The Best Drivers For Distance 2024 – Hit It Further Off The Tee

Best Drivers For Distance - Title

Getting more distance is easier than you think. These days golf laboratories look like they are straight from the set of Star Trek. 

The future is now, and this year there have been some breakthroughs in the best drivers in the hunt for maximum distance.

We started with the Taylor Made M5 as the best golf driver for distance since that is the most popular new driver on tour at the moment.

Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy, Brooks Koepka, Collin Morikawa, and of course Tiger Woods all use the M5 with its speed-injected twist face. These guys know how to win, and they also know how to crank their golf drivers. 

The other companies have discovered their own golf drivers for distance to keep up with Taylor Made, and some may even be able to take over the top spot next year.   

Companies have taken greater risks and spent more money on their research and development departments than ever before. With the use of A.I. supercomputers and decades of experience, these are the longest golf drivers ever invented while still being within the rules of golf.

Choose your weapon.  

No Time? Here’s Our Rundown

Taylor Made M5
Best Overall
Taylor Made M5
  • Resin injected face for max COR and high ball speed
  • Twist face design keeps your ball straight
  • Manipulate your ball flight with T-track
Callaway Epic Flash Star
For Mid-High Handicappers
Callaway Epic Flash Star
  • Large sweet spot
  • Flash face technology improves sweet spot hits
  • Thinnest clubface Callaway has ever made for high ball speeds
Taylor Made SIM
Most Forgiving
Taylor Made SIM
  • New aerodynamic sole to increase club head speed
  • Increased weight in the rear
  • Larger sweet spot than M5
Ping G425 LST
Best For Slicers
Ping G425 LST
  • Low-spin design
  • Pear-shaped head
  • Forged face for extra bounce and faster ball speed
Cobra Rad Speed XB
Best Looking
Cobra Rad Speed XB
  • Extra weight in the rear for higher launch
  • CUP Face technology
  • CNC milled face for trampoline effect
Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic
Most Innovative
Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic
  • Ultralight crown facilitates faster clubhead speed
  • Low CG for optimized launch angles
  • More aerodynamic sole
Titleist TSi3
Best For Low-Handicappers
Titleist TSi3
  • Incredibly responsive face
  • Classic pear-shaped head
  • Adjustable loft, lie, and face angle sleeve

The Best Drivers For Distance – Reviews

We have reviewed the best golf drivers you can play to increase your distance off the tee. You normally need a higher swing speed to create more distance. Still, thanks to modern technology, many products on the market will increase your distance without changing your swing.

Keep reading to learn more!

Taylor Made M5 – Most Distance And Control Combo

  • Best Drivers For Distance taylormade-m5-driver
  • taylormade-m5-driver front
  • taylormade-m5-driver Top

This is the most popular driver on tour right now. I think those guys know a thing or two about gaining distance, so if it can help them, it can help you. 

Nobody Makes Drivers This Way

Taylor Made took over the title of longest driver almost 10 years ago with the R11 and hasn’t stopped since. 

The M5 uses a unique process that no other manufacturer uses. They make their clubs illegal at first. That’s right, each and every driver that Taylor Made makes is illegal. They want to make sure they are making the longest driver possible.

Here’s The Genius Part

To make the driver conform, they inject a resin into the face, bringing the numbers down to within the legal limit. Each driver reaches its maximum allowable C.O.R.

Using this revolutionary twist face technology ensures that every driver coming off the assembly line is as close to perfection as possible.

C.O.R. (coefficient of restitution) is the measurement of energy transfer. This basically means how fast the ball comes off the clubface.

This is the number one stat to be concerned with when shopping for distance and no other driver has a higher COR than the M5. 

Here’s The Control Aspect

This process also allows for the face to adjust to off-center hits as well. The term “twist face” means if you hit it off the toe, the face will twist more to the center and straighten out your shot to keep it from drifting off line.

This is a great feature to have when you’re working on increasing clubhead speed.   

To further maximize your ball flight, the re-designed T-track for sliding weights is a huge advantage. This lets you change the loft but also your shot trajectory.

If you tend to get too much fade on your power fades, then slide the weight to the draw bias side to straighten out your fade a bit and get extra distance. 

