Golf Club Distance Chart: By Skill Level, Age & Gender

Ever wondered what the average golf club distance chart is for amateurs and pros? I have collected all the essential club distance charts for you in this article.
Golf Club Distance Chart

I reviewed data from Trackman, Flightscope, Arccos, and more. I mapped them to different skill levels, ages & genders. In the end, I have also included the stock distances of famous pros!

There is a lot of information about how far you should hit your clubs, but they often lack completeness and background information. I have set to change that and will also cover what influences distance and how to improve it.

Golf Club Distance Chart for Men By Skill Level

golf club distance chart for men

This chart shows you the average distances per skill level for male golfers. Where are you on this chart?

Driver190 yds220 yds250 yds280 yds
3 Wood170 yds210 yds225 yds235 yds
5 Wood150 yds195 yds205 yds220 yds
Hybrid145 yds180 yds190 yds210 yds
2 Iron145 yds180 yds190 yds215 yds
3 Iron135 yds170 yds180 yds205 yds
4 Iron125 yds160 yds170 yds195 yds
5 Iron120 yds155 yds165 yds185 yds
6 Iron115 yds145 yds160 yds175 yds
7 Iron105 yds140 yds150 yds165 yds
8 Iron95 yds130 yds140 yds155 yds
9 Iron80 yds115 yds125 yds145 yds
Pitching Wedge70 yds100 yds110 yds135 yds
Gap Wedge60 yds90 yds100 yds125 yds
Sand Wedge55 yds80 yds95 yds115 yds
Lob Wedge40 yds60 yds80 yds105 yds

Golf Club Distance Chart for Woman By Skill Level

golf club distance chart for woman

This chart shows you the average distances per skill level for female golfers.

Driver150 yds175 yds200 yds230 yds
3 Wood125 yds150 yds180 yds210 yds
5 Wood110 yds140 yds175 yds200 yds
Hybrid105 yds135 yds170 yds195 yds
2 Iron105 yds135 yds170 yds190 yds
3 Iron100 yds125 yds160 yds185 yds
4 Iron90 yds120 yds150 yds180 yds
5 Iron80 yds110 yds140 yds170 yds
6 Iron70 yds100 yds130 yds160 yds
7 Iron65 yds90 yds120 yds150 yds
8 Iron60 yds80 yds110 yds140 yds
9 Iron55 yds70 yds95 yds130 yds
Pitching Wedge50 yds60 yds80 yds115 yds
Gap Wedge45 yds55 yds70 yds95 yds
Sand Wedge40 yds50 yds60 yds85 yds
Lob Wedge35 yds45 yds50 yds70 yds

Golf Club Distance Chart for Senior Golfers

golf club distance chart for senior

This chart shows you the average distances per skill level for senior golfers.

ClubSenior Average DistanceSenior PGA Tour Champions
Driver196 yds279 yds
3-wood173 yds240 yds
5-wood164 yds227 yds
Hybrid160 yds222 yds
2 Iron156 yds217 yds
3 Iron151 yds209 yds
4 Iron145 yds200 yds
5 Iron138 yds191 yds
6 Iron130 yds180 yds
7 Iron123 yds169 yds
8 Iron114 yds157 yds
9 Iron105 yds146 yds
Pitching Wedge97 yds136 yds
Gap Wedge89 yds122 yds
Sand Wedge82 yds108 yds
Lob Wedge74 yds97 yds

Golf Club Distance Chart for PGA Tour Players

Here is how far male PGA Tour professionals hit their clubs in average.

ClubAverage Distance
Driver289 – 361 yds
3 Wood243 – 304 yds
5 Wood230 – 288 yds
3 Iron212 – 265 yds
4 Iron203 – 254 yds
5 Iron194 – 243 yds
6 Iron183 – 229 yds
7 Iron172 – 215 yds
8 Iron160 – 200 yds
9 Iron148 – 185 yds
Pitching Wedge136 – 170 yds

Golf Club Distance Chart for LPGA Tour Players

This chart shows you the average distances for LPGA Tour Players.

ClubAverage Distance
Driver246 – 258 yds
3 Wood195 – 217 yds
5 Wood185 – 205 yds
4 Iron170 – 181 yds
5 Iron161 – 173 yds
6 Iron152 – 163 yds
7 Iron141 – 154 yds
8 Iron130 – 143 yds
9 Iron119 – 132 yds
Pitching Wedge107 – 121 yds

Golf Club Distance Chart By Swing Speed

What impact does swing speed have on distance? In perfect conditions, see the table below. Keep in mind that the smash factor plays a major role when it comes to distance.

