Best Golf Balls For Slice in 2024 – Hit It Straight!

Slicing the golf ball is perhaps the most frustrating miss that there is. Watching a golf ball start to turn further and further away from your target is one of the most helpless feelings in the game.

I think one of the reasons that the slice resonates with so many people is that it is the most common miss in the game of golf.

Missing the ball to the right with a slice is something that even great golf ball strikers will experience from time to time.

Slicing the golf ball can be fixed, but it takes some time and the right combination of equipment.

In our guide featuring the best golf balls for slice, we will help you see which golf balls will make the golf game more enjoyable and fun for the average player.

Whether you have just started slicing or have never been able to fix this miss in your entire career, we have all the information you will need.

Our Rundown

Srixon Soft Feel
Best Overall
Srixon Soft Feel

Speed dimple pattern Soft and thin cover A low spin from the tee but plenty of greenside spin

Best Illegal
  • Non-conforming golf ball
  • Helps with alignment and slice
  • Extra distance from a more solid hit
TaylorMade Noodle
Best Budget
TaylorMade Noodle
  • It Will last for more than one round
  • Soft cover
  • Very fair pricing
Callaway Hex
Best Feeling
Callaway Hex
  • Hex Pattern
  • Lower compression and great feel
  • Designed to go straight
Titleist Velocity
Best For Distance
Titleist Velocity
  • Very long distance
  • Available in several colors
  • Low long game spin
Titleist AVX
Best Premium
Titleist AVX
  • Premium feel like the Pro V1
  • Long distance golf ball
  • Spin control around the greens
Viceo Pro
Best For Low Handicapper
Viceo Pro
  • Great feeling golf club
  • Four piece golf ball
  • 336 dimple pattern for straighter flight

Best Overall Golf Balls For Slice: Srixon Soft Feel

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

Key Features

  • Speed dimple pattern
  • Soft and thin cover
  • A low spin from the tee but plenty of greenside spin

The Srixon Soft Feel golf balls are the best overall golf balls for slice. When you put a Srixon Soft feel into play, you will notice the difference this ball feels around the green.

With the softer components in the other layer, you will get more spin around the green while working on straightening out your slice from the tee.

Soft golf balls are typically relatively easy to compress and will work for both the slow swing speed and the mid swing speed.

The Srixon Soft Feel now come as colored golf balls, and they are going to be much easier for you to find should you miss the fairway.

We love the fact that Srixon has continually improved the technology that they put in these two piece golf balls to make them better and better each year.

The latest addition, the FastLayer Core, has increased ball speed considerably.

If you are looking for a new golf ball that will help your overall performance while also working to straighten out your slice, then the Srixon Soft Feel is the way to go.

Even though these golf balls feature some of the best technology on the market, they are very reasonably priced.

  • Very high ball speeds for a two piece golf ball
  • A low spin from the tee
  • Easy visibility with new colored golf balls
  • Soft feel for greenside shots
  • Still just a two piece golf ball, some find a softer feel on three and four-piece golf ball options

Best Illegal Golf Balls For Slice: Polara Self Correcting Golf Ball

Key Features

  • Non-conforming golf ball
  • Helps with alignment and slice
  • Extra distance from a more solid hit

The Polara Self Correcting golf ball is the best illegal golf ball for fixing a slice. Although this is not a golf ball that you can use in tournament play, it has some performance benefits that slicers should consider using in their game.

For high swing speeds that feel as though they are leaving distance on the table because of their slice, the Polara Self Correcting could do the trick.

Essentially this self correcting golf ball will have a very low long game spin, a core that does not conform to the USGA, and some distance that will significantly impact the overall performance of the ball.

Essentially because this ball won’t slice, it is going to fly a lot further than the other golf balls that you have in your bag.

There is a small alignment line on the Polara Self Correcting that golfers will set up towards their target. With this line, you can ensure that you are heading towards your golf hole.

When you hit the ball on this line, the ball reacts and stays on a very straight path.

