Callaway Chrome Soft vs. Supersoft – 2024 PGA Pro Review

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Callaway golf balls continue to grow in popularity year after year. Ever since the Hex Aerodynamic design was brought to market, people have seen that Callaway golf balls offer a unique performance that you don’t get from other golf ball manufacturers.

Two of the most popular golf balls from Callaway are the Callaway Chrome Soft and the Callaway Supersoft. If you look at these two golf balls quickly, you can tell that there is a significant price difference, but many golfers want to know more.

Callaway Chrome Soft
Callaway Supersoft
Callaway Chrome Soft
Callaway Supersoft
Mid to Low
Golf Ball Category:
Golf Ball Category:

Does this price difference make one golf ball better? Which could be the best for around the greens, off the tee, etc.?

We have done a deep analysis of the Callaway Chrome Soft vs. Supersoft to help give you a better understanding of which of these golf balls could be the right choice for your golf game.

Callaway Chrome Soft At A Glance

Callaway Chrome Soft
Compression: 75
Pricing: High
Cover: Urethane
Layers: Four
Golf Ball Category: Premium
Color Choices: White, Yellow
Player Profile: Faster swinging golfer that values spin and control


  • Impressive feel and spin around the greens
  • Four piece golf ball for premium performance from the tee and the green
  • Durable outer cover ready to handle the faster swing speed players

Callaway Supersoft At A Glance

Compression: 35
Pricing: Mid to Low
Cover: Trionomer
Layers: Two Piece
Golf Ball Category: Distance
Color Choices: Green, Orange, Pink, Yellow White
Player Profile: Slower swinging golfer with a need for more distance


  • Very affordable golf ball
  • Works for the slower swing speeds and mid swing speeds
  • Impressive distance from the tee

Callaway Chrome Soft vs. Supersoft Comparision

As we compare the Callaway Chrome Soft vs. the Supersoft, it is vital to keep in mind that we are not trying to decide which of these two golf balls is better. Callaway has proven that both the Callaway Chrome Soft and the Supersoft are great golf balls.

The goal of this review is to help you determine the differences between these golf balls and decide on the best one for your game.

Callaway Chrome Soft vs. Supersoft: Construction

The first thing you will notice about the differences in construction between the Chome Soft ball and the Supersoft is the number of pieces. The Supersoft is your basic distance ball with an inner core and an outer covering.

Two piece golf balls are almost always less expensive and more manageable for a slower swing speed player to compress.

The Chrome Soft Ball, on the other hand, are premium golf balls. These will have four layers of material designed to offer a range of performance throughout the golf course. When you put a four piece golf ball into play on the golf course, the ability to work the ball and to spin is significantly increased.

In addition, the Chrome Soft golf ball has a Urethane cover as opposed to a Trionomer cover. The Urethane cover allows for a bit more spin and control on the greens. If you are looking to take your wedge game to the next level, this is an important feature.

Although some players will get the Callaway Supersoft golf ball to spin, it won’t be quite like it is with the Chrome Soft. The Trionomer cover is just not as reactive, and it can be hard to get the ball to stop at times.

Callaway Chrome Soft vs. Supersoft: Compression

The compression rating on a golf ball tells us how hard it is to get a golf ball to compress and give us the ball speed that we need. The Callaway Supersoft compression is one of the lowest on the market. The overall compression is only 38, and this brings a tremendous amount of benefits for the slower swing speed golfer.

It is not a coincidence that the Supersoft is a popular golf ball among women and senior golfers that struggle with ball speed. With Supersoft, it takes considerably less effort to get the impressive distance.

The lower compression of the Supersoft allows for plenty of ball flight and launch as well. If you are a golfer that struggles to get the golf ball high enough off the ground, the Supersoft can certainly help to make a difference.

Compression on the Supersoft golf ball is closer to 75. Those with a faster swing speed and a more aggressive angle of attack will find the Chome Soft to be a much better overall choice. Higher compression is a good thing from a distance perspective, as long as the swing speeds are fast enough.

When you look at any other premium golf ball on the market, especially the four piece models, the Chrome Soft Compression is right in line with where it should be.

Callaway Chrome Soft vs. Supersoft: Durability

The durability of a golf ball is important from a budget perspective but also for the more aggressive swinging golfer that knows they will occasionally cut a golf ball. Most of the time, a soft urethane cover like the one on the Chrome Soft is going to cut quite a bit easier than a Surlyn or Trionomer cover.

However, with these two golf balls, we saw a bit of a role reversal.

The Callaway Supersoft tends to cut a bit easier than the Chrome Soft. The reason behind this could be the fact that Callaway tried to make the Supersoft feel a little softer around the greens. In addition, we think that the Urethane that was used in the Chrome Soft is of better quality than other Urethane covers we have seen in the past.

The cover on a Supersoft is not by any means fragile, but if you hit a cart path or a tree, you will notice a major scuff on your golf ball. For the price that these are offered, you will still probably get a few rounds of golf from one ball and make this a smart overall investment.

Callaway Chrome Soft vs. Supersoft: Spin

Best Cheap Golf Balls for High-Handicappers With High Spin

Golfers are picky; they want low spin from the tee, mid spin on the irons, and then high spin around the greens. Can you understand why we need four and five piece golf balls on the market?

