Best Driver For Mid-Handicappers 2024 – Better Distance & Control

You made it! 

You are no longer a high-handicapper. 

You’re a mid-handicapper now, and the best part about improving is you get to reward yourself with a new club. 

Since you’re progressing quickly, there’s no need to wait for your birthday or Christmas to treat yourself. You are improving NOW, and you need the right equipment to make sure you don’t stall your progress. 

If you’re in a huge rush, then stop reading now and get the Ping G425 Max. Ping has become a multi-billion company by focusing primarily on mid-handicappers. No other segment of golfer benefits more from Ping than you do right now. 

Whichever you choose, you will be sure to improve your trajectory, lower your spin and straighten your ball flight. All this can be done with the beauty of technology. 

We have narrowed it down to only a few of the absolute best golf drivers for mid-handicappers below. If they do their job right, you won’t be a mid-handicapper for much longer.  

Keep reading to find out what is the best driver for mid-handicappers!

Best Driver For Mid-Handicappers – Rundown

Ping G425 Max
Best Overall
Ping G425 Max
  • One perfectly placed tungsten weight
  • Largest sweet spot ever by Ping
  • Loft adjustable sleeve
Callaway Epic Max LS
Most Forgiving
Callaway Epic Max LS
  • Jailbreak A.I. speed frame technology is better than the original
  • Super thin flash face technology
  • Highest MOI to reduce twisting at impact
Cleveland HB Launcher
Most Underrated
Cleveland HB Launcher
  • High bore crown to organically lower CG
  • Maximized cup face technology
  • Superlight weight for more ball speed
Cobra RadSpeed XB
Most Stylish
Cobra RadSpeed XB
  • Extra back weighting for improved launch angle
  • Back weighting also increases the size of the sweet spot
  • CNC milled face
Taylor Made Sim 2 Max
Best For Experienced Players
Taylor Made Sim 2 Max
  • Speed injected twist face resin technology
  • Carbon crown and sole for more speed
  • Powerfully dull sound at impact
Wilson Staff D9
Most Affordable
Wilson Staff D9
  • Aerodynamic clubhead to reduce drag
  • Carbon and Kevlar crown
  • PKR face for distance and accuracy

Reviews For Best Mid-Handicap Drivers

Here are the best golf drivers for mid-handicappers that we could find. 

Ping G425 Max — Best Overall 

For Best Mid-Handicap Drivers - Ping G425 MAX Driver Golf Clubs

This is the best golf driver for a wide range of handicap players but especially for those in the mid handicap range. 

If you have just shed the title of high-handicap and are forging ahead towards low-handicap status, then this driver will get you there. It’s great for forgiveness while still giving you some feel and the ability to hit the ball far. 

Ping has been working with mid-handicappers and slower swing speeds for decades now, and they know their niche. They are very in tune with what this caliber player needs, and this high-quality driver demonstrates how all their hard work pays off.

Perfectly Placed Tungsten Weight

It has one tungsten weight on the bottom that serves multiple purposes. 

The first is that it keeps the CG low so getting a piercing ball flight is very common even on bad swings.

Low CG is needed with a driver this big. Otherwise, you won’t see an improvement in your carry distance. So go ahead and cut the corner over those trees. This driver will make it. 

The weight also helps to open up the sweet spot as well. This is one of the largest sweet spots Ping has ever produced. The back weight means the face has more of a spring-like effect. Your ball can now bounce off the face at a much higher ball speed. High ball speeds mean maximum distance. 

Lastly, you can now focus on the rest of your game by having only one weight and trusting that Ping has optimized its weight and location. Stop worrying about your driver and hit the putting green or the practice bunker. 

No Confusing Weight Adjusters 

With other adjustable drivers that have endless settings, your mind may never be fully committed. And now that you’re a mid-handicap player, you know how important the mental game is and how much better your shots are when you are fully committed to them on the golf course. 

The only adjustable setting on this driver is the loft. You can change your loft up or down by a degree. I recommend that when you find the one you like, just leave it there and throw away the adjustable wrench. There is no sense in going back and forth with any adjustable driver. Let your swing determine the best one and leave it there.  

Reduce Your Spin On All Shot Shapes Regardless Of Your Swing Speed

With a large sweet spot and weight sitting far back, this driver really reduces spin.

