Top 10 Best Cheap Golf Balls On The Market – Get The Most Value For Money Balls

Best cheap golf balls

If you’re like me, you don’t enjoy getting angry over a chunked shot because you just dumped a shiny new golf ball in the drink. Especially if that ball was pretty expensive in the first place. 

Technology and performance improvements do tend to bring a heftier price tag. However, for balls that need frequent replacement or end up lost in the water or over the fence, the money you spend adds up over time.

Luckily, most golf ball manufacturers make lower-priced balls for every budget, player level, and handicap.

I’ve reviewed the best low-price options on the market and found that the best value golf balls give me the same or better results than expensive golf balls.

Best Cheap Golf Balls for Every Type of Golfer

Best Overall

If you are a golf enthusiast, chances are you’ve tried Callaway Golf Balls beofre. They’re my favorite low-price golf ball, and I know players who won’t play with anything else.


Volvik Vivid Lite



Callaway Supersoft





I’ve divided my list of golf balls into balls for high, mid, and low handicapper. 

However, that doesn’t mean that they are exclusive. Players of any level can use the ball that fits their golf game best. 

The balls I’ve labeled as high handicap balls provide specific support in problem areas, such as distance, direction, and spin. 

Best Cheap Golf Balls for High Handicap – Distance

Best Cheap Golf Balls for High Handicap - Distance

The best budget golf balls for distance are usually harder golf balls. Hard golf balls generally go farther, while softer balls give more spin. 

However, I like the responsiveness of softer balls, so I’ve reviewed both a harder and softer ball that can increase your distance. 

1. Volvik Vivid Lite

Volvik Vivid Lites explode right off the tee while still offering you control of the spin. I get better accuracy from my Volviks than some of my more expensive balls. 

The Volvik Vivid Lites are some of the hardest balls on the list, but you can get a great deal of distance from a harder ball. I usually prefer softer balls, but Volvik Vivid Lites does make a satisfying crack when I hit them. 

The matte finish also seems to make a difference on their performance. I also like their bright colors because they’re more visible at a distance than white balls. 

  • Consistent ball flight from the ball’s patented dimple design
  • Performance advantage from the ball’s mid-soft feel and SF matte finish
  • Increased distance, trajectory, and accuracy provided by an oversized, lightweight core
  • Appropriate for players with slow swing speeds (55-85 MPH)

2. Srixon Soft Feel

Because the Srixon Soft Feel golf ball is softer, it provides excellent feedback when I hit it. I don’t feel a difference between hitting these and more expensive balls. That’s a tall order for a cheaper distance ball.

I have to hit these a little harder on chip shots and putts because of their soft feel, but that’s no big deal. 

Srixon Soft Feel balls are ideal for distance or approach shots and always stop right where I want them to stop. 

  • Increased distance and launch 
  • Improved accuracy and consistency provided by a low-drag 338-speed dimple pattern
  • Improved spin with minimum sidespin and less slicing
  • Appropriate for players with medium swing speeds (70-80 MPH)
  • Increased feedback from the soft cover surface

Best Cheap Golf Balls for High-Handicaps For Control

Best Cheap Golf Balls for High-Handicaps For Control

The best golf balls for accuracy and direction are ones that provide better spin and control. It doesn’t matter how far you can hit a golf ball if it’s going nowhere near where you want it to go.

3. Callaway Superhot

Callaway Superhot balls allow me to fine-tune my shot shapes. Because these balls have lower spin rates, there’s no more than a foot or two of spin back. 

They have a good feel and are soft enough for good feedback. They’re also hard enough to keep me from shooting beyond my target. 

I don’t have to overthink my shots to get them exactly where I want them with Callaway Superhot.

  • Travels long distances at fast speeds with any golf club because of its large, high-energy core
  • Increased air time with low drag with optimal lift
  • Excellent feedback from its softcover
  • Improved spin and control from 3-piece construction and having a soft and thin cover

Best Cheap Golf Balls for High-Handicappers With High Spin

Best Cheap Golf Balls for High-Handicappers With High Spin

High spin golf balls increase spin during flight. High-spinning balls increase backspin and create a longer carry. 

Excessive backspin decreases distance, so it’s important to find a golf ball that produces the Goldilocks of spins to get the distance you need. 

4. TaylorMade RocketBallz Speed

Some softer, inexpensive balls don’t play as well, but I like how responsive TaylorMade RocketBallz Speeds feels when hitting them. They also feel warm and thick in my hand. 

The high spin rate really makes it easier to hit a draw. Given that you make good contact with the golf ball shaping your shots shouldn’t be hard with the TaylorMade RocketBallz. 

  • High spin
  • Excellent response and feel from the soft ionomer cover
  • Incredibly fast
  • Increased distance from the high-energy reactive core

Best Cheap Golf Balls for High-Handicappers With Low-Spin

Best Cheap Golf Balls for High-Handicappers With Low-Spin

Low spin golf balls help reduce the sidespin that exaggerates slices and hooks. Low-spin balls also reduce backspin and can help your golf ball to go farther.

