Best Game Improvement Driver In 2024 – PGA Pro Review

The best game improvement driver will help high-handicappers take their game to the next level.

Having a forgiving driver that you’re confident in is paramount.

A great driver sets the tone for the hole and can make your life on the golf course so much easier. Even though you’ll only hit this golf club 14 times in each round (18 holes minus four par 3’s), it can be the cause of a failed round.

It can also cause many lost balls, thus making golf even more expensive than it already is.

Let’s save your golf balls and get a new driver that will improve your game, lower your scores, and save you money.

For a driver to be “game improvement,” it must have maximum distance and forgiveness. You don’t need workability here or even good feel. In this case, we want to let the driver do its job.

There is none better than the Ping G425 SFT at this. However, no golf club is for everyone, so we included a few other options geared towards improving your game.

Stop missing fairways (and losing balls). Get your drives in the fairway with one of these drivers so you can rely on your tee shots instead of dreading them.

Then all you have to do is worry about the rest of your game. 🙂

Product Reviews – Rundown

Ping G425 SFT
Best Overall
Ping G425 SFT
  • Added heel weight for improved shot shape
  • Lighter swing weight delivers high ball speeds
  • Aerodynamic ridges for higher swing speed
Callaway Epic Max
Most Forgiving
Callaway Epic Max
  • Highest MOI among Callaway drivers for shot shape correction
  • Sliding weight track to straighten your ball flight
  • Adjustable loft sleeve to optimize your launch angle
Taylor Made Sim 2 Max
Most Distance
Taylor Made Sim 2 Max
  • 5% larger face
  • Carbon fiber sole
  • High launch angle
Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo
Best For High Handicappers
Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo
  • The lightest driver money can buy
  • High bore crown lowers the center of gravity
  • Custom designed lightweight shaft
Cobra F-Max 20
Best For Curing Slices
Cobra F-Max 20
  • Extra-large sweet spot
  • Very high MOI for minimal face twisting
  • Ultra-light shaft and grip
Callaway Big Bertha B21
Most Underrated
Callaway Big Bertha B21
  • Forward weight for reduced spin rate
  • Flash face technology for longer and straighter drives
  • Jailbreak bars behind the face
Tour Edge Exotics C721
Most Affordable
Tour Edge Exotics C721
  • Variable thickness face for straighter off-center hits
  • Tungsten center weight for increased MOI
  • Unique center spine for added stability

Ping G425 SFT — Best Overall

Best game improvement driver- Ping G425 SFT Driver

If you’ve never had a Ping driver before, then what are you waiting for?

Ping has built a multi-billion dollar company based on game improvement clubs. This forgiving driver is their flagship model and will help any golfer get to the next level.

Hit Your Drives Straighter To Improve

To improve your game, you need to hit more fairways. This means hitting the ball straighter.

The “SFT” stands for straight flight technology. You can be sure the focus is on getting your golf ball barreling down the center of the fairway.

To make your ball go straighter, they have added a 23-gram tungsten weight to the back of the club head.

As you can see, it’s not centered. The designers moved it to the heel side to slow down the heel and allow the toe to rotate quicker.

This Forgiving Driver Does A Lot Of The Work For You

This feature alone is a huge advantage to golfers.

You don’t have to change your swing to start reaping the benefits. A square clubface is what we’re all after, and this club helps immensely.

Now that you are hitting it straighter, we can focus on distance.

The overall swing weight of this club has been reduced to a D1. This counteracts the added weight in the heel and keeps your swing speed and ball speed way up.

D1 is still on the lighter side. It means you will gain clubhead speed with this premium driver compared to your current one.

Best game improvement driver- Ping G425 SFT Driver

Improved Aerodynamics To Hit The Golf Ball Further

Also assisting with getting more ball speed are the ridges on the crown. These aren’t just for aesthetics; they help channel the air past the club head to improve aerodynamics. A faster clubhead means fast ball speed and longer drives without any extra effort.

This adjustable driver is for golfers who have trouble controlling their slices. By straightening your shot, you will get more distance. Add in the extra distance features, and you have a great game improvement driver.

  • Added heel weight for improved shot shape
  • Lighter swing weight delivers high ball speeds
  • Aerodynamic ridges for higher swing speed
  • Adjustable loft sleeve
  • Signature Ping sounds on every shot
  • Only available in 10.5°

Callaway Epic Max — Most Forgiving

Best game improvement driver - Callaway Epic Max

Not far behind Ping is Callaway, a friend to golfers looking to step their game up with a forgiving driver. The line of Epic drivers has specific driver features that will keep your golf ball on line and add extra yards of distance.