Not just backspin but also for sidespin as well. Your slices will look more like fades, and your hooks like draws. This saves you a massive amount of strokes if you never have to pitch out of the woods or attack greens from thick rough.

You will also avoid the worst thing in golf; three off the tee.

  • One perfectly placed tungsten weight
  • Largest sweet spot ever by Ping
  • Loft adjustable sleeve
  • Solid matte black design
  • Turbulators to channel air and increase clubhead speed
  • Extra springy clubface
  • Quite a large head to look at

Callaway Epic Max LS — Most Forgiving

For Best Mid-Handicap Drivers - Callaway Epic MAX LS Driver Clubs

Callaways is another great company for mid-handicappers. There are many offerings from Callaway that are sure to help. Still, the Callaways Epic Max LS is the best one for those who are looking to break 100 consistently. 

Correct Your Off-Center Hits

The forgiveness of this driver is the best part. 

Your off-center hits will be automatically corrected by the technology and research that has gone into this club. 

The invention of the jailbreak A.I. speed frame has been a breakthrough for Callaway, and we see it working for golfers everywhere. This increases your MOI, which means that your spin is reduced, and your ball flies straighter no matter where you make contact on the face. 

This also makes for a very light club head, so you can increase your swing speed just by getting this club.

No practice is required. 

Newly Designed Clubhead For Mid-Handicap Golfers

The clubhead itself is a little larger than previous models as well. This helps enlarge the sweet spot and turns the face into a titanium trampoline.

Your ball will be catapulted off the tee and down the middle of the fairway. 

The face is constructed with special titanium that makes it stronger even though it is as thin as legally allowable by the USGA. This is Callaway’s flash face technology that they use in all their drivers and fairway woods now. They use it in every club because it works like a charm. 

Specializes In Reducing Spin

Even though you could hit anywhere on the face with almost any swing speed and still produce a usable tee shot, this golf club is especially good with high off-center hits. A common problem mid-handicappers have is getting too steep with their driver and sliding under the ball. This results in them catching it on the top of the face causing it to go sky high. 

This driver prevents that from happening better than any other golf driver out there. The face and the jailbreak framework strengthen the top part of the face without adding weight or spin. 

So you can have a high swing speed and not create too much backspin.

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  • Jailbreak A.I. speed frame technology is better than the original
  • Super thin flash face technology
  • Highest MOI to reduce twisting at impact
  • 13-gram sliding weight track to correct slices and hooks
  • Larger club head for a larger sweet spot
  • Bulky hosel

Cleveland HB Launcher — Most Underrated

I know you were probably expecting to see a Taylor Made on this list by now. Still, this article is for the best golf drivers for mid-handicappers ONLY.

You will see many other review sites rating TM high, and that’s because they know they will sell and not because they did the research. 

The Cleveland HB Launcher has now been around for over 10 years, which is not by luck. They have created a forgiving driver that is great for mid-handicappers and will help them become low-handicappers. 

You don’t need a fast swing speed with this club.

What Does The HB Stand For?

The HB stands for “high bore” which means the crown sits higher than the clubface. This makes the CG extra-low without having to add a bunch of little weights all over the place. 

With low CG, you get a great launch angle with minimal effort. 

Without changing your swing at all, you can create that higher ball flight that you see amongst all good players. 

The face itself is an improved version of cup face technology. This is not exclusive to Cleveland, but they have taken it to the next level. 

A Cup Face Unlike Any Other

Cup face technology means the face is made larger than the clubhead. When installed, it forms around the front of the driver head instead of just attaching to the front. 

By wrapping around the clubhead, it reduces vibration and increases your COR (coefficient of restitution). COR is the measurement of how much energy is being transferred from one object to another, in this case, from the driver to the golf ball. A high COR is good in all clubs, but in modern drivers, it’s GREAT. 

The pop you get from all your drives will be noticeable right away. 

This Is The Lightest Of The Best Golf Drivers For Mid Handicappers

To further your straight drives, you will need a faster swing speed as well. Cleveland has that taken care of by making this the lightest golf driver on our list. 

The high bore crown is a huge contributor to lowering the weight, but they have also gone against the grain and left out any adjustment features. 

