Best Callaway Driver In 2024 – Epic Speed & Epic Distance!

Best Callaway Driver

More distance, more fairways, and lower scores. That’s what you get with a Callaway driver.

By choosing Callaway, the hard part of shopping for a driver is over. Now the real fun begins to find the perfect one for you.

I have selected the best Callaway drivers below, depending on your skill level. These drivers have got you covered if you are anywhere between a low handicap to a high handicap.

They’re arranged to address whatever problem you face. So if you want more distance or higher launch or straighter ball flight, then it’s easy to find here.

I have shopped for many golf drivers in my day, and I applied my winning formula for selecting the best of the best Callaway drivers.    

No Time? Here’s The Rundown

Epic Speed – Best Overall

Best Callaway Driver Epic Speed – Best Overall

This is Callaway’s top-of-the-line driver. All of their research and expertise is put into this one club.

Jon Rahm used a version of this to win the 2021 US Open.

The Future Of All Callaway Drivers

The Callaway Epic Speed Driver is the fastest driver they have ever made. The new cyclone aero shape directs air over the top of the head by raising the tail a little bit. No matter what your swing speed is now, it WILL maximize your speed by using this hot driver.

The shape has also been compacted from previous models. This helps with faster ball speed as well since it’s lighter and creates less drag. By creating a faster clubhead, you will create fast ball speed. And more ball speed means maximum distance.

Loaded with Tech – The Epic Speed Driver is our favorite Callaway Driver on the market!

Improving The Core Of The Epic Driver

Callaway has made a breakthrough with their jailbreak design in all their drivers. It’s an ingenious way to stabilize the head, so when you strike the ball, it bounces off like you just hit a brick wall.

Well, this has the upgraded version of jailbreak – Speed Frame Technology.

SFT takes the same aspects of jailbreak and makes it even stronger. 4 points are connecting the crown to the driver, which adds reinforcement around the jailbreak bars. It’s like hitting a golf ball with the world’s lightest sledgehammer. 

A lighter triaxial carbon crown is to blame for how light this club is. As if carbon could get any lighter, Callaway figured out a way.

  • Cyclone aero head shape for maximum speed and low spin
  • Upgraded jailbreak technology
  • Lightest carbon crown available for more swing speed
  • Fastest driver on the market for faster ball speed
  • Improved artificial intelligence for the flash face technology
  • Loft adjustment
  • Great driver for mid-low handicap
  • Absolutely none

Epic Max – The Most Accurate

best Callaway driver Epic Max – The Most Accurate

If the Epic Speed is a little too much for your golf bag at this point, then check out the Epic Max.

This hot driver is made for mid-high handicappers whose goal is to hit more fairways. If your swing is still a work-in-progress, then the adjustability options on the Epic Max will lend a huge helping hand.

Hit The Fairway More Often

The adjustability covers a wide range of needs, so as you improve, this golf club can improve with you. There is a 17-gram sliding weight that easily moves to the most optimal spot for your preferred shot shape. So whether your a slicer or a hooker, you can compensate with this because of its wide range of movement.

Even the clubhead itself is set up with internal draw bias weighting. They have added weight to the heel to slow it down. This lets the toe speed up through impact to correct the most common problem all golfers face, the dreaded slice.

Even With Off-Center Hits

With the extra weight in the heel and the 17-gram sliding weight, you can adjust up to 20 yards of correction for straighter shots. So if you are normally 40 yards off, then this golf club puts you right back on the edge of the fairway.

It still has all the amazing driver features that the Epic Speed does, including the A. I. flash face technology. This process uses supercomputers to measure and design each clubface for maximum forgiveness across the entire face. Your toe shots will still carry almost the same distance as your centered shots.

  • Draw bias club head
  • Great for mid-high handicappers
  • Straighest driver on the list
  • Lots of adjustment options
  • Opti-fit hosel in the adjustable loft sleeve
  • A bit heavy

Mavrik Sub Zero Driver – Best Mavrik Driver

best callaway driver Mavrik Sub Zero Driver – Best Mavrik Driver

Callaway has a habit of releasing many products at once. For the casual golfer, it can be a bit overwhelming. How different can they possibly be?

