Best Drivers For A Slice – Stop Slicing The Ball In 2024!

Best Drivers For A Slice

The only slice I ever want to see is of my grandmother’s freshly baked apple pie or a hot New York-style pizza. 

I never want to see a slice on the golf course. 

Unfortunately, every golfer usually has to go through a stage in their career where the dreaded slice seems like it’s the only shot you’ll ever hit.

Slices rarely end up in the fairway, and they eat away at your distance more than I eat apple pie and pizza. 

Sure, you could spend hours on the range and thousands of dollars on a coach, but we don’t have to do that these days. 

Straight flight technology is our friend here, and depending on the fierceness of your slice, we can cure it with a properly designed club. 

If slicing only occasionally happens for you but is still bringing your score down, then look no further than the Ping G425 SFT. This club has all the anti-slice technology without giving up distance or the ability to control your ball flight. No surprise it’s our top pick in our best drivers for a slice review!

If slicing is more of an uncontrollable urge, then don’t worry; we have great draw bias options for you too. 

Turn those slices into power fades and find the best driver for slice prevention with any of these anti-slice drivers. 

Best Drivers For A Slice – Rundown

Ping G425 SFT
Best Overall
Ping G425 SFT
  • Large heel weight for a draw bias
  • Increased speed with turbulators
  • Adjustable loft sleeve
Cobra RADSpeed XD
Most Stylish
Cobra RADSpeed XD
  • Added heel weight for more draw bias
  • Huge sweet spot
  • Ultralight crown
Cobra F-Max 20 Offset
Most Forgiving
Cobra F-Max 20 Offset
  • Aggressive offset design
  • Draw bias weighting
  • Cobra's lightest driver
Callaway Big Bertha B21
Most Distance
Callaway Big Bertha B21
  • Forward CG to reduce overall spin
  • Flash face technology
  • Adjustable loft sleeve
Taylor Made Sim 2 Max D
Most Adjustable
Taylor Made Sim 2 Max D
  • Forward center of gravity for a built-in draw bias
  • Speed injected twist face technology
  • Closed face at address
Cleveland Launcher XL Lite Draw
Most Underrated
Cleveland Launcher XL Lite Draw
  • Rebound frame that is the only one of its kind
  • Ultra-lightweight features
  • Draw biased head design
Tour Edge HL4
Most Affordable
Tour Edge HL4
  • Aggressive offset
  • Variable face thickness
  • Extra weight in the back

In-Depth Reviews For The Best Drivers That Will Cure Your Slice

Below you will find in-depth reviews of the best drivers to cure your slice while giving you incredible distance. 

Ping G425 SFT — Best Overall

Best Drivers To Cure A Slice - Ping GF425

Since this is a list for mid-high handicappers who haven’t developed their “forever” swing, we must include a Ping. 

If you have been to a big box store, the sales clerk probably recommended Ping to you since it’s a great draw driver for your first “real” driver. 

Ping specializes in this golf club market niche and has been for decades. 

A Huge Heel Weighting Bias In The Club Head

The G425 SFT is a great solution to your slicing problem. 

This draw bias driver has a whopping 23-gram weight in the heel to slow it down and let the toe catch up. This is one of the heaviest weights you can find in the heel, and it makes a huge difference. If you only slice a little bit, then this club may be too much compensation for you. 

More weight in the heel will increase the rotation of the toe through impact, and unless your face is square or slightly closed at impact, you will never reach your max draw potential. 

The trajectory isn’t the only thing that this anti slice driver can improve upon. You will get more distance with it. 

Get More Ball Speed As Well

They have added what they call turbulators which I think is a word that Ping just made up. In any case, these turbulators are strategically placed ridges along the top and bottom of the head to streamline air past it. 

A closer look at the turbulators – Increasing streamline and stability

You can pick up a lot of mphs in your swing speed.

The turbulators counteract the added weight in the heel, so the club still feels very light when your swinging. It’s great for golfers with a moderate swing speed.

Fine Tune Your Launch Angle

You can also maximize your flight and hit straighter shots with the adjustable loft sleeve. It can adjust up 1.5° or down 1°. This is a big advantage because of the added weight in the heel. 