The alignment line can also be used on the putting green to help you narrow down your target. Although these are not the cheapest golf balls, many golfers find this to be a fast way to improve the slice.

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  • Very long distance golf balls
  • Good choice even for high swing speed
  • Maximum distance from straighter shots
  • Lower spin than the USGA allows
  • Greenside control is not as good as other golf ball choices on the market

Best Cheap Golf Ball For Slice: Noodle Long and Soft

TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft Golf Balls

Key Features

  • It Will last for more than one round
  • Soft cover
  • Very fair pricing

Nobody said that fixing a slice needs to be expensive.

If you are looking for some self correcting technology at a fair price, then the Noodle Long and Soft could be the best golf ball choice for you.

The great thing about the Noodle golf balls is that they go a long way, but they don’t feel like you are hitting a rock.

In addition, this is an ideal golf ball for a beginner who is still trying to find which golf ball choices will be the best on the market.

With practice and patience, the Noodle Long and Soft could very easily become the best ball for your game, as long as you are giving it a chance.

The Noodle tends to give golfers more control from the tee and around the green as well. This won’t be the lowest spinning ball on the market, but you will still get the performance you need to keep the ball straight.

One of the things that we love about the Noodle is that it is less expensive than most golf balls. The lower pricing ensures that even if you happen to slice a ball into the woods, you will not feel all that badly about it.

With the durably cover on the Noodle, you will be able to use one ball for several rounds of golf.

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  • It has a dimple design for straighter flight t
  • A good choice regardless of players swing speed
  • More durable than other balls
  • Impressive greenside control
  • It would be more versatile if it were a three piece golf ball

Best Feeling Golf Balls For Slice: Callaway Hex Golf Balls

Key Features

  • Hex Pattern
  • Lower compression and great feel
  • Designed to go straight

Some golf balls are designed for long distances, and others will help players hit the ball straight. If you are looking for a ball that focuses on very low spin and a straight ball flight while maintaining the feel, the Callaway Hex Balls are the way to go.

Feel is something that should not be underestimated. Having a great feel can help players hit better shots and improve their overall performance on the golf course.

The HEX design is essentially a series of hexagons surrounding the outside of the golf ball. Where most golf companies have a circular type dimple pattern, the HEX Balls have this hexagon shape.

It took years for Callaway to come up with this design and the end result was a golf ball that had a different performance than any other on the market.

In addition to helping golfers straighten their slice out, the hex pattern also ensures that the ball flight is a bit higher and better feeling.

We know that to get more distance and performance in your game, you need a higher ball flight, and the Callaway Hex Balls allow for that.

The Callaway Hex is a lower compression ball, making it a good fit for those that have slightly slower swing speeds. Having a slow swing speed is not a problem as long as you match up your technology accordingly.

  • Very low spin golf ball
  • Solid core to help improve distance
  • Impressive spin control around the greens
  • Works for several players swing speeds
  • Slightly higher price than other golf balls on the market

Best Distance Golf Balls For Slice: Titleist Velocity Golf Balls

Key Features

  • Very long distance
  • Available in several colors
  • Low long game spin

Don’t be surprised that the Titleist Golf Balls will appear on our list a few times. With Tielsti Golf Balls, you will get a great mix of feel, durability, accuracy, and, ultimately distance.

The Titleist Velocity Golf Balls are the longest distance golf balls for a slice.

Hitting a slice will impact the distance that you can hit the ball. With a Titleist Velocity golf ball, you can get all the distance that you need while still maintaining a straight ball flight.

The great thing about the Titleist Velocity is the player’s swing speed does not have to be record breaking high for it to be a great golf ball choice.

Overall the Titleist Velocity is one of the lowest priced golf balls from the Titleist line. With Titleist Velocity golf balls you get help with long shots and shorts shots.

For those that play golf with a terrible slice, the Velocity are an affordable and high performing golf ball to help improve your game.