  • Resin injected face for max COR and high ball speed
  • Twist face design keeps your ball straight
  • Manipulate your ball flight with T-track
  • Used by countless tour pros
  • Adjustable loft
  • Not the biggest sweet spot

Callaway Epic Flash Star – Longest Driver For Mid-High Handicappers

  • Best Drivers For Distance callaway-epic-flash-star-driver
  • callaway-epic-flash-star-driver-top
  • callaway-epic-flash-star-driver-front
  • callaway-epic-flash-star-driver-side

Callaway has some of the best golf drivers and has been the long-time rival of Taylor Made. The two companies have been battling it out for the longest driver for decades, and we are all benefiting from it. 

This Callaway golf driver is spectacular and provides booming drives for a wide range of golfers. It offers a slightly larger sweet spot and a slight draw bias compared to its arch-nemesis, the M5.

The design is a little more subtle as well, which is pleasing to the eye and fills you with confidence when you’re looking down at address. 

A Hot Face

The face of this club is part of its huge success and massive distance numbers. The flash face technology has inverted the old way of designing club faces and made the sweet spot extra thin.

This flash face gives you maximum bounce and ball speed, essentially turning the clubface into a trampoline. 

The ball jumps off this clubface because all the weight is on the outside of the face and keeps it stable while you’re smashing the ball. This is the beauty of flash face technology. 

Best Drivers For Distance - Callaway Feature

Also contributing to distance is the jailbreak technology that is in all Callaway woods. They have put two steel bars right behind the thin clubface to add stability.

So not only is the face extra bouncing, but it’s also backed by these rigid bars to reduce the vibration, give you fast ball speeds, and send your golf ball into the stratosphere. 

Going Against The Grain

Lastly, this is one of few golf drivers for distance not to have any loft adjustment capabilities. So whichever loft you order will be the loft you’re blessed with.

This is a good thing because once you find your optimal loft, there is never a need to change it. 

By not having a bulky loft adjustment mechanism attached, they can save lots of weight. This hosel saves 50 grams of weight!

That is A LOT in the world of drivers. The saved weight directly translates into more club head speed for you. 

With all these improvements, there is no need to change your swing. Simply putting this club in your hands will result in increased ball speed even at moderate swing speeds

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  • Large sweet spot
  • Flash face technology improves sweet spot hits
  • Thinnest clubface Callaway has ever made for high ball speeds
  • Jailbreak bars behind the clubface
  • Super light Carbon crown for more club speed
  • No loft adjusting hosel
  • Tough to work the ball left or right

Taylor Made SIM – Most Forgiving Taylor Made Driver

  • Best Drivers For Distance taylormade-sim-driver
  • Best Drivers For Distance taylormade-sim-driver font
  • Best Drivers For Distance taylormade-sim-driver side
  • Best Drivers For Distance taylormade-sim-driver top

This TaylorMade Sim driver offers a bit more forgiveness than its brother, the M5. It’s still a Taylor Made though, and engineered to go FAR.

There’s something about what they put in the water at the Taylor Made factory that makes these drivers really hot. 

This One Is More Forgiving

The extra forgiveness is due to a re-designed head shape. The sole is more aerodynamic and allows for less weight.

Because of this, they can put more weight further back in the clubhead without affecting your clubhead speed. Most likely, this club still weighs less than your current driver. 

Extra weight further back increases the MOI, which is scientific speaks for a larger sweet spot and more forgiveness on mis-hits. 

They also saved weight with the material they use as well. Throughout the driver, they have only used titanium and carbon.

These two materials are the lightest and strongest you can get. They let the designers create a big clubface, so you have an easier time striking the golf ball. 

If this was the only improvement, they made you would see more ball speed and overall distance alone. 

But They Didn’t Stop There…

They added a sophisticated track weighting system that can correct up to 20 yards of direction. Since the average fairway is roughly 25 yards wide, you double the size of every fairway you face with this club. 

The hosel also adjusts your loft so you can choose the best launch angle possible. Having loft adjustment at your disposal also lets you change it on windy days so you can knock the ball flight down a bit. 

Great Introductory Driver To The Taylor Made Family

If you want the M5 but struggle to hit the sweet spot, this is the perfect club. It’s designed specifically to give maximum distance while still correcting mis-hits.

With the track weighting system, you can also correct the ball flight on bad swings. Now if only it can putt for us too, we’d be in heaven. 