As you start hitting more draws, you may see your flight come down a bit. When this happens, simply adjust the loft to gain a higher launch angle. A higher launch angle means more carry distance, so you can cut the corner over that pond that your other buddies can’t. 

That’s also why we recommend getting a club with more loft than you usually have. This may sound counterintuitive since you’re slicing and getting a high ball flight right now. As you improve, though, and start hitting fewer slices, you will need this extra loft. 

  • Large heel weight for a draw bias
  • Increased speed with turbulators
  • Adjustable loft sleeve
  • Large clubhead profile
  • Sleek matte black finish
  • The loud signature Ping sounds may be offputting to some

Cobra RADSpeed XD — Most Stylish 

Best Drivers To Cure A Slice Cobra RadSpeed XD

Cobra has been a friend to the slicing community for many years.

They specialize in helping golfers who are learning the game and improving their swing. They want you to get the most out of your club without having to change your swing too much. 

There are three versions of the new RADSpeed drivers, and this one is the best driver for a slice. 

What Does “XD” Mean?

The “XD” in the title stands for “extreme draw”. While I don’t agree that it creates “extreme” draws, it significantly reduces your slice and will get you on your way to producing buttery draws the more you get used to it.

This draw bias feature is created by adding weight to the heel of the clubhead. The added weight slows the heel down so the face angle can square up when you make contact. These little changes are what make this one of the best anti slice drivers.

Strategic weighting for higher ball flights!

The rest of the driver contains all the same great technology that the other RADSpeed drivers have. One of the best features here is the face. 

The Club Face Will Help You A Lot

A CNC milled face is something new to the driver world. Right now, you can ONLY find it on Cobra drivers. 

This feature gives your drives a few extra yards, to say the least.

CNC milled infinity face for more distance!

The milling reduces the thickness of the face overall to create a very active and “hot” face. The golf ball bounces off the face differently than other drivers for a slice, and you will notice it right away. 

The grooves are milled in a horizontal design now, whereas before, they were circular. This change was made to wick moisture away from the sweet spot. Any moisture that gets between your clubface and the golf ball will reduce distance and adversely affect the direction.

Here Is Why This Driver Is So Forgiving

The RADSPeeds also focus on forgiveness.

This golf club is built to absorb shots that don’t always hit the sweet spot. 

The “RAD” stands for radial, which is about the radial weighting they use throughout the clubhead. Most of the weight is far back, away from the clubface, promoting a large sweet spot.

The larger the sweet spot, the better when looking for the best driver for a slice

If your sweet spot is large, the face can flex easily and keep your ball on a straighter line. This reduces side spin, and your ball will hold its line for longer. 

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  • Added heel weight for more draw bias
  • Huge sweet spot
  • Ultralight crown
  • CNC milled face
  • Cup/infinity face technology
  • Only available in bright colors

Cobra F-Max 20 Offset — Most Forgiving 

This offset driver is meant for the golfer who has a nasty slice. Commonly referred to as a “banana” slice, this kind of shot is not doing you any favors. 

A big problem needs a big solution, and this is it. 

This Has A BIG Offset

The best part is the offset feature. This is quite common in clubs when trying to minimize the effects of an out-to-in swing path. 

Setting the clubhead behind the shaft makes it very hard for the clubface to open at impact. It speeds up the rotation of the toe and keeps your face angle more square for longer. 

As you improve, you will no longer need this, which is why we recommend this offset driver to those who have a pretty vicious slice.

Choose The Right Loft 

It’s also available in an 11.5° loft which is needed when your trying to close the face this much. This may be more loft than your used to, but given the design of this golf club, it’s most likely going to be the best option for you. 

When you are trying to bring the launch angle down, you risk losing carry yards, so with an 11.5° loft, you prevent that from happening. 

The Weight Is Evenly Distributed Within The Club Head For More Ball Speed

They have opted not to include an adjustable loft sleeve or adjustable weight system to keep the weight down. While at first glance, you might think that you’re getting short-changed here, but the weight you save will keep your swing speeds up. It will even add mphs to your ball speed if you’re currently using an adjustable driver with a bulky hosel. 

Draw-Biased weighting to help close the clubface at impact!