Not having a bulky loft adjustment sleeve on the hosel has saved a lot of weight. So make sure you choose a loft that is maybe a half-degree less than your current driver since you will gain real dynamic launch control. 

  • High bore crown to organically lower CG
  • Maximized cup face technology
  • Superlight weight for more ball speed
  • Aerodynamic ridges on the crown to streamline air
  • No bulky and confusing loft adjustment
  • May be TOO light for some

Cobra RadSpeed XB — Most Stylish

Cobra RadSpeed XB

Being a mid-handicap player, you have a lot of options. Cobra, like Ping, is also very good at making mid-high handicappers better golfers with some of the best drivers. 

In doing so, however, they release many game improvement clubs that can be confusing, and it’s hard to tell which one is best for you. 

As a mid-handicapper, this is the best option Cobra has to offer mid-handicappers. It will bridge the gap between mid-handicap and low-handicap in no time flat. 

What Does “XB” Mean?

The first feature that will help is the XB part of the club. This stands for extra back and is in reference to where the weight is placed. To get the best launch angle, you will need some weight in the back to lower the CG. 

This back weight produces a better launch angle and increases the size of the sweet spot compared to other RadSpeed drivers. 

Having a larger sweet spot gives you the confidence to swing assertively, knowing that if you mishit the golf ball, your shot won’t ruin your entire hole. 

This keeps the ball more “in front of you” by producing straighter shots. It reduces or even eradicates any penalty shots you used to have. 

A Driver Face Like No Other

Cobra has not shied away from re-inventing the driver’s face either. 

With all the companies putting their own spin on what the best driver face should be, Cobra has turned in a very impressive face here. 

They have chosen to CNC mill the face. This is a strategy normally seen on wedges, but it now works for one of the best drivers too. 

Adding these tiny lines across the entire face has reduced the weight without losing any strength. Therefore it creates a springy effect with lots of power behind it.

So your ball can rocket off the clubface despite your off-center hits or average swing speed. And when you do hit the sweet spot, watch out for those bunkers you thought you would never be able to reach. 

Increase Your Swing Speed With This Crown Set Up

To further add distance, the crown is constructed out of a thin carbon to make it really light. A lighter clubhead means faster swing speeds. Increasing your club head speed also increases your ball speed. 

Who knew that by simply changing the crown, you could gain more yards on your driver? Cobra did, and boy, were they right. 

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  • Extra back weighting for improved launch angle
  • Back weighting also increases the size of the sweet spot
  • CNC milled face
  • Carbon crown to increase ball speed
  • Available in different color designs
  • Carbon crown is quite glossy

Taylor Made Sim 2 Max — Best For Experienced Players

TaylorMade SIM 2 MAX Driver

For all you TaylorMade die-hards out there, here it is. The best new driver for mid-handicappers that Taylor Made makes. 

This is geared towards an experienced player with a higher club head speed who can hit the sweet spot more often than not. If you’re an average golfer who is a good striker of the golf ball, then this might be the best option for you. 

One-Of-A-Kind Clubface Amongst Golf Drivers

The key to this sim max driver is the face. They use the same speed injected twist face technology that all the Taylor Made drivers have. 

This is a process that makes the face extra thin. So thin in fact, that when it first comes off the assembly line, it is illegal by USGA standards. From here, the face is measured how illegal it is and then injected with a super strong and light resin to make it just thick enough to adhere to the rules. 

This resin material also increases your MOI a lot. Due to the unique nature of the resin, it conforms to your golf ball no matter where you hit on the clubface. So if you miss on the toe side, then the clubface twists to square up and send your ball down your intended target line. 

While it keeps the ball straight, it’s not as efficient at retaining distance as some of the others on this list. For maximum distance, you will want to hit the sweet spot. 

Hit The Sweet Spot For Mind-Blowing Distance

When you do, this big dog can eat.

The club head uses carbon to reduce weight and increase your ball speed. While this is nothing new, they also incorporated carbon in the sole to really bring down the overall weight of the clubhead. 

This is the kind of technology that lets Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy, and Tiger Woods hit bombs. 

All Changes Are Made To Give You More Distance

Something those guys prefer as well is a muted and powerful sound when struck correctly. That is exactly what you get from the resin-injected face. No hollow, echoing, tin-can sound with this great driver. 