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  • Longer Distance
  • Extremely Low Long Game Spin
  • Greater Iron Stoppability
  • High Flight On All Shots

    Best Premium Golf Balls For Slice: Titleist AVX Golf Balls

    Key Features

    • Premium feel like the Pro V1
    • Long distance golf ball
    • Spin control around the greens

    Not all golf balls designed to fix a slice will be the cheapest golf balls on the market. Some companies put out very premium options to encourage golfers of the mid to low handicap range to use an anti slice or low spin type golf ball.

    The Titleist AVX is a new release from Titleist, and the hit has everything a great player could want. The Titleist AVX is very similar to the Pro V1, yet it has an even lower long game spin.

    The lower long game spin helps tin increase the distance while not taking away any of the premium feel or the drop and stop technology around the greens.

    We recently tested the Pro V1 and the AVX out on the golf course and noticed that the AVX flies a little further because of the lower spin that it offers.

    With the AVX Golf balls, you will still feel as though you have the ball control that you need on the green.

    This is a three piece golf ball, so the price point will naturally be a bit higher, but for the technology you get, some find it well worth it.

    We feel like the AVX can be a confusing golf ball for some people because of the fact that it is priced almost the same as the Pro V1 but clearly has different technological benefits.

    If you have been wondering whether the technology incorporated into the Titleist AVX can help you hit straighter shots, we can almost guarantee you that it will.

    • Improved greenside spin and control
    • The durable inner core and outer core
    • More spin around the greens
    • Very soft feel overall
    • Priced a bit higher and built for mid to low handicap only

    Best Low Handicap Golf Balls For Slice: Vice Pro Plus

    One of the most common misconceptions in the game is that lower handicap players do not slice the ball. This is just not the case. Lower handicap players are known for slicing the ball from time to time, and it is something they are often looking to fix.

    The slicing of a ball from a lower handicap player often has to do with the fact that their timing is a bit off. Most of the time, this is not a situation where a player does not know how to hit a ball straight; they simply don’t have everything timed the way that they should.

    Low handicap players that slice the golf ball should be considering the Vice Pro Plus ball. WIth the Vice Pro Plus, golfers will get incredible distance, a 4 piece design, and a 336 dimple pattern.

    The Vice Pro Plus is the only option on our list that is a four piece design. The four piece golf balls are more money, and they are definitely designed for a faster swing speed player that can understand the performance benefits of an impressive golf ball like this.

    For a beginner or intermediate player, the four pieces are not going to provide enough extra distance or benefit.

    Vice works on a direct to consumer model that ensures golfers are getting a very fair price for any of the golf balls that they invest in.

    If you purchase from Vice, know that you are getting some pretty incredible technology for a fair price.

    This golf ball is bound to make a lower handicap player feel more consistent with their golf game.

    • Great feeling golf club
    • Four piece golf ball
    • 336 dimple pattern for straighter flight
    • WIll stop on the greens
    • Need to have a slightly higher swing speed to hit it well

    Buyers Guide: What To Look For In The Best Golf Balls For Slice

    As you can see from our list, there are quite a few golf ball choices for those that slice the golf ball. When you slice the ball, you will need to ensure that you are only using equipment and products that help you to control and improve your ball flight.

    Whether you need an ultra-low compression core or distance golf balls, you must first be sure that you are purchasing something that is going to help you, as opposed to making things harder on you.

    Low Spin

    The number one factor to look for in the best golf balls for a slice is low spin. If you can find a low spin ball, especially off the tee, they will significantly reduce your change of a slice.

    Typically speaking, the low spin golf balls are two piece golf balls or three piece golf balls that are made for distance.

    Low spin helps players hit the ball a long way, in addition to helping ensure that they are able to straighten out the ball flight.

    The high spin golf balls are best for lower handicap players that are looking for drop and stop type feel and technology in their golf shots with irons and wedges.

    Straight Dimple Technology

    The straight dimple technology is a feature that we are seeing in more and more golf balls for lower swing speed players.

    With the straight dimple technology, you will get straight ball flight and potentially a better ball trajectory as well.

    Straight flight technology is not just for the illegal golf balls; it is something that other manufacturers will add to their golf balls as well.

    For instance, some of the Callaway Hex pattern technology has to do with long distance and straight ball flight.


