Best Cobra Driver In 2024 – Honest In-Depth Review

Best Cobra Driver - Title

Many Cobra drivers are available to the public, and it can be overwhelming. 

We have narrowed it down to the top 3 Cobra drivers, with the King Speed Zone being the cream of the crop. Our studies took into account distance, forgiveness, shot shaping ability, and weight.

So, what’s the best Cobra Driver you can buy at the moment?

Cobra has made itself into a very successful driver manufacturer on the PGA tour with the success of Bryson DeChambeau and Rickie Fowler.

Now Cobra offers many different drivers, and it’s time to see which ones are for real and which ones are for show.

Bombs away! 

Top 3 Cobra Drivers

  • Larger club head creates a forgiving performance
  • Back biased front and back weights for higher launch angle
  • CNC infinity milled face for distance and low spin
Best Overall
King Speed Zone
King Speed Zone
  • Traditional head shape
  • Milled perimeter edges to reduce drag
  • F1 inspired aerodynamics
  • SUPER lightweight
  • Rear weight for maximum forgiveness
  • Longest driver and lighter shaft

King Speed Zone – Best For Low-Handicap Players

Best Cobra Driver - King Speed Zone

The King Speedzone is the driver that Bryson DeChambeau used to DOMINATE the 2020 US Open. Winged Foot is known to be a long and tough course, but with this driver, Bryson was able to bring it to its knees and win by 6 strokes. 

A Very Adaptable Club Head

The versatility of Cobra King Speedzone Driver was a huge help. It’s designed with a traditional head shape that makes it easy for you to shape the ball in both directions.

This gives it a clean and compact look when addressing the ball, so you can feel confident hitting your chosen shot shape

The front and back adjustable weights give you the ability to fine-tune your ball striking, and maximize your launch angle. 

So many drivers these days advertise a higher launch, but for low handicap players, this is not necessary.

The CG is permanently positioned in the bottom to give you a great launch angle with the lowest spin. By lowering spin, your ball will get a huge bounce once it hits the ground, so your distance gained doesn’t stop in the air. 

Lots Of Thinking Outside The Box

The designers were inspired by F1 race cars when putting the Cobra King SZ together. You can see hints of it in the sole, where every line and crevasse is optimized to give you more clubhead speed. 

Even the edges around the perimeter are CNC milled to channel airflow past the driver’s head. This attention to detail means you will gain maximum speed with your clubhead without having to change anything about your swing. 

This Is A Very Special Club Face

Best Cobra Driver - Feature

The clubface is outfitted with Cobra’s breakthrough infinity face technology. The face is stretched around the edges of the head to increase forgiveness without giving up feel or having to use a larger head. 

The face also uses CNC milling. This is very unique on drivers as usually this technique is seen on wedges. The concept here is that it makes the face thinner, so the ball can get more bounce when you strike it in the sweet spot.

Your ball will jump off this clubface, similar to jumping on a trampoline.


This precise driver is targeted to a lower handicap market. But if you’re not quite there yet, then Cobra has also made a mid-handicap version of this club as well.

The Speed Zone Xtreme uses a lot of the same technology but is bigger. This will cater to you if you have trouble hitting the middle of the clubface consistently. 

  • Traditional head shape
  • Milled perimeter edges to reduce drag
  • F1 inspired aerodynamics
  • Infinity edge face technology
  • Adjustable loft sleeve
  • Low and stable CG for low spin
  • Specifically targeted to low handicap players
  • Slight sacrifice in distance to gain control

RADSpeed XB – Perfect For Mid-Handicappers

The Cobra RADSpeed line of drivers offers three models. It is meant to bridge the gap between high-handicap and low-handicap players. Not everyone wants to look down at their golf club and see a giant metal head with no feel or character. 

For mid-high handicap golfers and moderate swing speeds, this is the best driver. 

What Does ‘XB’ Stand For?

The XB stands for ‘extreme back’ in reference to the positioning of the weight. Cobra has made this one specifically to get a higher launch angle on the ball.

So even if your swing speed is a little slower than some of your playing partners, nobody will notice as long as you’re using this driver. 

The 14 grams of stable weight is positioned back and slightly towards the heel to counteract any vicious slices you may unleash.

Having this safety net is important, especially when you first get the driver because you will get a faster swing speed immediately.

It’s Made To Cure Your Slices 

If you’re still having trouble with slices while you get used to your new XB, then there is another 6-gram weight you can install in the back to further assist with that.

As you improve and learn to harness the power of this driver, you can remove it when you’re ready. 

If slicing is really your Achilles heel, then Cobra still has you covered. They have made a driver that is completely dedicated to straightening your slice.

Check out the Cobra RADSpeed XD to turn your slice into a power fade. 

This Driver Is FAST

Further contributing to the speed of this driver is its carbon crown. This saves a lot of overall weight throughout the driver’s head.

By doing so, your swing speed will naturally start to pick up some mphs, which results in a faster ball speed. 

Swinging faster will always mean longer drives. Your weekend foursome will think you have been getting professional lessons on the side. 

