just catching on, many players have questions about which option will work for their game; that’s where we come in!

Here are a few things to consider before purchasing your new utility iron.


Graphite or steel? So many players wonder if it makes more sense to have a graphite or steel shaft in their utility iron. We can tell you that the best option is a graphite shaft.

The reason you will want a modern driving iron in your bag is to create distance.

To get distance, you will want graphite.

Very low handicappers with high swing speeds can handle steel shafts in their utility long irons; outside of this, graphite is the best choice.


Most golf driving irons are available in a 2, 3, or 4 iron loft. You will have to ensure you consider the loft of this driving iron compared to the loft of the other clubs you have in your bag.

If you have a 3 hybrid, chances are you don’t need a 3 driving iron in your bag as well.

Loft gapping is essential when setting up your golf bag. We only get to carry 14 clubs; ensure they all have different lofts, so you provide yourself the most opportunity to pull off a great golf shot.

Club Head Style

The club head style on the best driving iron will vary quite a bit and is clearly different than your fairway wood. You have probably seen that some of these utility irons have a hard time deciding whether they are long irons or hybrids.

If you are a player who is particular about the way an iron looks, go for more of a blade style driving iron.

Golfers that want the most forgiveness from their driving irons should consider the wider club head style to help increase launch and the size of the sweet spot.

Frequently Asked Questions

As you will notice, the term driving iron and utility iron are used interchangeably. In addition, some companies are now calling their utility irons utility hybrids.

This adds to the confusion for the golfer trying to decide what makes the most sense for their golf bag.

Here are a few questions that we are asked most often about the best driving irons on the market.

Can High Handicappers Use Driving Irons?

High handicappers can and should use driving irons.

Golfers need to find out where their strengths are. For some players, the best part of their game will be the driving game, and for others, it will be the iron game. If you find you are great with your long irons but struggle with tee shots, the driving iron could be a great solution.

As we mentioned driving irons, when hit well, can travel almost as far as a driver.

However, you must ask yourself whether you would rather hit a perfectly straight driving iron a few yards short or a driver thirty yards to the right but a few yards longer.

Most golfers will choose the straight tee shot.

Is A Driving Iron Worth It?

Driving irons tend to be priced right around the same as a hybrid golf club.

If you find that you have the room in your bag and your other distance clubs are not giving you the performance you need, then the driving iron is worth it.

If you are one of those golfers who have no luck with the driver at all, you will be pleasantly surprised with the cost of a driving iron compared to the cost of a new driver.

Overall, a driving iron is a club worth considering.

What Loft Driving Iron Should I Get?

Most people will start with the 3 iron loft when choosing a new driving iron. Although the 2 iron can give you more distance, it is also a little harder to hit.

Players must remember that it becomes a bit more difficult to hit as you lower the loft on iron.
We recommend starting with the 3 utility iron and then adding more clubs in as you see fit.

Many golfers question if a 3 utility is any easier to hit than a traditional 3 iron. The answer to this question is yes, the utility is easier to hit.

The reason behind this is the design alterations that were made to the center of gravity, sole and sweet spot.

These alternations allow for higher ball speed and higher launch, something a traditional 3 iron won’t always provide.


The Ping G425 Crossover stands out as the best driving iron on the market. The fact that they call this the Crossover is a perfect representation of the role it plays in your golf bag.

Crossing you over from the shorter and more accurate clubs in your bag to the longer distance producing options.

With the Ping G425, you get everything a golfer needs out of a driving iron. The look is perfect; the club face produces plenty of ball speed and the club’s sole works from both the rough and the fairway.

If you find that hybrids are not quite cutting it for you, take a look at the G425 crossover. The improvements from the Ping G410 crossover are apparent.

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