This Is What Sets It Apart From Other Game Improvement Drivers

The best feature of this forgiving club is the sliding weight track system. This is what will allow you to straighten your ball flight and hit more fairways.

If you tend to slice the ball on your mis-hits, then use this track to move the weight more toward the heel. This will slow the heel down and allow the toe of the club face to square up more easily. Callaway says this can correct up to 20 yards of slicing.

To put that in perspective, the average width of a fairway is 40 yards. If you have been missing fairways in the right rough, this feature alone will put you right smack dab in the middle.

Reduce Twisting And Hit More Fairways

This sliding weight and new ultra-light crown have allowed designers to create a low center of gravity and move it back in the club head. By doing so, the MOI on this club is through the roof.

High MOI is good!

That means the club face is very resistant to twisting at impact. Even if you miss the sweet spot, you’ll still produce a shot shape that is much straighter than before.

It’s also larger than other Epic drivers, so the sweet spot is larger. A more prominent face and larger sweet spot are what make this such a forgiving driver.

Increase Ball Speed On Your Drives As Well

On the inside, this club is stacked with technology.

To keep the weight down, they have switched to a triaxial frame. This is a variation of their very successful jailbreak technology, creating faster ball speeds for many golfers.

The weight-saving aspect allows you to pick up a few extra mphs on your clubhead speed. The triaxial frame ensures that you WILL hit the longest drives of your life when you do hit the sweet spot.

  • Highest MOI among Callaway drivers for shot shape correction
  • Sliding weight track to straighten your ball flight
  • Adjustable loft sleeve to optimize your launch angle
  • Lightweight triaxial frame for increased ball speed
  • Ultra-light carbon crown to lower the center of gravity
  • It looks a bit bulky at address

TaylorMade Sim 2 Max — Most Distance

Best game improvement driver Taylor Made Sim 2 Max — Most Distance

Taylor Made is arguably the most popular of all golf drivers. Used by hundreds of professionals worldwide, they must be doing something right.

But can it help YOU improve your game?

Now that they have released their most forgiving driver, the Sim 2 Max, the answer is a resounding “YES.”

Larger Club Face = Larger Sweet Spot

Taylor Made has finally created one of the best game improvement drivers with this club. To get more forgiveness, they have increased the size of the face by 5%. This may sound small, but in a game of millimeters, every little bit counts.

A larger face means a larger sweet spot, and that is noticeable here. Like Callaway, they have also lowered the center of gravity and moved it as far back as possible. While this does sacrifice feel a little, its benefits far outweigh its drawbacks.

This low center of gravity will help launch the ball higher. This is excellent news for players with moderate swing speeds. Now you don’t have to do anything extra to earn more yards on your drives.

Take Advantage Of Brand New Technology

There is no shortage of cutting-edge technology here, either. You may notice the entire sole of this club is made from carbon fiber. This is the first of its kind, and it works!

The carbon sole has made the club lighter so that you can get increased swing speed. This alone will add yards to your drive. But the carbon sole also allows for more weight distribution throughout the club. This is why they can move the center of gravity so much lower and so far back.

No Other Company Is Making Game Improvement Drivers This Way

Best game improvement driver Taylor Made Sim 2 Max

This material is easier to manipulate as well.

Designers researched the aerodynamics of every driver they have made. With this data and the unique carbon material, they have made the fastest sole ever produced—another huge advantage to everyone, especially those with a slower swing speed.

With the focus on added distance, you can increase your swing speed, improve your game, and set a new personal best.

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  • 5% larger face
  • Carbon fiber sole
  • High launch angle
  • Adjustable loft sleeve and available in 12°
  • More Aerodynamic
  • On the higher end of the price scale

Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo — Best For High Handicappers

Best game improvement driver -Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo

This Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo driver has been around for ten years and still doesn’t get the credit it deserves. It has a very traditional look and is perfect for higher handicappers and beginners.

Having the best driver doesn’t always mean that you need the most prominent name. While Cleveland is a big name, it’s not a household name among the best game improvement drivers just yet.

Built For High Ball Speed

This is the lightest of all the golf drivers on the list. It’s perfect for adding yardage to your tee shots and will increase clubhead speed.

To make this lightweight driver so light, they have done away with a loft adjustment system. This makes the hosel as light as you can get, so getting exceptional ball speed will be the easy part.

The shaft is also explicitly made for this club. By having a light shaft, you can really feel the weight of the clubhead during your swing. This is important for new golfers who are still searching for their “forever” swing.

This Cleveland Driver Will Help Improve Your Total Swing

With a driver this light, it would be easy to start swinging out of control. But with a super light shaft that puts the weight back on the clubhead so you can work on getting good tempo and rhythm.

To get the most distance, Cleveland uses CUP face technology. While this is not a new technology or exclusive to Cleveland, they have upped the stakes with their version.