In this case, not that much different. If you want a Callaway Mavrik driver, the Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero driver is the only one you need.

The others are a little too niche than the sub-zero driver. They still have all the technology but are geared towards a very specific type of golfer.

All The Best Aspects are taken From Other Callaway Mavrik Drivers  

If you plan on improving your game and hitting better drives, then the Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero driver will get you there.

The size of the head was one of my favorite parts of this golf club. Unlike the others, this head size is perfect. Not too big, not too small. It looks great behind the golf ball, and it feels like you can’t miss.     

The Sub Zero driver also provides a more solid sound when struck. It doesn’t have the “hollow tin can” sound that so many others do.

Create A Way Better Ball Flight

The smaller head also provides increased clubhead speed as there is less drag. This will promote fast ball speed, so it comes off hot. The ball flight itself is more piercing as well. They keep a low spin rate which is a good thing for all levels of golfers with the driver.

They say the Sub Zero driver is supposed to be for only low-handicap golfers, but that is more of a marketing ploy. This golf driver can help anyone and everyone who plays golf.

  • Smaller head for increased ball speed
  • Creates a low spin, penetrating ball flight
  • Combines all the best things from the Callaway Mavrik line
  • Strong sound off the face
  • Uses all Callaway distance technology
  • Slightly less forgiving

Big Bertha B21 – The Longest

best callaway driver Big Bertha B21 – The Longest

There is no other name in golf that screams distance more than the Big Bertha driver. For decades Ms. Big Bertha has been helping us reach par 5’s in two and giving us bragging rights at the 19th hole.

While the name is the same, this new driver has evolved a lot since its first introduction back in the 1990s.

We’re Glad Some Things Never Change

You always know there’s a Big Bertha on the course from its signature sound. Every shot you take sounds like the ball exploded into a million pieces. This characteristic has remained over the years.

The big changes that are really exciting start with the face. This uses the same flash face technology that the Epic driver has made famous.

Flash face is a complicated, A.I. supercomputer process that optimizes the face for off-center hits making it a very forgiving driver.  Even if you have a slower swing speed. No other company has access to this kind of procedure.

How Does It Incorporate Today’s Technology?

The clubhead itself is built with a draw bias to slow down the heel and speed up the toe. This gives slicers some relief, and it gives drawers an incredibly penetrating ball flight.

Also contributing to the ball flight is the center of gravity. They have moved it lower and further back compared to other Callaway drivers. This gives you some extra lift on your golf ball. A higher launch angle will give you more carry so you can cut more corners. Par 5’s don’t stand a chance.

Big Bertha is topped off with a blue carbon crown which is a very fitting name for this Queen of drivers. The use of carbon counteracts the aforementioned draw bias. This keeps the club light which gives you fast ball speeds without any extra effort.

  • A.I. flash face technology
  • Internal draw bias to correct slices
  • Low and deep CG to make it the most forgiving driver
  • Blue carbon crown to reduce weight
  • Amazing sound
  • Updated style and modern look
  • Tough to work the ball on command

Rogue – Most Affordable

best callaway driver Rogue – Most Affordable

The Callaway Rogue driver doesn’t deserve to be so far down the list. But because Callaway drivers are arguably the best drivers on the market, here we are.

This club is excellent for mid-handicappers. It combines tour-inspired features with forgiveness attributes seamlessly. It’s actually a lot more forgiving than the Epic and Mavrik driver.

As Aerodynamic As A Fighter Jet

The first thing you’ll notice on the Callaway Rogue is the sole. It looks like it was designed by Maverick and Goose from Top Gun. This isn’t just for decoration, though. The structure has been extensively tested to maximize aerodynamics to increase the head speed. And it works.

With such a fast head, you can pick up a few more mphs on your ball speed which translates into more yds.

Its forgiveness can be attributed to the largest carbon crown available on any Callaway driver. The added surface area creates more of a spring effect across the entire face. Now your off-center hits will only be noticeable to you.