  • New aerodynamic sole to increase club head speed 
  • Increased weight in the rear
  • Larger sweet spot than M5
  • Track weighting system 
  • Loft adjustment sleeve
  • Extremely light titanium and carbon materials used for fast swing speeds
  • It’s a little bulky

Ping G425 LST – Best Distance Driver To Correct Hooks And Slices

  • best drivers for distance ping-g425-lst-driver
  • best drivers for distance ping-g425-lst-driver front
  • best drivers for distance ping-g425-lst-driver top

You have to consider a Ping golf driver if you are looking for distance. These drivers have been pounding golf balls for years, and they are still an industry leader. 

Made famous by Bubba Watson they offer us, mortals, some amazing distance as well. Cameron Champ, a rising star on the PGA, is also one of the longest hitters on tour and uses a Ping driver. These guys can use any of the best golf drivers in the world, and they choose Ping. 

Controlling The Spin

Bubba specifically uses the G425 because it allows him to work the ball more. The pear-shaped head is similar to other low-handicap head designs and makes you feel like a pro just holding it in your hands. 

The shape also helps with lowering spin. So for amateur golfers, it softens the curve on your hooks and slices. This will keep your tee shots in play and most likely in the fairway.

Low spin also keeps your drives from ballooning. Get that piercing ball flight that cuts through the wind with this golf club.

Distance Comes From The Face

Here’s where the extra driver distance comes from. The face is forged from one piece of metal, which gives it extra strength to flex.

The more flex you get in the face, the more trampoline effect you will get on the ball. By being able to flex more, your ball will be catapulted forward at absurd ball speeds. 

You can also get more clubhead speed with this new driver. It uses an ultra-light adjustable hosel that is very low profile.

It looks like a traditional hosel at address which is hard to do with an adjustable hosel. There are only three settings, but that should be enough to optimize your ball flight and get the most out of this driver for distance. 

And don’t forget about the amazing sound a Ping driver makes. It’s unmistakable and makes even your worst shots sound like they were crushed. 

  • Low-spin design
  • Pear-shaped head
  • Forged face for extra bounce and faster ball speed
  • Ultra-light hosel with 3 settings
  • Low and deep center of gravity
  • Excellent sound
  • Low spin equals low workability. Just cause Bubba can do it doesn’t mean everyone can 

Cobra Rad Speed XB – Best Looking Driver

We’re going straight from Bubba’s driver to Bryson’s driver. These guys know how to hit a long ball, and with all the resources available to them, they chose the best golf drivers based on results. 

The result of using a Cobra Rad Speed XB will be more distance for any golfer that picks it up regardless of your swing speed. The ‘XB’ stands for extreme back, which refers to where the weight is placed. 

Why Is Rear Weight Good?

Focusing on rear weight will make it easier for your golf ball to launch higher. Even if you miss low on the face, this driver is equipped to correct it and get you more yards on the golf course. 

This is what separates it from the other Rad Speed drivers and makes it great for gaining distance. It had the lowest CG amongst them but still has all the other features as well. 

It has the same T-bar chassis that the other drivers do. This is a unique Cobra design that adds maximum stability to the head but directly behind the clubface. Putting the weight there encourages low spin on your tee shots. 

So if you tend to fade the ball a lot, this will reduce the side spin and straighten out your curve

A Very Unique Club Face

The Face is another great feature of this distance driver. It utilizes CUP face technology which is nothing new, but Cobra has taken it to the extreme.

This process is used to increase forgiveness and make the sweet spot larger. The face is purposely built too large, so when they install it, they wrap it around the edges of the clubhead.

This stretches the face and gives it more bounce. 

This golf driver is one of the first to employ CNC milling on the face as well. More commonly seen on wedges to increase friction and get spin.

The milling used on this driver is much finer, and it is used to make the face ultra-thin. The thinner the face, the more trampoline effect you get, which will maximize ball speed and ultimately improve your golf game.

  • Extra weight in the rear for higher launch 
  • CUP Face technology 
  • CNC milled face for trampoline effect
  • Stylishly designed
  • Adjustable loft sleeve
  • Not the best option for low handicap players   

Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic – Most Innovative Driver

Combining two long drivers to make one REALLY long driver is a good idea. Callaway has taken all the good things from two different golf drivers for distance and mixed them. 

This lightweight driver is perfect for a mid-high handicapper because of its adjustability features. You can grow with this golf club, and as you keep improving, it will improve with you.

It All Starts At The Top 

The biggest breakthrough with this new driver is the crown. This crown being so light enables the designers to move weight around into more important areas.