What Is “CUP” Face Technology?

CUP face technology is when the face is built to wrap around the edges of the clubhead when installed. This “stretches” the club face more and reduces vibration. More importantly, it makes the club face paper-thin. Cleveland has stretched this club face further than any of the other forgiving drivers.

A thin club face will give it more bounce and create a very springy surface. So when you hit the ball with the Cleveland Launcher Turbo driver, the clubface will quite literally LAUNCH the ball at breakneck speeds. This feature is a massive help to high handicappers and beginners.

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  • The lightest driver money can buy
  • High bore crown lowers the center of gravity
  • Custom designed lightweight shaft
  • Extreme Cup face technology
  • Super lightweight hosel promotes fast ball speed
  • It might be too light for some

Cobra F-Max 20 — Best For Curing Slices

Best game improvement driver - Cobra F-Max 20

Let’s stick with the lightweight theme and introduce you to the Cobra F-Max 20.

Direction can be one of the most frustrating things a new golfer can face on the golf course. Having to hit a narrow fairway is a daunting task and can lead to lowered confidence and decreased enjoyment.

Golf is supposed to be fun.

Shooting lower scores is also fun, but you can’t do that from the trees.

Use The Face To Hit More Fairways

To hit straighter drives, Cobra has increased the size of this sweet spot. They moved most of the weight far back from the face. This increases the MOI to reduce twisting of the face.

So no matter where you make contact, this easy-to-hit driver will compensate and keep your ball playable.

The weight position is essential not only for the direction of your shot but also for the trajectory. While the weight is moved back, it’s also leaning towards the heel side of the club. This is good news for beginners and high handicappers as it will work to correct slicing.

Less Weight = More Ball Speed

Now that you’re hitting it straighter let’s talk about distance.

We all know that distance comes from speed, and to be faster, less weight is king. Like Cleveland, Cobra has pulled out all the stops to try and reduce the weight of this club and promote fast ball speed.

There is no loft adjustment system on this club. The mechanism needed to provide this feature adds a lot of weight. This should not be a problem for high handicappers and beginners. Simply choose one of the higher lofts, and that will suffice.

They have also selected a very light shaft to go with this hot clubhead. As soon as you pick it up, you will notice it as this driver is light as a feather.

Different flexes are available within this light shaft. So you need not worry if you have a higher club head speed.

Cobra Takes Weight Loss Seriously

Going even further, they have developed a unique grip just for this driver. As you may have guessed, it is a lightweight grip. Not only light, but it’s also a bit thicker as well. This helps keep your hands from over-rotating. By keeping your hands less active, you can focus on using your major muscle groups to gain power.

As a bonus, this club is also available in an offset head design. This will help golfers who suffer from vicious slices.

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  • Extra-large sweet spot
  • Very high MOI for minimal face twisting
  • Ultra-light shaft and grip
  • Aerodynamic speed ridges on the crown
  • Also available in an offset model
  • Not suitable for those who hook the ball

Callaway Big Bertha B21 — Most Underrated

Best Game Improvement Driver
- Callaway Big Bertha B21

For those that have been golfing for a while, you may remember when the Great Big Bertha was first introduced back in the late ’90s. This was a huge event in the golf world as this golf driver changed the way forgiving drivers were designed.

Met with huge fanfare, the Great Big Bertha has been steadily improving over the years, and now we have the best one yet.

Why is it the best one yet?

It combines all the great things that a game improvement driver should have with the great things that low-handicap drivers offer.

Re-positioned Weight Lowers Spin On Your Golf Ball

The first of which is the position of the center of gravity. In this driver, it’s moved forward in the clubhead, closer to the face. This is different from most golf drivers on our list, but it serves a purpose.

With weight more forward, you will reduce the spin that the driver puts on the ball. This is excellent news if you’re looking to gain distance. The less spin you have then, the more penetrating your ball flight will be.

Also, when your ball hits the ground with a low spin rate, it will LEAP forward and add yards to your drives.

It Still Has A Large Sweet Spot

Having weight forward does reduce the size of the sweet spot, though. To this, Callaway has countered with a state-of-the-art club face.

Using flash face technology, they have optimized the thickness of every square millimeter of the face. Some parts of the face are very thin and springy, while others are thicker and more rigid.

This system allows for a lot of leeway. If you strike the ball off-center, it will keep your ball from careening off line.

Best Game Improvement Driver
- Callaway Big Bertha B21

Same Technology Used On The PGA Tour

Callaway’s patented jailbreak technology also supports the face. This is the same setup that they use in their tour-level models and helps Phil Mickelson hit BOMBS!