This draw bias driver also has plenty of weight in the heel to allow the toe to stay even with it. By slowing down the heel, you allow the toe to catch up and compress the ball more. This will significantly reduce your side spin and give you a straighter ball flight towards the fairway…instead of towards the trees.

  • Aggressive offset design
  • Draw bias weighting
  • Cobra’s lightest driver
  • The stock shaft is high torque to reduce twisting
  • Available in non-offset for golfers with a small slice problem
  • The offset may take a bit of getting used to

Callaway Big Bertha B21 — Most Distance 

Big Bertha has been a part of our lives for over 20 years now, and it’s not by luck. Usually associated with big distance, this golf club has made new changes to help out the slicers. 

You WILL get more distance by eliminating your slice, but with this club, you WILL get more distance no matter what kind of tee shots you hit. 

Center Of Gravity Will Help With Draw Bias

First, Callaway has moved the center of gravity towards the front of the head to address slicing. While this does reduce the forgiveness a bit, its pros far outweigh its cons. 

Slices are created by massive amounts of sidespin, sending your ball whirling off to the right (for right-handed golfers). By reducing this spin, your ball will fly straighter. 

An added benefit of reduced spin is also distance. 

Every shot you take creates backspin. How much spin you create determines what kind of shot it will be. Lots of backspin can make the ball actually come backward, like when you see the pros “pull the string” on wedge shots to the green. 

Your driver also creates backspin just not as much. The more you can reduce backspin, the more your ball will kick forward once it hits the fairway.

You will get a huge first bounce with minimal spin. 

Keep Reducing Your Spin

The clubface will also assist you with achieving less spin. 

Using flash face technology, the face is engineered to be thin in some places and thicker in others. Callaway uses one of the most elaborate (and expensive) super-computers to run tens of thousands of tests before a club is even physically made. 

The computer simulates a driver hitting a ball thousands of times and then optimizes all aspects of it. 

Regarding the face, the computer has determined that by customizing every square millimeter of the face, you can not only reduce or eliminate your slice, but you will also gain more power. 

This premium driver also features an adjustable loft sleeve so you can get the perfect trajectory. As your swing changes and you begin to reduce your slice, your golf ball may start to come off lower. Use this adjustment feature to add some loft so you can send a straight shot soaring down the middle of the fairway. 

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  • Forward CG to reduce overall spin
  • Flash face technology
  • Adjustable loft sleeve
  • Jailbreak bars behind the face
  • Updated Big Bertha design
  • Bulky hosel

Taylor Made Sim 2 Max D — Most Adjustable 

This would not be a review of best drivers for a slice article without at least one Taylor Made on it. 

It was an easy decision to add the Sim 2 Max D as Taylor Made’s line of “D” drivers has been impressing us since their release in 2017. 

As you may have guessed, the D stands for draw, which is the shot shape you will be hitting with this draw driver. 

A Slightly Closed Face Will Cure That Slice

To achieve this feat, the designers have made this new driver sit slightly closed at address. So when you grip the club, you’re actually gripping it with a closed face angle. This is done by adjusting the sole and some crafty paintwork on the crown to make it look like a square club face to the naked eye. 

Also, to reduce your slice even more, they have moved the center of gravity a little more forward than years past. By moving the weight mass forward, your swing will create less side spin, meaning less slice and more distance. 

Take Advantage Of This Breakthrough Draw Bias Technology

The face itself uses the same speed injected twist face technology that is in all TM drivers. This is also a huge factor in creating a straight flight. This process produces a very high MOI, the measurement used to monitor any movement in the club face at impact.

Having a high MOI is good when your shopping for accuracy. 

The Aerodynamic designs promises faster clubhead speed and more distance!

Your distance will also improve with this anti slice driver for multiple reasons. 

This is one of the lightest clubs TM has ever made. Its sole is made with lightweight carbon, just like the crown. While a lot of golf clubs use carbon in the crown, TM is the first and only one to be using it on the sole as well. 

Lots Of Innovation Went In To Designing This Draw Bias Club Head

They are also the first to incorporate aluminum.

If you look at the back of the club, you will see a blue piece. That is the aluminum frame that is forged into place. Aluminum is a lot lighter than titanium but still an extremely strong material, so the overall weight is reduced to increase ball speed. 