Lastly, to get increased distance, they have fitted it with a detailed loft adjustment sleeve. You can adjust your loft by a quarter of a degree, either up or down. Don’t get too involved with this feature, though, as it may cause many golfers more frustration than confidence.

  • Speed injected twist face resin technology
  • Carbon crown and sole for more speed
  • Powerfully dull sound at impact
  • New aerodynamic head design
  • Re-positioned back weight for higher launch angle
  • Smallest sweet spot on this list 

Wilson Staff D9 — Most Affordable

Wilson Staff D9 Driver

While you may not see this driver on too many other lists, that is probably because it doesn’t come with a hefty price tag. Other sites want to recommend high-priced products only.

They will overlook all the great things this driver can do for you simply because it’s not as expensive. Most golfers see that as a bonus. 

Advanced Technology Just Like The Bigger Brand Names

The Wilson Staff D9 uses some of the most advanced computer analytics available to companies. The same care and research went into this club as does any Taylor Made or Callaway. 

It starts with the design of the head. If you look closely, it is similar to the Ping G425. It has multiple ridges that are strategically placed to reduce drag. By doing so, no matter what your clubhead speed is now, it will be faster with this club. 

It’s a great advantage to know that you’ll have higher ball speeds even with a slower swing speed just by picking up this club. 

A Crown That Is Fit For Mid Handicap Golfers

The crown also contributes to the speed as well. It uses carbon like many others, but to add stability to the clubhead, they added a layer of kevlar. So without adding any weight, this is the strongest AND lightest crown out of all drivers for mid-handicappers. 

The research and development continue by optimizing the face. Wilson uses a PKR face to get the most distance and accuracy from any spot you make contact with. 

What Is A PKR Face Exactly?

Peak Kinetic Response is a process that measures every millimeter of the face after dividing it into many different fractal zones. These zones are then analyzed individually, and the construction of the face is comprised of the best formats of each zone. 

For example, the upper part of the face is left a little thicker to give you more distance when you hit high on the face. 

This process requires tens of thousands of tests that can only be accomplished by computers. They then put it in the hands of their touring staff to bring it all together. 

Gary Woodland used this technology to set a scoring record at the 2019 US Open and hit 40 of 56 fairways on a tight Pebble Beach. 

  • Aerodynamic clubhead to reduce drag
  • Carbon and Kevlar crown
  • PKR face for distance and accuracy
  • Ultra-light hosel
  • Two interchangeable back weights to optimize ball flight
  • No loft adjustability

Buyer’s Guide

Best Drivers for Mid handicappers

As a mid-handicapper, there are a few points you should be looking for when buying a new driver. Forgiveness should still be your top priority while you fine-tune your swing and become more and more comfortable with it. Choosing the best loft will matter more now than when you were a high-handicapper and, of course, getting the right shaft as well. Read on to get more details about how to choose one of the best drivers for mid-handicap players and lower that golf handicap now. 


Having a lot of forgiveness in a good driver means that no matter where you make contact on the face, your ball will still be playable on your next shot. It doesn’t have to be pretty, but at the end of the day, your driver won’t make birdies for you; it can only take them away. 

More forgiveness will involve; 

  • Larger sweet spot
  • Low and deep center of gravity
  • Weight that is positioned back in the head
  • Large clubhead profile
  • Any club with the word “max” in its title

That last point isn’t set in stone, but it’s a very common attribute. 

The Clubface

This is where good golf drivers differ greatly. Each company has its own ideas and techniques for creating the best face. They all have their own pros and cons. 

Since forgiveness is at the top of your list, I recommend a deep clubface. This means that the face stands tall from the bottom to the top of where it meets the crown. A deep clubface not only provides more surface area but creates more of a trampoline effect. 

The deepest clubface on this list is the Cleveland HB Launcher, and the most shallow clubface is the Taylor Made Sim 2 Max. 

Most Popular Clubface Designs

Cup Face Technology – This is when the face is designed to wrap around the edges of the club head and can be seen with the naked eye. The idea is to reduce vibration and stretch the size of the sweet spot more. This can be seen on the Cleveland HB Launcher.

Flash Face Technology – This is specific to Callaway and involves a lot of science and computers. They want the face to be optimized on all parts and not just the sweet spot, so they run tens of thousands of tests to measure each section’s thickness. So if you looked at the back of the face, it would look like a topographic map with tiny hills and valleys all over. With the sweet spot being the thinnest section. 