If you want a golf ball that gives you a longer and straighter drive, you want a low spin ball.

5. Vice Drive

I’ve seen players who have a slow swing hit Vice Drive golf balls an extra 20 feet because they roll well after hitting the ground. 

Vice Drives are also helpful for the beginning golfer because they include a putting line to promote a better hit. 

I like Vice Drives because they are hard enough to drive a long distance but soft enough to feel right on the green.

  • Appropriate for players with low to medium swing speed (55-85 MPH)
  • Soft feel Surlyn cover gives excellent feedback
  • The durable cover makes the golf ball practically indestructible
  • Increased overall distance with a longer roll from increased dimple depth
  • Easy to align with an extra-long, highly-visible putting line

6. Mizuno RB 566V

There’s no need to trade distance for less spin. Not only does the golf ball feel incredible, but it hits as far and fast as a harder golf ball. 

I like how the Minuzo balls have smaller dimples inside their regular golf ball dimples to help keep balls airborne longer. 

I also find that Minuzo balls are more predictable in the wind because of their low spin.

  • Extra air time from micro dimples
  • Elevated trajectory and straightened flight from a large, soft compression core
  • Incredible feel plus improved ball speed coming from a soft rubber core
  • Increased velocity at launch from its three-layer construction

Best Cheap Golf Balls for Mid-Handicappers

Best Cheap Golf Balls for Mid-Handicappers

The two best budget golf balls for a medium handicap are also balls that also work great for newer players and high handicap players. 

7. Callaway Supersoft

If you are a golf enthusiast, chances are you’ve tried Callaway Golf Balls beofre. They’re my favorite low-price golf ball, and I know players who won’t play with anything else. 

Supersofts are ideal for any golfer, from beginner to professional, and deliver a consistent feel for results I can count on.

  • Increased ball speeds, ideal spin, and high launches when energy transfers to the High-Speed Soft Compression Core
  • Low spin, soft feel golf ball, and excellent control from the hybrid PARALOID Impact Modifier cover
  • Maximized consistency, optimized trajectory, reduced drag, and overall higher flight through HEX Aerodynamics

8. TaylorMade Noodle Long and Soft

The first time I saw a package of Noodle Long and Soft, I thought someone had stocked it in the wrong aisle. Then I bought them, just alone because the packaging is great. It’s refreshing to see brands try out new designs.

Don’t let the packaging fool you, though; this is a serious golf ball for a low price!

These balls do go long and feel soft, which is where they get their name. I like Noodle Long and Soft balls for distance and accuracy. 

I think 99% of players at any level can play with them with no problem or qualms. 

  • Soft and durable iothane plastic cover
  • Longer carry from an impact propulsion core
  • Great feel
  • Increased spin
  • Straighter flight from patented dimpling

Best Cheap Golf Balls for Low-Handicappers

Best Cheap Golf Balls for Low-Handicappers

Both low-cost, low-handicap balls I like go far and give a seasoned player a stellar level of control. 

9. Srixon AD333

The Srixon AD333 is my go-to golf ball when it’s extremely windy because I can always get it fly straight without having to math on the golf course.  They’re not too hard, not too soft, and deliver the perfect amount of distance. 

The only problem I’ve had lately is finding legitimate balls online rather than knockoffs. If it doesn’t fly straight, it’s not a real Srixon.

  • High speed and maximum distance from the ball’s Star TS soft center core with a firmer additional layer
  • Maximized spin, increased control, and improved stopping power from its 4th-generation serum urethane spin skin coating
  • More distance, more lift, and less drag from the 338-speed dimpling
  • Straight flight 

10. Callaway Warbird

The Callaway Warbird seems to fly forever like a true warbird when you hit them. Going, going, gone. I’ve seen guys knock these clear out of sight. 

The only difference I feel between these balls and the more expensive ones is the control and feel. 

Don’t be fooled by the “prior generation” version online, which is an alternate translation for “used golf balls.”

  • Faster ball speeds and maximum distance from an extra-large high-energy core
  • Soft feel from a thin ionomer cover
  • Reduced drag and increased speed over a greater distance as a result of the Hex Aerodynamic surface pattern
  • Increased control 

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Cheap Golf Balls

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Cheap Golf Balls

When you’re thinking about buying golf balls, it’s a good idea to know a little background information. Understanding golf ball technology, performance characteristics to consider, and the difference between cheaper and more expensive golf balls can help make your golf ball choice easier.

Golf Ball Technology

Golf balls have had quite a technological transformation over the years. The original Dutch golfers of the 1400s started with wooden golf balls. The Scots used a goose-feather ball they covered in leather (the “featherie”). The golf ball went rubber in 1848 (the “guttie”). 