Taylor Made has been one of the best drivers on tour for many years now. Only recently have they turned their attention to higher handicap players, and we are happy they did. This golf driver is at the cutting edge of design and technology and still lets you shape shots without too much effort. 

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  • Forward center of gravity for a built-in draw bias
  • Speed injected twist face technology
  • Closed face at address
  • Carbon fiber crown AND sole
  • Aluminum frame to reduce weight
  • Might be a little too light for some

Cleveland Launcher XL Lite Draw — Most Underrated 

Usually not mentioned among the big names of other draw bias drivers. Cleveland is slowly changing that trend by introducing one of the best drivers for a slice. 

We have reviewed the Launcher HB as a distance club and shown how underrated this company actually is. 

The Launcher XL Lite Draw is Cleveland’s way of showing golfers that you don’t have to live the rest of your life with a huge slice. 

The Club head Is Specifically Designed To Reduce Slicing

More weight in the heel, to close the clubface at impact!

Cleveland’s solution to slicing is to rebuild the entire club.

The chassis is specifically designed to counter slices. Cleveland has designed this draw driver from the ground up, unlike other companies that take their existing model and tweak it a little bit. 

It combines more weight in the heel with a closed club face angle to a straight ball. Or at least along the right side of the fairway.

This turns your slices into power fades. 

And they will be powerful because they also turned up the distance on this golf driver as well. 

Doesn’t Sacrifice Distance At All

It’s big! Usually, to reduce slicing, a company has to shrink the sweet spot a little bit. By making this driver huge, they keep a large sweet spot to mitigate off-center strikes while still reducing the side spin. 

This larger head also allows room for their patented rebound frame.

This is the key to more distance. 

While most companies try to get more and more distance from a springy face, Cleveland has made a springy face and club head. Many drivers will have a flexible face attached to a rigid clubhead. But this driver’s head adds a second layer of flexibility so the face and head can flex together. 

With both of these components working together, your ball gets EXPLOSIVE results. 

It’s Light As A Feather

A counterweight in the grip further improves the balance of the club.

The distance doesn’t stop there as this is one of the lightest clubs out of all the drivers for a slice.

A huge part of this is that there is no loft adjustment sleeve. They have left this off to save weight so you can swing at full speed with little effort. 

This club is not only designed to eliminate slices, but it’s also perfect for golfers with a low swing speed.

All these features put together have created a maximum draw bias driver for high handicappers who struggle with slicing and swing speed. 

  • Rebound frame that is the only one of its kind
  • Ultra-lightweight features
  • Draw biased head design
  • Added heel weighting program
  • Counterbalance weight in the grip end
  • It is slightly longer than an average driver, which may feel weird to some

Tour Edge HL4 — Most Affordable

If you’re looking for something to take the edge off your slices while you work on your swing, then this is the best driver for you. 

This club is priced to sell, which makes it the perfect transition driver for a slice. Use this offset driver for a season while you fine-tune your swing, and then come Christmas, you can ask for your dream driver. 

You Want Offset, You Got It!

The best part about this driver is the offset feature. It is very exaggerated compared to other offset drivers, so your slices will be cured immediately. 

Be sure that your slices are ferocious enough for this club, though. If you are not an avid slicer, this club can quickly turn your fades into hooks. You can see how aggressive the offset is even in pictures, and I can assure you that it looks the same in person. 

This offset driver also has some nice features that will support added distance as well. 

Inspired By Callaway’s Patented Technology

The face is made by using a technique called variable face thickness (VFT). This process is similar to Callaway’s flash face technology, just without the use of Callaways custom-made and highly secretive supercomputer. 

By adding thickness to some parts and making other parts of the face thin, you can be sure that no matter where you make contact, you can still produce a normal shot

The face is at its thinnest right in the middle, so hitting the sweet spot is your best course of action. I know that may sound obvious, but if it means slowing your swing down to make this happen, you will gain more yards that way rather than trying to have a high swing speed

Keep It Simple For Maximum Distance

There is a removable weight on the bottom near the back of the clubhead. I suggest keeping that weight as heavy as is comfortable for you. This will make the club more forgiving and give you added insurance against off-center strikes. 

