Best Illegal Golf Balls In 2024 – Hit It Far And Straight!

Best Illegal golf balls

Playing golf with illegal golf balls can be a tough decision for some people. Illegal golf balls are not suitable for tournament play. However, plenty of golfers will do just fine with using an illegal golf ball for a casual round of golf.

If you are curious as to what makes a golf ball illegal, we will fill you in. In addition, we have chosen the best illegal golf balls on the market to help make this an easier decision for you. Even though you won’t be playing with conforming golf balls, it pays to purchase the best ones on the market.

The Polara Self Correcting XDS stands out as the best overall non conforming golf ball on the market. However, several other great options may be worth considering.

Best Illegal Golf Balls: Polara XDS Self-Correcting Golf Balls | Anti Slice Golf Balls

Best Illegal Golf Balls: Polara XDS Self-Correcting Golf Balls | Anti Slice Golf Balls

The Polara XDS Self Correcting golf balls are the best non-conforming golf balls on the market. This is a three piece golf ball which means that you are going to get a good mix of distance off the tee as well as feel around the greens with the XDS Polara in play.

The reason these golf balls are non conforming is that they fly too straight. When you put a lot of side spin on a golf ball, it will typically go left or right of your target beyond your control. However, the Polara Self Correcting can straighten the ball flight and get the ball headed towards your target.

The great thing about correcting a slice is that you will get quite a bit of your distance back. When you slice a golf ball, it tends to give you considerably less distance. As the ball falls off to the right, it loses its momentum and causes some distance difficulties.

Therefore the Polara XDS tends to be quite a bit longer than conforming golf balls. There is an arrow on the center of the ball that is used to line you up to your target.

Whether you are hitting from the tee or putting on the green, simply line the target up and then try and strike the ball right on this line. Overall you will find that these Polara have much better performance than traditional golf balls for the average golfer.

  • It helps to straighten out a slice
  • One of the longest illegal golf ball choices on the market
  • Straighter and higher ball flight
  • Tend to be one of the more expensive illegal golf balls

Best Illegal Golf Balls For Distance: Bandit Maximum Distance Golf Balls

Best Illegal Golf Balls For Distance: Bandit Maximum Distance Golf Balls

One of the major reasons a golfer would want to play with an illegal golf ball is the distance. Being able to hit the golf ball a long way is a major reason golf balls are deemed illegal by the USGA. To protect the game’s future and the integrity, there is only a certain distance you should be able to hit the golf ball.

The Bandit Maximum Distance Golf balls fly too far. These clubs are known for extreme performance and distance. The ball flight cuts through the air because of a dimple pattern that is quite good at resisting wind and rougher air.

The Bandit Maximum Distance golf balls have a very strong core that helps transfer energy from a club head to the golf ball. Bandit golf balls are probably the most popular illegal balls on the market.

Another important thing about the Bandit golf balls is the fact that they come with a DuPont Lithium Suryln Cover. This cover is strong and will be durable so that you can play several rounds with the illegal golf ball without noticing a distance in the performance in any way.

Although this is an illegal golf ball, you will find that it brings an incredible amount of performance. For golfers that want a fun round where they can get the distance that meets or exceeds what their friends are getting, the Bandit is the perfect solution.

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  • Very long distance non conforming golf balls
  • Lots of roll
  • Lower spinning golf ball
  • The very highly reactive internal core
  • It does not have the performance around the green that we would like for it to have

Best Illegal Golf Balls For Putting: Bandit SB (Small Ball Technology) Golf Balls – Dozen

Best Illegal Golf Balls For Putting: Bandit SB (Small Ball Technology) Golf Balls - Dozen

As you read through our reviews of the best illegal golf balls on the market, you will find that golf balls are illegal for several different reasons. One of these reasons is the size of the golf ball. The USGA sets the size of the golf ball and the cup. For obvious reasons, if the cup or golf ball size changes, the game will change quite a bit as well.

The best illegal golf balls to make putting a bit easier is another Bandit golf ball choice. The Bandit SB technology stands for Bandit Small Ball technology. This means that the ball is actually a little bit smaller than a standard golf ball.

As you can imagine, a smaller golf ball is going to fall into the hole a little bit easier than a standard size golf ball. If you feel as though you are always missing the cup by just a tiny margin, the smaller golf balls could help you get the ball in the hole a bit easier.

The new Small Ball Technolgy has a high COR formula that helps to add even more distance and ball speed at impact. From a scientific perspective, you can expect the smaller golf ball technology to travel through the air a bit easier.

The Bandit small ball has some improved feel and spin around the greens from previous models. With the smaller golf ball technology, it’s good to have a mix of both long and short game performance.