So by making the crown out of a special aerospace-grade titanium exo-cage, it has improved every other area of the driver as well. 

The first thing this super light crown does is lower the CG. This will help get the ball launching on a great angle that’s not too high and not too low, creating a very neutral shot shape. It also helps on shots hit low on the face. 

The sole is completely unique to this club and is built to be fast. It’s more aerodynamic than either of its predecessors, so you can increase your swing speed easily. 

Hit It Straighter Too

With all the weight saved in the crown, Callaway is able to create a powerful 17-gram sliding weight track. With this level of adjustability, you can correct up to 21 yards of curvature on your shots. 

The sliding track is one of the longest on the driver market and basically covers the entire back of the clubhead.

High handicappers will love it because you can make adjustments on the driver to change with you as you improve. It’s like buying multiple versions of the best golf drivers for distance all in one club. 

Simple But Effective Loft Adjustment

There is a separate adjustable loft sleeve as well. This allows you to change the loft up 1° or down 1° from the manufactured loft. Which gives you endless options for set up, so no matter what your swing speed is, this golf club can account for it. 

  • Ultralight crown facilitates faster clubhead speed
  • Low CG for optimized launch angles
  • More aerodynamic sole
  • Massive sliding weight system
  • Adjustable loft
  • A bit bulky when looking down at it

Titleist TSi3 – Best For Low-Handicappers

This is a great golf driver and maybe should be further up the list. It definitely deserves to be here because this driver is LONG.

Titleist Operates A Bit Differently Than Most

Used by Justin Thomas, who averages over 300 yards and who is not a big guy. He uses all the technology Titleist has available to achieve maximum distance based on how he swings.

And they can do that for you too. 

It is highly recommended to get fit for any Titleist product but, most importantly, the driver. Titleist has the most fitting centers, so there is probably one near you right now.

In less than an hour, they can tell you things about your swing you never even knew existed. Armed with this information, they can prescribe the best driver for you. 

This Is New…

A huge change they made was to the face of this golf driver. They now use a material called ATI 425, which is a special kind of titanium.

Its benefits are being extra hard while still being super thin. It’s the perfect combination of strength and flexibility. 

The firmness of the metal gives you the power behind the ball, and the flexibility provides added bounce. It also helps to correct off-center hits.

The face flexes towards the center, so if you miss the sweet spot, the face will guide the golf ball back on line. 

This great driver has the cleanest and most traditional look to it. So when you’re standing over it, you get the feeling it can reach high swing speeds all by itself.

It has a very professional feel to it that rubs off on you after a while.

The Ability To Get Dialed In

Lastly, to ensure that your driver is always optimized for your swing speed, it has an intricate loft adjustment sleeve.

This adjusts the loft but also the face angle and lie angle. This is for getting really dialed into a certain shot shape so you can repeat it time and time again. 

It comes with an easy-to-read chart that clearly explains the different settings and what they do for you. The changes are minor, but if you want to optimize that baby draw down the center, then this is the club for you. 

  • Incredibly responsive face
  • Classic pear-shaped head
  • Adjustable loft, lie, and face angle sleeve
  • Available with professional fitting from Titleist 
  • Larger sweet spot than TSi2
  • Targeted to low-handicappers 

Buyer’s Guide

Getting a golf driver for distance is possible. These golf clubs are all engineered to get you extra distance and increase your swing speed. 

To take advantage of that, you have to identify the area that needs to be improved. Are you not getting distance because you’re missing the sweet spot? Or because you need more ball speed? Or is it because you put too much sidespin on it? 

If you know this, then you can target your efforts better to find the best driver. 

Below is a handy guide you can use to help identify the areas you need to address. 


When it comes to clubhead choice, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Here are the most important things to consider when buying a new driver for added distance.


Choosing the right loft gives you the maximum launch angle without hitting balloon shots. You don’t want your golf ball going straight up, but the more ground you cover in the air then, the more distance you will get.

If you are a high handicapper, then choose a loft over 10.5°. It may sound too high, but you would rather your mis-hits be too high than too low. 

A lot of drivers have adjustable lofts now as well. So if you get the 10.5°, you can add a degree on either side to test it out and see for yourself. 

CG (Center of Gravity)

This is very important to a golf driver for distance but also for providing forgiveness. If the CG is far back from the clubface, then that opens up the forgiveness and can straighten off-center hits. 