Speed Injected Twist Face – Unique to only Taylor Made clubs, this process involves creating a face that is too thin to be played with. Not only would it be structurally unsound, but it’s also illegal by the rules of golf. At this point, TM measures exactly how illegal the face is and injects a small amount of quick hardening resin to make the face just thick enough. 

CNC Milled Face – Cobra’s plan is to laser cut tiny grooves in the face to reduce the overall thickness not in certain areas but across the whole face. By doing so, you can make contact anywhere, and your ball should straighten out.    

Choosing The Right Loft

Now that you are a mid-handicapper, this becomes a lot more important. Assuming you had a high loft when you were a high-handicapper, you can now reduce that a bit to try and improve your launch angle and ball trajectory. 

If you were using something over 11°, we can knock that down a bit to try and create a more piercing ball flight. Most of these drivers have loft adjustability, so you can play around with it a little bit. 

Don’t try to be a hero and switch to an 8.5° right away. Your golf ball will come off dead, and you won’t have enough lift to give you optimal carry. Take it one degree at a time and play with it for a month or so. The driving range is your friend here. 

Choosing The Right Shaft

Swing Speed vs Carry Distance vs Shaft Flex

Your shaft may not need to change at all from your high-handicap driver. If you were using a regular flex shaft before, switching to a stiff flex shaft will probably not help you. 

You want a shaft that has a good amount of flex, you should be able to feel it. You would rather have a shaft that is too flexible than not flexible enough. 

If it’s too stiff, then your ball will not get any carry, and you will hit a lot of worm-burners. You would much rather have a shaft that is too whippy, so at least your ball will reach faster ball speeds and get some carry distance before hitting the ground. 

Save the stiffer shafts for when you’re a low handicapper.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best driver for mid-handicap golfers?

The best driver for a mid-handicap golfer is the Ping G425 Max. This has a great amount of forgiveness while still giving you the feedback you need to improve. It will help increase your club head speed with no extra effort on your part.

This is Ping’s strong suit so take advantage while you’re at this level, and you will become a low-handicapper a lot quicker.

What makes a driver good for mid-handicappers?

What makes a good driver for mid-handicappers is the combination of forgiveness and accuracy. As you progress in your game, your golf IQ rises; you know that distance is not everything now. Getting a club that will keep your golf ball in the fairway most of the time is important.

You’re still learning, so you’re bound to have a bad swing every now and then. With the right driver, your playing partners won’t be able to tell your good swings from your bad ones since your ball will always be in the fairway.

What does the perfect drive look like?

The perfect drive will always be in the fairway first and foremost. How it gets there is different for each mid-handicap golfer. To maximize your distance without giving up control, it’s best to get a launch angle that comes off the face at a 45° angle, not too high and not too low.

This way, when your golf ball hits the ground, it will land on a shallow angle, and you can get some roll to add yards. Some will fade, and some will draw; one is not better than the other. Choose the shot shape that is easier for you, so you can do it 14 times per round.

Do the best golf drivers come with adjustable loft and weight?

Not always. You should get a driver with adjustable lofts and weights if you are unsure of your swing and are in a transition phase. This will help you experiment on the range with what works for you and help you get the best ball control possible.

If you already know what you are looking for, then you will not need these options. You will save a lot of weight if you choose a driver without these fittings since they add bulk. With less weight, you can achieve a faster ball speed with ease and gain more distance.

What is a mid-handicapper?

A mid-handicapper is someone whose handicap falls in the rand of 12-19 approx. You’re not a beginner golfer, but you don’t play the tips yet, either. While this is not set in stone as handicaps fluctuate from round to round, this is the range we used for this article.

Someone who is a 12 may just need to hit a few more fairways to cross over into low-handicap range, and one of these best drivers will help.


You are still in a transition phase as I have not met very many golfers who are happy to remain mid-handicappers. As you continue to grow and gain experience, having one of the best drivers will be paramount. 

We put the Ping G425 Max at the top of the list because it checks all the boxes that most mid-handicappers require. If nothing else, test it out first and go from there. 

As long as your driver is not costing you strokes, then you have the right one. Have fun improving, enjoy the journey, and hit some bombs along the way.    

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