  • Travels incredibly far
  • It can make the short game a bit easier
  • One of the better-priced illegal balls on the market
  • Take a bit of adjusting to handle a smaller golf ball size

Best Illegal Golf Balls For Senior: MG Golf Balls Senior Longest with Speed, Distance, Maximum Enjoyment (1-Dozen)

Best Illegal Golf Balls For Senior: MG Golf Balls Senior Longest with Speed, Distance, Maximum Enjoyment (1-Dozen)

Senior golfers tend to give up on tournament play and would rather enjoy golf for fun and entertainment than playing at a competitive level. If this describes you, then you may like the MG Illegal Golf balls. These golf balls are designed for those getting less than 250 yards out of their driver currently.

Similar to the Bandit SB golf balls and even the Polara golf balls, the USGA agrees that this MG Golf ball can travel just a little too far.

Another important factor for seniors is ball flight. Many senior golfers can’t get the ball flight that they want because they don’t have the same swing speed they used to. When you don’t have a lot of ball flight, it’s harder to spin the ball and get the ball to stop on the green in the proper location.

The MG Golf balls are designed to travel higher and with lots of speed. Senior golfers will notice that they become a bit more accurate with their shots and about a club longer.

Although most of the reasons golfers will want to play with an illegal golf ball are for distance and straighter golf shots, getting a golf ball that feels well on the putting green is an added bonus. The MG Senior golf ball feels really solid on the putting green.

If you are a senior that wants to just have fun on the golf course without having to worry about tournament play or the USGA, the MG Senior is a perfect choice.

  • Specifically built for those with slower swing speeds
  • Can pick up a full club extra
  • Has good feel around the putting greens
  • MG golf balls are available in a few different color choices
  • Not a good choice for the senior golfer that still swings with lots of speed

Best Illegal Golf Balls For Visibility: Volvik Magma Golf Balls – Yellow, Large

Best Illegal Golf Balls For Visibility: Volvik Magma Golf Balls - Yellow, Large

Higher visibility golf balls are starting to become extremely popular. Players are finding that colored golf balls are easier to see, and therefore easy to hit and to find. If you have a hard time focusing when playing golf or are tired of losing golf balls during your round, the Volvik Magma Golf Balls are a great choice to consider adding to your golf game.

Volvik is interesting because it is a golf ball manufacturer that makes plenty of conforming golf balls. Many golfers love the feel, pricing, and overall performance of the Volvik Golf Balls. However, if you really want that extra distance and long game performance, the Volvik Magma is a great choice.

As with most other non conforming golf balls on the market, the Magma is a very long distance golf ball. The reason the Volvik Magma is longer is because of the new High Energy Dual Core. The core delivers distance and helps to absorb as much energy from the club head as possible.

Similar to the Bandit SB Golf Balls, the Volvik Magma has a slightly reduced diameter. The smaller overall diameter allows for lower drag, increased energy, and impressive overall trajectory.

The yellow color of the Volvik is bright, but it is not going to have any glare. You will easily be able to see the ball and focus on putting green and off the tee. Although the Volvik Magma is the best illegal golf ball for visibility, it does a great job with distance and ball flight as well.

  • Very easy to see
  • Good for an average swing speed player
  • Ball velocity increases from previous versions
  • Maximum distance balls, but smaller golf ball as well
  • Feel around the greens is not the best

Best Illegal Golf Ball For Slice Correcting: Polara Ultimate Straight

Best Illegal Golf Ball For Slice Correcting: Polara Ultimate Straight

Slicing the golf ball can be one of the most frustrating shots around. For golfers looking for spin control and a much straighter golf shot, the Polara Ultimate Straight is a great choice to consider. The Polara Ultimate Straight will get you more distance because of the fact that you will hit the ball much straighter.

Polara claims that the Ultimate Straight Golf Balls can correct a shot by about 75%; this is quite a big adjustment and the perfect ball for those that end up slicing or hooking the ball on the majority of their tee shots.

The key to this golf ball is the line that helps you set up straight down the fairway. Simply set the line on the golf ball and then hit the golf ball directly on that line. If you can make contact in this location, you will get more distance and much greater overall ball speed.

Distance golf balls don’t always have the greatest feel around the greens, but many find that the Polara Ultimate Straight golf balls feel like any other two piece golf ball on the market. If you are tired of the performance you get from a conforming golf ball, this is a great choice to consider.

We like the Polara for a younger, new player with slightly faster swing speed.