If the CG is low in the clubhead, then that can help increase your launch angle. It gets more weight under the ball to propel it forward on an upward angle. 

The CG is not adjustable, so note where it is when evaluating the best golf drivers and know what you are looking for. 


There are many different theories on what is the best construct for a driver clubface. It can’t be too hard, or there won’t be any forgiveness.

If it’s too soft, then it won’t provide any distance. Too much spin, and your ball could slice off the planet. Not enough spin, and you won’t be able to hit a penetrating draw.

Each manufacturer has its own research and development teams working around the clock to develop the next breakthrough in technology, and right now, no one agrees.

The only thing they have in common is they are all trying to marry strength and flexibility into one piece of metal. 

Try them all out and see if you can notice a difference in feel from one new driver to the next. If you notice one more than the others, then that’s probably the best one for you. 


If you are a high handicapper, then get the regular driver shaft. This will give you a good benchmark to work off because you will know that bad shots are NOT because of a bad shaft.

As you improve, you can look at optimizing your tee shots through the shaft. Early in your career, though, the extra distance won’t come from the shaft. 

For low handicappers, you should pay close attention to what shafts are available after you’ve selected your preferred head.

To get the most out of your driver’s head, you can pair it with a driver shaft that complements it perfectly. 

If you are looking to get more lift on your ball and max out your launch angle, then choose a shaft with a low kick point. This will help the clubhead to work in an upward trend and get the ball out there. 

You can get a heavier shaft to help reduce twisting and spin on the ball. Or you can have your shaft shortened by the manufacturer if you want a bit more control since you will be getting more distance now anyway. Having a fitting done by a professional will answer all of these questions. 


This is a nice feature to have but not 100% necessary. It will benefit high handicap golfers more as their swing changes and evolves.

It’s a great way to manipulate your ball flight without having to change your swing at all. 

It is illegal by the rules of golf to change your settings in the middle of a round. So you can’t change it from tee to tee, but you can change it from round to round. 

Try not to change it too often. It may become confusing with having so many options to choose from. Find your optimal setting and leave there as much as possible. 


Most off-the-shelf drivers will be 45” in length. This will be fine for any mid-high handicappers within the height range of 5’9” – 6’2”. 

As you improve and learn about what makes the best driver for you, you can start thinking about modifying the length.

Having a longer shaft will give you more distance. The longer it is though, the greater your margin for error becomes. 

The maximum length is 48” set forth by the USGA. Most tour pros use a length under 45”.

This should be a sign that we should all be using drivers under 45”, but that is hard to admit in the quest for distance. 

If you keep your 45” length, then take advantage of it and don’t swing as hard as you normally would. Let the distance come from the length and not brute strength. 

Get A Professional Fitting

Diriver Shaft Fitting Length

I know this sounds expensive, but most drivers will come with a fitting if you ask. There is a lot of technical jargon that goes along with getting a driver built.

It’s a lot more than the other clubs in your bag, so it’s best to have a professional on your side to help you find a golf driver for distance.

The fitting will identify what your natural tendencies are. It will show you your preferred ball flight, your average ball speed, average clubhead speed, launch angle, spin rate, and so much more.

Some would say it’s too much information, but most golfers would find the experience eye-opening and educational. Read more about driver fittings here.

Create A Benchmark

These fittings also allow you to see how far you have come and if your practice is paying off. After your fitting, all your information from the session will be provided to you.

The next time you go for a fitting, you can compare your numbers and see if they have improved at all.

This is a great way to track your progress since the numbers don’t lie. If getting fit for a driver for distance works, then maybe you can inquire about getting your other clubs fit as well.

The proper fitting is not only for the best driver but also for irons, woods, and wedges. You can increase your clubhead speed and ball speed across the board with a good fitter.  


The quest for the best golf driver is never-ending, especially if you are new to the game. There is always a way to squeak a few more yards out here and there. 

The easiest way to increase your swing speed and get maximum distance is to use technology to your advantage. Get an optimized golf driver for distance.

Whether it’s the Taylor Made M5 or any other driver on this list, they are all built for distance and to help you hit bombs.

Utilize all the science and manpower that went into developing this club. It’s a special aspect of this game that we have access to the same technology as the pros do, so let’s enjoy it. 

Hit ‘em straight (and long) and have fun.   


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