It is not always possible to find a golf ball that will meet all of the characteristics that you need. However, a four piece golf ball will likely have more favorable spin features than a two piece ball.

The Callaway Supersoft is a very low spin ball that allows for lots of roll and distance from the tee box. However, with the Supersoft in play, you may notice that it is hard to spin a ball around the greens. Typically between the grooves of your club and the softer cover on the Supersoft, it’s possible to get a ball to stop, but spinning back is tricky.

The Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball offers much more impressive spin characteristics. Although it won’t be relatively as low spin from the tee, you can still get plenty of roll. Around the greens, stopping a Chrome Soft golf ball is relatively easy, and many golfers can spin this golf ball back.

Callaway Chrome Soft vs. Supersoft: Feel

Although performance factors are important, feel can be just as important. Feel will change a bit based on player preferences and skills, and abilities, but there are still some things about feel that you can learn about before ever hitting a golf ball.

The Chrome Soft plays like a premium golf ball that tour players would use. When you make great contact with the Chrome Soft, it has a solid but buttery feel. Around the greens, it feels softer so that you can work the ball and get it to do what you need it to do.

When putting, Chrome Soft will feel as though it has a high MOI, and it stays on its line quite well. The feel of this golf ball is something that can compete with the Titleist Pro V1 or the premium Bridgestone golf balls.

When it comes to the Supersoft, the feel is not going to be quite as impressive. With two piece golf balls, the feel will never be quite as impressive, but for the distance and performance benefits, it is sometimes worth it.

On the putting green, the feel of the Supersoft feels a bit dull. This can be a problem for some better players than looking for a more firm and consistent feel with their putter.

Callaway Chrome Soft vs. Supersoft: Visibility

Visibility is becoming a major factor when choosing between two golf balls. The ability to see your golf ball, focus on it, and reduce overall glare is quite essential. A higher visibility golf ball can help players that are starting to struggle with their eyesight or hit the ball into the woods quite often.

The Callaway Supersoft comes in brighter colors than the Chrome Soft, and it can help players that are often searching for their golf ball.

One thing to keep in mind about the Callaway Chrome Soft is that it has the TruVis version. This stands for True Visibility, and it helps to ensure players can watch their ball flight and can track the ball a bit easier. Many golfers have also reported focusing on the golf ball better at the address when they are playing with a TruVis golf ball.

Callaway Chrome Soft (Pros and Cons)

  • Impressive greenside control
  • High wedge spin
  • Four-piece golf ball
  • Low long game driver spin
  • Durable Urethane cover
  • A premium ball with tour level spin characteristics
  • Priced higher than other golf balls
  • Higher compression core can be difficult for slower swing speeds

Callaway Supersoft (Pros and Cons)

  • Ultra low compression core
  • Ball features soft feel Trionomer Cover
  • Long distance from the tee
  • Slow swingers can get much higher ball speeds
  • Lower spin from the tee for more roll
  • Golf ball fees are a bit dull around the greens
  • Soft trionomer cover cuts easier

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions we get about the Callaway Chrome Soft vs. Supersoft. Having a better understanding of these two golf balls before you make your purchase will ensure you get the best golf balls for your needs.

Should I Play Chrome Soft or Supersoft?

If you are a higher swing speed golfer with a need for spin and performance around the greens, the Callaway Chrome Soft is the golf ball to play. For a slower swing speed golfer that struggles to compress a ball, the Supersoft is the better choice.

The pricing on the Chrome Soft and the Supersoft is also considerably different, but golfers should be careful choosing a ball based on pricing alone. Although the Callaway Supersoft comes at a very fair value, the construction alone will help explain why the pricing is so different.

Truly the Chrome Soft is a premium player’s golf ball, while the Supersoft is a distance ball for the average golfer.

Is Callaway Chrome Soft Good For High Handicappers?

The Callaway Chome Soft can be good for high handicappers that have a lot of club head speed. If you are a player that tends to compress the ball quite easily, you should be taking advantage of this speed. The more you can compress the golf ball, the better the spin and performance that you can get.

For a higher swing speed golfer, playing with a golf ball like the Chrome Soft is a great option to take advantage of greenside spin and the ability to stop a ball where it needs to. Choose a ball based more on club head speed and preferences than on the overall player handicap.

Playing with a Chrome Soft and learning how to control it properly could move a higher handicapper down to the mid handicap range.

Who Should Use Callaway Chrome Soft Balls?

Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls are for those that need spin and control around the green. Although this golf ball has some great distance technologies and features, it is truly a premium player’s golf ball. If you are not going to notice a difference from one golf ball to the next, don’t invest in the Chrome Soft.

If, instead, you feel as though you can’t get spin and control in your short game that you need, the Chrome Soft is a perfect choice. Golfers that are great players often get there with a little help from their equipment. Investing in the right golf ball is a smart decision.


Hopefully, you now feel as though you can choose between the Callaway Chrome Soft ball and the Callaway Supersoft ball with complete confidence. Many players struggle to choose a golf ball because of the difficult to understand technology and the performance benefits that seem to overlap.

The great news about the Callaway Chrome Soft and Callaway Supersoft is that they have unique performance characteristics, and you should be able to easily decide which one is a better fit for your game. The difference in performance will be relatively clear to see.

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