  • Great for golfers with lots of extra spin on their ball
  • Can fix a slice by more than 25 ft
  • Aerodynamic dimple pattern
  • Not the best for a slower swing speed

What Makes A Golf Ball Illegal?

Golf balls are illegal for several different reasons; the most common is that they fly too far. In addition, a golf ball can be illegal because it eliminates too much spin and keeps the ball extremely straight down the fairway. Lastly, some golf balls are illegal because they are smaller than a standard golf ball.

Illegal golf balls are different sizes or have different features than other conforming golf balls on the market. Golf ball manufacturers have to bring each of their new products to the USGA to ensure they are within the recommended guidelines.

If a golf ball is labeled illegal or non conforming, it cannot be used in a tournament. However, these golf balls can still be sold as long as they are labeled as non legal golf balls.

What To Look For In A Non Conforming Golf Ball?

We gave you some of the best illegal golf ball choices on the market. However, it is not on you to decide which of these will be the best for your golf game. For some players, spin control is the most important factor, and for others, it will be distance. Here are a few things to look at when you go to buy illegal golf balls.


Low compression golf balls are for slow swing speed players. If you choose an illegal golf ball with lower compression, you will have an easier time getting extra distance. However, if your swing speed is really fast, it is a good idea to look for a higher compression golf ball.

Golf ball compression is a great way to choose a golf ball for your game. Whether you are looking for increased ball velocity or better ball flight the compression is an important factor to consider.

Tournament Play

There are no tournament play situations where illegal golf balls are considered to be acceptable. The golf balls provide too much of an advantage, and they are not fair to use. Therefore it makes sense to have a conforming and a non conforming golf ball that works for your game.

When you are playing a casual round with friends and want the illegal golf ball to help you score your best round, go for it. However, when the time comes for a match, find a conforming golf ball that works for your needs.


Many people think that illegal golf balls are going to be more affordable than legal golf balls. However, this is not the case. The pricing of illegal golf balls is typically a bit higher than the conforming golf balls.

You have to remember that illegal golf balls are illegal because they give you extra performance. The fact that you can hit the ball further and straighter is all the more reason for golf ball manufacturers to charge you more money to use the golf ball.

Luckily the covers on most of these balls are quite strong, and you should be able to use them for more than one round.

Small Ball Or Traditional

One of the top illegal golf ball technologies is small ball technology. This means that the golf ball is actually smaller in size than a standard golf ball. The great thing about small ball technology is that you can get lots of extra distance, and it can technically be easier to get the ball in the hole.

However, the problem with the small ball technology is that it is technically a bit harder to make contact with. If your consistency is lacking a bit, the small ball technology may not be the best choice.

In addition, if you happen to struggle with anything visually, stay away from small ball technology and just find a long distance traditional size golf ball. You may want to try out a sleeve or two of these golf balls before you invest in a large amount.

FAQs Best Illegal Golf Balls

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions that we are often asked about illegal golf balls. Understanding this technology and deciding if it is right for your game can be a tough choice. Here are a few things to consider before you make your final decision.

Are Illegal Golf Balls Worth It?

Illegal golf balls are worth the price if you are lacking in distance or forgiveness on your golf shots. Also, if you don’t play in tournaments and don’t intend to play in tournaments, illegal golf balls are a great option to consider.

For a low handicap golfer that has no troubleshooting close to par, the illegal golf balls are not worth the money. Chances are you will be playing in a tournament at some point and will need a golf ball that conforms to the USGA.

Decide how much you care about the performance you get on the course and whether or not the illegal golf balls are worth it.

Why Are Some Golf Balls Illegal?

Some golf balls are illegal because they fly too far or too straight, and it makes the game unfair. The United States Golf Association has rules in place to help ensure that the integrity of the game is always preserved. You will need to be sure that golf courses are never going to get too easy and that real skill is the major distinction between great players.

Golf balls that are illegal are getting more and more popular because people realize the game is just for fun, and they are not worried about playing in tournaments or events. Also, when you get to a very good level of golf, you will not notice much difference when using these illegal golf balls. They are designed for the players that need them the most.

What Is A Self-Correcting Golf Ball?

side spin on it and it is going to slice or hook, the golf ball will get back on the proper track. Self-correcting golf balls allow golfers to hit the ball extremely straight, even if they are prone to slicing their shots from time to time.


Hopefully, you now feel as though you can pick out an illegal golf ball for your game. The best illegal golf balls on the market are the Polara XDS Self Correcting. Not only do these balls fly straighter, but they are also a great option for distance. Whether you are new to the game of golf has been frustrating you for the last 25 years, purchase a dozen of these golf balls and see what they can do for your golf game.

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