1905 was the first year the golf ball had a dimple pattern, mimicking the cuts and scratches that Scottish players learned would make the ball go farther. Ball dimples reduce turbulence and drag and make balls go farther than balls without dimples.

Golf ball manufactures have never stopped experimenting with the innards and outside roughness and dimpling of golf balls, which is why there are so many different types of golf balls with varying performance. 

Golf Ball Innards

  1. Two-piece golf balls: The ball Includes a molded rubber or synthetic rubber core with a plastic, dimpled coating. These balls can go farther distances, have less spin, and are appropriate for beginning golfers.
  2. Three-piece golf balls: The rubber core has an extra rubber covering beneath its final plastic coating. These balls have better control characteristics and are suited to advanced players.
  3. Four-piece golf balls: The core has two coverings. The one closest to the outside plastic coating is harder than the one closest to the core. The coating material and composition affect distance and ball control. Four-piece balls both go far, stop quickly, and are suited for high swing speeds. Four-piece balls are appropriate for tour players and low handicappers.
  4. Five-piece golf balls: The most expensive golf balls have five layers and offer tour-level performance. The layers include a high-speed core, three other surrounding layers that react to different shots and swing speeds, and a soft urethane cover. Tour players and low handicappers will be able to use these best.

You don’t really feel a difference from 4 layers upwards. But it’s still good to know what manufacturers advertise for.

Golf Ball Surface

Despite a significant number of published studies, scientists still do not fully understand the aerodynamics of golf balls based on their dimples. 

Studies show that drag varies significantly with changes in dimple geometry. Dimple depth ratios and surface roughness both affect golf ball drag and spin. 

Golf Ball Performance Characteristics to Consider

  1. Distance: Having a golf ball that can travel 30 feet father can be crucial to your golf score.
  2. Spin: Ball spin influences the distance and height of your ball. It can give you better control of your ball overall. However, excessive spin can create too much lift and prevent your ball from going far enough.
  3. Feel: A softer surface gives more feedback when you strike them. You’ll know exactly how well you struck it after the ball leaves the clubface.

Besides their performance, you want o find a ball you feel comfortable with around the greens, from the fairway and off the tee.

Increasing your driving distance certainly helps but don’t choose a ball only based on one characteristic. Make sure it fits your game, and swing speed.

Do Cheap Golf Balls Make a Difference?

There are differences in the innards and outside surfaces of cheap and more expensive balls. However, manufacturers make cheaper golf balls for distance, spin, and all handicap levels.

I’ve tried both expensive and cheap balls and have found cheap golf balls that work just as well as expensive ones. 

Expensive balls have softer surfaces and need replacing more often. So why spend more money more often when I can find cheaper balls that fit my golfing needs? A beginner is more likely to put it in the drink than to damage the surface.

Expensive Golf Balls 

The Titleist Pro V1 is the standard by which most players compare golf balls. I’m not going to lie; they are outstanding.

However, when I factor in the cost and frequent replacements necessary, I don’t think expensive golf balls are worth it for everyday golfing when there are high-quality cheaper golf balls available. 

Features of expensive golf balls include:

  • Softer exterior, usually from rubbery urethane or a Ionomer cover
  • More receptive to scratches and damage
  • Multiple layers provide more control
  • More spin, easier to hold greens with approach shots

Cheaper Golf Balls

Beginning golfers fare better with cheaper balls because they are still focusing on hitting the ball straight. 

Using a more expensive ball with a higher spin can be frustrating when you’re just trying to get a ball to the hole.

Features of cheaper golf balls include:

  • Harder exterior, usually from a hard plastic
  • More durable
  • Rarely need replacing
  • Fewer layers provide less control
  • Maximized distance
  • Less spin

Looking Forward to Buying Golf Balls

If you’re looking for a high handicap golf ball for distance, I suggest the Volvik Vivid Lite because it goes far with superior spin control.

For direction and spin control, I recommend the Vice Drive for the way it rolls long towards the hole (hopefully). 

The Callaway Supersoft is my favorite mid-handicapper ball because it is consistent and excels in all categories.

For players with a low handicap, I suggest the Srixon AD333 because it always flies straight, even in windy conditions.

The best cheap golf balls are Callaway Supersofts; they go a long way fast and are incredibly accurate. The Supersoft is Callaway’s best-selling golf ball. It sells so well and is my favorite low-cost golf ball because any player can get it to perform the way they want.

I’ve been playing golf long enough that I have favorite balls for different situations. I usually have at least two different types with me when I play. 

When you get into a rut just using one type of ball, you miss out on what the others have to offer as ball technology changes. 

I keep buying new ones as they come out to see what I might be missing. The ball you choose can improve your overall game.

Green fees are expensive enough, so why not pick one of these value golf balls and save some bucks?

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