    There is no single compression that is going to work specifically to help a golfer fix their slice. You must play with a golf ball that matches the speed of your swing.

    When playing with a low compression golf ball, players need a slower swing speed.

    Higher swing speed golfers can use a higher compression golf ball. Essentially if you want extra distance and performance, you have to know your swing speed and how it impacts the ball you play with.

    If a slow swing speed player uses a higher compression golf ball, it can impact their ability to hit the golf ball straight. The same goes for the shafts and the club head that the player is using.

    Don’t always assume that your slice is related to the golf ball that you are playing with. There is an excellent chance that something else in your game is causing the slice to happen.

    The best way to find out why you slice the golf ball is to take a lesson with a golf professional. They can give you all of the details and help you get your game back on track.

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    The golf balls that are best suited for a golfer that slices the ball will be orange or yellow golf balls. This may not be something that you thought of with an anti slice golf ball, but it is actually quite important.

    Players will want to choose a golf ball that is easier to find, as the chance of a ball ending up somewhere other than the fairway is relatively high.

    With the soft cover options out there that have yellow, orange, and even green covers, you should take advantage of the impressive high visibility golf balls.


    The pricing of the best golf balls for slice is all over the market. The interesting thing about slices is that they don’t discriminate.

    You can have your first year playing the game and hit golf shots that slice, or you can be a seasoned professional and slice one. The slice comes into play from time to time, and it can sneak up on a player.

    Don’t let the lower pricing of some of the best golf balls for slice make you think that these are not the best golf balls on the market. Instead, look at technology and benefits as opposed to the overall price of the product.

    Short Game Performance

    The best golf balls for slice are going to be lower in spin. This means that they may have a hard time stopping on the green the way you would like them to.

    The good news is that short game performance is something that is improving considerably on many of the best golf balls for a slice.

    With several pieces added to a golf ball, you can get an inner core that allows for distance and low spin, and then an outer core gives a softer feel and a bit more greenside spin and performance.

    The short game is a critical area of the game to focus on, even when you are a new player, and you must keep that in mind at all times.

    If fixing your slice makes it difficult for you to perform around the greens, you may want to consider using a different golf ball.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are a few of the questions that we are asked quite commonly about the differences that a golf ball has in the way the game is played. When a golf ball is used without much thought or planning, the overall performance of this ball could be less than ideal. Take some time to choose the best golf ball for your game, and be pleasantly surprised with the results that you get.

    Can A Golf Ball Fix A Slice?

    A golf ball can make a slice better or worse; however, it is not typically going to be able to fix a slice entirely on its own. Most of the time, you will need to get the right golf ball in play and make some changes to your golf swing in order to see a real difference.

    Do Premium Golf Balls Slice More?

    Premium golf balls tend to have very high greenside spin. High greenside spin can impact the way that the premium golf ball is going to react when a slice spin is put on the ball.

    If you want to straighten things out, you will need to use a golf ball that has a lower overall spin. In addition, those that can’t hit the golf ball straight don’t really need a premium expensive golf ball; it’s just going to get expensive when you slice them into the woods.

    Do Anti Slice Golf Balls Work?

    Anti slice golf balls are essentially low spin golf balls. If you apply a great swing to a low spin golf ball, it should go straight and stay on the proper path.

    However, the anti slice factor is not going to fix your slice entirely. Keep this in mind so that you can ensure you use a golf ball that is a good fit for your entire game, not just the anti slice factor.


    We hope you now feel as though you can choose a golf ball to fix your slice with ease. Slicing the golf ball is not enjoyable, and getting a ball that helps to make a slice less apparent will feel like a home run.

    The Srixon Soft Feel is the best overall golf ball choice for those that slice. If you can learn to play with the Srixon Soft Feel, you should see a decrease in your long game spin, and the golf ball will go quite a bit straighter.

    Don’t expect that a golf ball alone will fix your slice; you will need to put in a bit of time and effort on your own as well.

    Also, don’t forget to read more on how to fix a slice here!

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