There are two titanium bars right behind the face that stabilize the sweet spot. When you make contact right in between these two bars, you will notice the increase in ball speed!

And so will your playing partners. You’ll never be the first one to hit from the fairway because everyone else will be behind you.

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  • Forward weight for reduced spin rate
  • Flash face technology for longer and straighter drives
  • Jailbreak bars behind the face
  • Loft adjustment sleeve
  • Easy alignment decals on the crown
  • Anti-slicing weights in the heel
  • The Crown is shiny and can be reflective

Tour Edge Exotics C721 — Most Affordable

Best Game Improvement Driver
 - Tour Edge Exotics C721

Not all game improvement drivers are expensive. For beginners and high handicappers, you have a lot of improving to do, and this won’t be the last new driver you buy.

If you’re looking for something that can help you hit bigger drives without having to go broke, then the Tour Edge Exotics C721 could be right for you.

Uses The Newest Technology

The best part about this club is the face. It uses variable thickness technology, which is very similar to Callaway’s flash face technology.

This process measures all areas of the face and, based on thousands of hours of research, determines where you make contact most often.

In general, the sweet spot is thinner, and the edges are more rigid.

This design allows you to absolutely crush drives that you hit in the center of the club face. It also keeps your ball on line should you miss the sweet spot. The extra strength for off-center hits keeps the face from twisting, so your ball still ends up in a playable position.

A Large Sweet Spot Is Created By Weight Positioning

Further contributing to forgiveness is the tungsten weight that is far back from the face. While this may increase spin for some, it will open up the sweet spot and allow for maximum forgiveness in most cases.

It’s also directly in the center, so this club is suitable for golfers who want to draw and fade the ball.

For the designers to get this weight in the driver, they had to reduce weight elsewhere. Their solution was to jump in the carbon fiber train like the other big-name manufacturers.

You can see carbon fiber material wrapping around the club head both on the heel and toe side. The reason it’s not in the middle is to accommodate their unique spine frame system.

Get More Distance As Well

To give you maximum distance, they added a rigid spine right down the middle. So when you hit the sweet spot and the face flexes, the rest of the club remains firm. This will result in a high ball speed for you and huge drives.

Somehow, Tour Edge has managed to use cutting-edge technology just like the big names but has made it available to more people. For an affordable and forgiving driver, there may not be a better one.

  • Variable thickness face for straighter off-center hits
  • Tungsten center weight for increased MOI
  • Unique center spine for added stability
  • Significantly lighter carbon crown
  • Adjustable loft sleeve to optimize launch angle
  • It has a very muted sound

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a game-improvement driver?

A game-improvement driver is designed for high handicappers and beginners. It’s a nice way of saying you have a lot of improving to do. You’ll find that many game improvement drivers have the word “max” in their title. This is usually about distance. But it can also mean maximum forgiveness, maximum straightness, or maximum launch angle, among others.

What is the best game improvement driver?

The best game improvement driver is the Ping G425 SFT. This stands for “straight flight technology.” We found this to be the best and easiest way to get your ball not only in the fairway but far down it as well. Favoring the slicers, this golf driver makes corrections so you can hit your approach shots from the fairway more often.

How can a forgiving driver lower my score?

A driver can lower your score in two ways. The first is by giving you more distance so your approach shots can be hit with shorter clubs. A shorter iron has a much higher success rate of hitting the green than longer irons. The second is by providing forgiveness. It’s a lot harder to hit the green from the trees than from the fairway. So improving the direction of your drives will undoubtedly lower your score.

When should I hit my driver?

You should hit your driver as much as possible if the hole allows. Most golf courses will have four par 3’s, so that leaves fourteen other holes for you to capitalize on. Ensure that you have enough run-out space for your drive. Look to see that there is not a creek or bunker crossing the fairway at the distance you want to hit your drive. If a hole seems narrow with lots of trouble on both sides, then it’s ok to hit an iron off the tee. Your main goal is to get in the fairway first and distance second.

Do I still need to practice?

Yes, you still need to practice. This is your biggest weapon to fight against high scores. Practicing will get you more comfortable with each club and help you become more comfortable with your swing. Use fun drills to improve your driving and challenge yourself. There are lots of enjoyable ways to use your time wisely on the driving range. Once you see the results on the course, you’ll know it was worth it.


Everyone goes through a stage in their golfing career where they need to break through a plateau. A forgiving driver could be your ticket from high handicapper to mid-handicapper or better.

Ping has been helping high handicappers for decades now, and the G425 SFT is one of their best golf drivers to date. This is a hot driver and also one of the most forgiving drivers. If that’s not your cup of tea, choose one of the others and get to work.

The only way to improve your game is to keep playing your game.

Hit ‘em straight and have fun.

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