Choose a loft that is on the higher side than you may be used to. With the offset, you may find your ball flight coming off lower than you’re used to. An extra degree of loft will solve that problem, and you can get an optimized launch angle for maximum distance. 

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  • Aggressive offset
  • Variable face thickness
  • Extra weight in the back
  • Slender and light hosel
  • Won’t break the bank
  • Looks a little dated

Buyers Guide For Draw Bias Drivers

Best Drivers for Mid handicappers

When searching for the best driver for slice, there are a few aspects to look for. We have outlined the key factors that the best anti slice driver should have when you want to straighten out your ball flight and find more fairways. 

Heel Bias Weighting

This is when a company will add weight, usually in the form of tungsten, to the heel of the clubhead to slow it down. 

If you slow the heel down, then the toe can rotate faster and square up at impact. The more square or even closed your clubface is then the straighter your shots will get. If you start hooking the ball or missing more shots to the left (for right-handed golfers), then consider removing that weight or reducing it if possible. 

Offset Design

When a club is said to be “offset” they refer to how the shaft is attached to the clubhead. The best offset driver will be noticeable to the naked eye as you will see the shaft is set ahead of the clubface. 

This makes it very hard for the golfer to open the clubface at impact as the club design simply won’t allow it. You can move away from this design as you improve, but it’s not an adjustable feature. Clubs are purposefully designed this way, and you either have a club with an offset, or you don’t. 

Closed Club Face

A driver can also be designed to be closed at address. Designers can manipulate the sole, so it naturally tucks the toe in and sets up closed when you set the club down on the ground. 

By doing this naturally, you will grip the club with a closed clubface, preventing you from opening it too wide at impact. 

If you choose a club that is set up this way, then be sure to add a degree of loft when you order it. Closing the clubface will knock the ball flight down a bit and affect your launch angle. You can still hit bombs with a closed club as long as your launch angle still gives you some lift at the beginning. 

Getting A High Torque Shaft

When selecting your shaft to eliminate your slice, ask for something on the higher end of the torque scale.

High torque means the shaft is resistant to twisting. 

At impact, every shaft is susceptible to twist one way or another. If you’re a slicer, then the shaft will twist the face open even more. High torque doesn’t mean stiff flex. You can still get the proper flexibility, so you don’t sacrifice any distance while maintaining a square clubface. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a slice?

A slice is when your golf ball uncontrollably curves to the right for right-handed golfers and to the left for left-handed golfers. In some cases, your golf ball may be traveling perpendicular to the fairway by the tail end of the shot. This is one of the most undesirable shots in golf as you sacrifice A LOT of distance with this shot shape. Unfortunately, it’s also the most common shot type amongst golfers of all skill levels.

What causes a slice?

Slices are caused by a combination of a few things. The first of which is an outside to inside swing path. From the top of your backswing, you may be “casting” the club out away from your body instead of bringing it down on the same line you went back on. The other cause is an open clubface. Your ball will go in the direction that your face is pointing, so if at impact your face is open and pointing to the right (for righties), then that is where your ball will go.

What is the difference between a slice and a fade?

Fades are controlled and less exaggerated slices. A fade can be used to work the ball around a corner on a dogleg hole. With a fade, your ball is still traveling forward even though it has a curve to it. This is also referred to as a leaking shot or a shot with a tail on it.

How do I hit a draw?

To hit a draw, you basically must do the opposite of hitting a slice. Your swing path must come from the inside and finish on the outside of the ball. At impact, you want your clubface to be slightly closed. This will put the opposite spin on the ball that a slice has. If you do too much into our action or your face is too closed, then that will produce a hook which is a mirror image of a slice.


Thankfully due to all the research and science that goes into today’s golf clubs, we can significantly reduce your slice without having to spend hours on the range hitting thousands of golf balls. 

If you’re not a serial slicer, then the Ping G425 SFT will be the best driver for you. It’s set up to alleviate your bad swings without taking away too much control. As your game progresses and you improve, this club will improve with you. 

Slices are one of if not the most annoying shots in golf, right up there with a stubbed chip shot. Luckily we live in a day and age when technology can help us with that problem and save us hours of practice and years of frustration. 

Have fun and hit ‘em straight(er).    

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