Still Uses All Of Callaway’s Technology

This driver features jailbreak technology on the inside, just like the rest of the family of Callaway drivers. This technology has been a huge success for them, and it’s not just some marketing gimmick. 

The added strength is even more evident in the Rogue driver. They have molded the two internal bars into an hourglass shape to reduce weight. So you actually get the best of the best technology to hit the ball hard.

For the price, this might be the best driver out of all the Callaway drivers.

The only reason it’s so low on the list is because of its futuristic look when compared to traditional golf clubs. It’s not very “golf-y” even though it has all the attributes needed to crush the longest drives of your life.

  • Great for mid-level golfers to increase ball speed
  • Utilizes a special version of jailbreak
  • Priced to sell
  • Aerodynamic sole for speed and low spin
  • Largest carbon crown to increase forgiveness
  • A very eccentric appearance

Buyers Guide

Best Callaway Driver Buyers Guide
Learn more about what makes Callaway one of the best Driver brands on the market!

Looking for a Callaway driver is definitely a no-lose situation. You have to narrow your choices so you get one that will add distance and hit straighter shots.

In all their golf clubs, Callaways uses a lot of cutting-edge technology developed by many scientists. We have translated some of the processes that they use. It’s to your advantage to better understand what makes these drivers so successful.


Jailbreak technology was debuted in 2017 in the Great Big Bertha. After a successful season, it was added to the new Callaway Rogue drivers. Now it is in every metal wood they sell. The reason being is that it works. Ball speeds are consistently higher than that of its competitors when tested.

The design works by adding two stabilizing bars behind the clubface. This adds an enormous amount of strength to the face, so when the face hits the ball, it’s extremely firm. Similar to how a ball bounces off a cart path.

This already successful method has been improved upon. The Epic speed is the only driver to feature the latest version.

Artificial Intelligence Flash Face

Since we use computers in pretty much every part of life, why not golf? Callaway has its very own supercomputer that can calculate test trials by the tens of thousands.

By generating this much data, they can pinpoint exactly how to construct the clubface based on the club’s purpose.

For example, when they make a driver for higher handicaps, they run the number through their supercomputer first. It designs a face that would work perfectly with the rest of the head and the proposed shaft.

If you look closely at the face, you can see the different ridges and grooves. It looks like it is random or artistically added. Still, each groove is strategically placed the optimize that golf driver based on its overall goal.

Opti-Fit Hosel

This is a more complex adjustable loft sleeve than most other manufacturers. You can change the loft as well as the lie angle.

The loft can be altered by either -1°, +1°, or +2°. There is also a neutral setting that will keep your driver at the stated loft, which is indicated on the club as “S”.

This is handy for experienced golfers who want to adjust their loft from golf course to golf course. It could be because of the course setup or weather conditions, or a change in swing mechanics. Whatever the reason is, try not to overthink it. That’s a lot of degree variance, and so once you find a loft that works, stick to it.

Adjusting the lie works independently of the loft adjustment. You have to option to set it to favor more draws. This makes the club more upright and, as such, prevents large slices. A useful tool for newer or novice golfers.

Not very useful if you like to manipulate your shot shape, though.

Triaxial Carbon Crown

Callaway was one of the first to introduce carbon into drivers, and they were huge failures. Everyone loves a comeback, though, and by sticking to it, they have successfully implemented carbon into their drivers.

This crown is 70% lighter than any other metal crown that its competitors are using. This translates into incredible swing speed, which then transfers into endless yardage for you.


Callaway has all the science and technology (and really smart scientists). They are all working on getting you more yardage. It’s no surprise that Callaway has been leading the way for decades.

I mean, can you imagine trying to start your own line of drivers?

All of this effort has culminated in the Epic Speed driver being the best of the best Callaway drivers. Jon Rahm proved it by winning the 2021 US Open on a long and narrow oceanside course.

While you may not win a US Open soon, pounding your drives straighter and farther than your weekend playing buddies will feel just as good.   

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