Just because this driver is geared towards mid-handicappers doesn’t mean it lacks any of the features that the low-handicap players are getting. 

Perfectly Uses All Of Cobra’s Technology

The CNC milled clubface propels your ball forward – faster then ever!

This has Cobra’s amazing CNC milled clubface, so you can take advantage of the extra bounce that the thin face gives you. With this advanced technology, your ball will leap off the clubface like a rocket into space. 

The face is also an infinity edge. So with all the ball speed you’re gaining, you won’t sacrifice any forgiveness.

The face extends beyond the edges of the clubhead and wraps around it. This really opens up the sweet spot and also reduces vibration on off-center hits. 

Hitting the sweet spot is not as important as it once was. With this driver’s technology, as long as you come close to the sweet spot, your drives will be massive. 

  • Larger club head creates a forgiving performance
  • Back biased front and back weights for higher launch angle
  • CNC infinity milled face for distance and low spin
  • Adjustable rear weights to progress with you
  • Super-light carbon fiber crown
  • Tougher to shape the ball in both directions

F-Max – Best Cobra Driver For High-Handicappers

Only recently has Cobra gained notoriety amongst some of the PGA pros. For the past 30+ years, they have made a name for themselves by helping the high-handicapper get their ball in the fairway more often. 

The F-Max is a shining example of Cobra doing what Cobra does best. Helping high-handicappers get higher ball speeds with greater accuracy for maximum distance. 

This Driver Is Light As A Feather

This is the lightest driver out of all the big-name club manufacturers in the driver market. They have made the F-Max light by reducing weight in the head and pairing it with a super-light shaft.

AND they even made a custom grip for this club that is 6 grams lighter than any other grip on a Cobra club. 

Less weight and better aerodynamics gives you more clubhead speed right off the bat!

Out of the best Cobra drivers, this one is shockingly light. Although a few grams here and there doesn’t sound like much, you WILL feel a difference when you first pick it up.

This huge reduction in weight will translate directly to more ball speed. By swinging faster, you’ll increase your ball speed and gain those extra precious yards off the tee. 

Hit The Ball Far With This Club

Other than bragging rights, the biggest advantage to more distance is having less club into the green on your second shot.

Stop hitting 6 iron, 5 iron, or hybrid into par 4’s. Your score will drop like a rock when you start hitting 8 iron, 9 iron, or even pitching wedge for your approach shots. 

Cobra Golf has pulled out all the stops to make sure you don’t lose any forgiveness either. Most of the weight is near the back of this forgiving driver. This opens the clubface more and allows for your off-center hits to still pack a punch. 

Multiple Ways To Cure Your Slice

The added weight also favors the heel side to encourage a draw bias. This is to prevent the most common bad shot in golf, the dreaded slice.

The added heel weight is meant to slow the heel down throughout your swing. This allows the toe to go faster and square up through the impact zone. 

It will keep your clubface more square for a longer period in your swing. 

If you really want to cure your slice, then look to the F-Max Offset. Its offset hosel design is set slightly ahead of the clubface to further increase the amount of time your clubface stays square.  

A Bonus Feature Is The Length Of The Shaft

Not many people know this, but the shaft is actually 46” long. This is at least 1” longer than other stock drivers, even though it is one of the lightest still. 

  • SUPER lightweight
  • Rear weight for maximum forgiveness
  • Longest driver and lighter shaft
  • Lighter grip
  • Added top ridges for easy alignment and straighter shots
  • Perfect for senior and female golfers
  • Makes a loud echo sound 

Frequently Asked Questions

Before going out and buying a new driver, here are the most frequently asked questions!

What is the best Cobra driver?

The best Cobra driver is the Cobra King Speed Zone. It combines all of Cobra’s latest technology in one club. It’s great for adding distance, but to a more skilled player, it also adds workability.

You can shape the ball in any direction with this club which not many drivers on the market can say. It features the new CNC milled face, which will probably start being used by other companies soon. The special radial weighting helps with your launch angle but does not give up forgiveness.

What kind of shaft should I get?

The type of shaft you should get will be determined by your clubhead speed. If you swing above 90 mph, then a stiff shaft will work for you.

Under 90 mph, or even if you are around 90 mph, going with a regular flex shaft will benefit you the most. For golfers who are under 80 mph, then an A-flex shaft is made just for you.

For a complete shaft rundown, check out this article.    

Which Cobra Driver is best for distance?

The best Cobra driver to get more distance is the F-Max. Due to its larger head and extremely lightweight, this driver pounds the golf ball.

It is also outfitted with a longer shaft to widen the arc of your swing. The weights have been strategically placed as far back as they can go to give your ball added lift as well. 


Choosing just one of these Cobra clubs can be quite difficult. If you’re not a low enough handicapper to suit the Speed Zone, then there are still lots of options for you.

Cobra has many versions of the drivers listed above that you can customize to your exact playing style. While these ones are the best Cobra drivers, they can also serve as a jumping-off point to other Cobra drivers. 

Have fun and hit ‘em straight.   

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