Best Cleveland Irons In 2024 – This Year’s New Releases

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Cleveland Golf is a company that does not have an extensive inventory of golf clubs. They are certainly one of the smaller golf manufacturers.

However, the technology that they produce is by no means small.

The Cleveland Golf Irons on the market in 2024 will help golfers with a wide range of performance from ball speed to distance to higher ball flight.

So what are the best Cleveland irons released in 2024?

The Cleveland UHX irons are the best overall iron by Cleveland Golf, but the HB Turbo iron is not far behind. So let’s take a look at both of these high-performing choices and see which would be a better choice for you.

Best Overall Cleveland Golf Irons: Cleveland UHX

Best Clevelnad Irons Cleveland Launcher UHX

The Cleveland UHX irons are the best overall choice from Cleveland this year. This is a hollow construction high-strength iron that is built for the mid handicapper.

In addition, the UHX is designed to help golfers with distance control and spin.

Our favorite thing about the Cleveland UHX irons is the progressive design. Progressive shaping allows players to have an improved feel in the short irons with thinner and more blade-like clubs and more forgiveness in the long irons with the hybrid-like sole.

The result is improved turf interaction throughout the entire set.

When you look down at the UHX irons, the hybrid-like long irons give you confidence regardless of what your lie is like.

So IF you need to hit a five iron out of the rough with the UHX, you won’t have any concerns.

The fully hollow construction allows for more distance and higher ball flight. In the past, Cleveland made a variety of irons for lower handicap players; however, they no longer do that. Instead, these UHX irons are designed to work for the mid to high handicapper looking to take their game to the next level.

It’s important to mention the grooves on the face of the Cleveland UHX irons. The grooves feature the Tour Zip that Cleveland also puts into their wedges.

These Tour Zip grooves do a great job of enhancing the feel and allowing players to create all kinds of shots around the green.

Key Features

  • High performing set of irons from a trusted brand
  • Increased forgiveness due to V-Shaped Sole
  • Progressive shaping to appeal to the golf player that needs forgiveness  in the long irons
  • Seamless changeover into both the hybrids and the wedges
  • High strength HT1770M steel face insert for higher ball speeds
  • Significant improvements in feel from the Launcher CBX irons

Best Cleveland Golf Irons For Forgiveness: Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Irons

Best Cleveland Irons HB Turbo

The Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Irons are the best Cleveland Golf Irons for forgiveness. This is a hybrid style set of irons, and the Hibore Crown has been helping players get around the course in fewer strokes for many years.

Cleveland created this Hi-Bore crown concept years ago to help players that had trouble getting their golf ball out of the rough.

The deep weighting and lightweight feel of the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo iron help golfers get faster ball speeds and a lot more distance.

The Launcher HB irons have a high-strength steel face, and they are a hollow construction golf club. The center of gravity is quite low and allows players to get high ball flight from the fairway and the rough.

If you are a person who has become very frustrated with your golf game, the HB Turbo irons by Cleveland Golf could be a great choice.

Most hybrid clubs are produced with a graphite shaft. However, you can purchase the HB Turbo in a graphite or steel shaft.

Most of the time, we find that the graphite shaft will suit this club the best. The iron set is designed to be lightweight, accurate.

Key Features

  • Maximum forgiveness from this set of irons
  • Cleveland Launcher HB Irons perform like hybrids but feel like irons
  • A great choice for the golfer that struggles with launching the ball
  • Cleveland golf increased ball speeds with turbocharged face

Frequently Asked Questions

You probably have a good feel for which of these two Cleveland Golf irons will be a better fit for your game. The features of each will suit a different type of golfer.

However, there are other questions that golfers come up with regarding Cleveland golf as a whole. If you are thinking of switching from one brand to another, here are a few of the things you should keep in mind.

Which Cleveland Irons Should I Play With?

If you are a mid handicapper, the UHX is the obvious choice. However, for beginners, seniors, and high handicapped, the Cleveland HB Turbo Launcher is the better choice.

The center of gravity is very low, and the higher launch will be better for the higher handicapper.

The quality of both sets of Cleveland golf irons is very high. Even though this is a company with a smaller product line, you don’t need to be discouraged by the products they put on the market.

Think of Cleveland as a quality over quantity brand.

Are Cleveland Irons Any Good?

Cleveland irons are great. Although the product selection may be more limited now than in the past, this is a brand that had been respected on the PGA Tour for many years.

In addition, Cleveland has done a great job in recent years of enhancing the feel and improving on the zip grooves in the short irons.

We like how the features of a Cleveland iron try to hit on all aspects of the game. You get some great feel, forgiveness, and distance, and ball speed as well.

In addition, the turf interaction throughout the set is quite impressive.

Does Cleveland Make Women’s Golf Irons?

Cleveland makes both the Launcher HB Turbo irons and the Cleveland UHX irons in the Cleveland women’s graphite shafts.

The overall shape of the golf club and the impressive features will be very much the same. In addition, Cleveland makes some complete set options specific to women that feature some unique equipment.

The Cleveland Bloom women’s complete golf set has everything from your driver to your putter, and it even includes a golf bag.

This is a perfect option for the new player or occasional golfer that wants high-quality clubs for a very fair price.

Although this is not a complete set with 14 clubs, it is more than enough for a woman player to learn distance control and shot-making.

In addition to performing really well, it’s hard to deny that the look of the Cleveland Bloom is pretty nice as well.

Keep this set in mind if you are shopping for a female golfer that may need more than just the best Cleveland irons. Cleveland brings performance to the table throughout the entire set.

Are Cleveland Golf Wedges Worth It?

If you purchase the Launcher HB Turbo or the Cleveland UHX irons, you will want to pair them with the Cleveland wedges. The wedges feature the Tour Zip grooves, and they come in a few different models.

Although Cleveland caters to the mid to high handicappers in the irons, the wedges are for all golf handicaps.

The blade-style features in the wedge help golfers to get a very clean contact with the club. In addition, the precision milled face and the impressive spin really help the wedges stand out from the other options on the market.

Trust us on this one, the UHX irons paired with the Cleveland CBX 2 wedges are a very powerful combination to have in your golf bag.


Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of the best Cleveland golf irons on the market. Either iron set could be a good choice; the most important thing is determining which will help your game more specifically.

The Cleveland UHX irons stand out as the best overall choice because of the deep weighing, smooth transition to the wedges, progressive design, and hollow back construction.

These clubs will suit the mid to high handicapper and be a set that can grow with you even as you move towards a lower handicap.

Overall we can’t say enough positive things about the feel and the impressive performance that the Cleveland UHX irons offer.

Give these a shot before you make your final decision on upgrading in 2024.

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