Club60 mph70 mph80 mph90 mph100 mph110 mph120 mph130 mph140 mph150 mph
Driver (Total)155181206232258284310335361385
Driver (Carry)146170195219243268292316340365
3 Wood130150175195215238259283303318
5 Wood125145165185205225245265285305
2 Iron118135155176194213233252271292
3 Iron115130150172188207226245265284
4 Iron110126145165180190208226245264
5 Iron105120138155170185198215228247
6 Iron100115130145165175185195208219
7 Iron95105120135155165175185195210
8 Iron85100115130145155165175190202
9 Iron8090105120130145160175186197
Pitching Wedge7385100110120135145156167179

Ball Speed to Distance Conversion Chart

Ball Speed (mph)110120130140150160170180190200
Club Head Speed (mph)77849198104111118125132138
Driver Carry181198214231247263280296313329

Driver Swing Speed Chart by skill level

How fast should you swing your Clubs? Kyle Berkshire’s (World long drive champion) fastest recorded swing speed was 155 mph!

Skill LevelDriver DistanceSwing Speed
Beginner190 yards80 mph
Average220 yards94 mph
Good240 yards100 mph
Excellent265 yards110 mph
PGA Tour Average275 yards113 mph
Women’s Average180 yards77 mph
LPGA Tour Average218 yards94 mph

Key Factors for Distance

golf club distance chart key factor


Each club has a unique loft. Typically, higher lofts will translate into higher ball-flights. For example, drivers are built for distance, hence they have a low angle of loft. Lob wedges on the other hand are designed to propel the ball into the air and present a steep angle of descent. That way, the ball will stop closer to the point of impact.

Driver8° – 13°
2 Wood12° – 15°
3 Wood12° – 17°
4 Wood15° – 19°
5 Wood20° – 23°
1 Iron15° – 18°
2 Iron18° – 20°
3 Iron21° – 24°
4 iron25° – 28°
5 iron28° – 32°
6 iron32° – 36°
7 iron36° – 40°
8 iron40° – 44°
9 iron45° – 48°
Pitching Wedge47° – 53°
Sand Wedge54° – 58°
Lob Wedge58° – 62°


Your distances are greatly affected by the weather conditions. Hitting a ball into the wind might balloon it into the air, taking away length. In contrary to playing in high altitudes, players usually experience increased distances. See Rory’s distances WGC-Mexico Championship in Mexico.

Swing Speed & Smash Factor

Logically, the faster your swing speed, the greater your distance. But in addition, the quality of strike plays a huge role to determine how far you hit the ball.

Smash Factor is ball speed divided by club speed. Smash Factor relates to the amount of energy transferred from the club head to the golf ball. The higher the smash factor the better the energy transfer. A golfer would hope to achieve a smash factor near 1.50 on driver shots.

Famous Pros

Average Driving Distance - Golf pros

Tiger Woods

PGA Tour Victories: 82

ClubAverage Distance
Driver297 yrd
3 Wood265 yds
5 Wood245 yds
3 Iron227 yds
4 Iron215 yds
5 Iron200 yds
6 Iron186 yds
7 Iron170 yds
8 Iron157 yds
9 Iron148 yds
Pitching Wedge136 yds
Sand Wedge118 yds

Phil Mickelson

PGA Tour Victories: 44

ClubAverage Distance
Driver300 yds
3 Wood270 yds
5 Wood250 yds
4 Iron230 yds
5 Iron215 yds
6 Iron205 yds
7 Iron190 yds
8 Iron175 yds
9 Iron160 yds
Pitching Wedge145 yds
Gap Wedge125 yds
Sand Wedge105 yds
Lob Wedge85 yds

Jack Nicklaus

PGA Tour Victories: 73

ClubAverage Distance
Driver250 yds
3 Wood235 yds
1 Iron215 – 235 yds
2 Iron205 – 220 yds
3 Iron295 – 210 yds
4 Iron185 – 200 yds
5 Iron170 – 185 yds
6 Iron155 – 170 yds
7 Iron140 -155 yds
8 Iron130 – 145 yds
9 Iron105 – 135 yds
Pitching Wedge80 – 130 yds
Sand Wedge100 yds

Rory Mcllroy

PGA Tour Victories: 18

Note: Measured at 7,600 feet above sea level, WGC-Mexico Championship at the Club de Golf Chapultepec Club, Mexico.

ClubAverage Distance
Driver360 yds
3 Wood325 yds
Hybrid300 yds
4 Iron272 yds
5 Iron256 yds
6 Iron235 yds
7 Iron222 yds
8 Iron200 yds
9 Iron188 yds
Pitching Wedge169 yds
Gap Wedge248 yds
Sand Wedge132 yds
Lob Wedge118 yds

Bryson DeChambeau

PGA Tour Victories: 8

ClubAverage Distance
Driver325 yds
3 Wood295 yds
4 Hybrid275 yds
4 Iron255 yds
5 Iron235 yds
6 Iron220 yds
7 Iron205 yds
8 Iron190 yds
9 Iron175 yds
Pitching Wedge160 yds
47°145 yds
53°127 yds
58°110 yds

Dustin Johnson

PGA Tour Victories: 16

ClubAverage Distance
Driver312 yds
3 Wood282 yds
5 Wood267 yds
2 Iron261 yds
4 Iron236 yds
5 Iron225 yds
6 Iron212 yds
7 Iron200 yds
8 Iron186 yds
9 Iron172 yds
Pitching Wedge158 yds
Sand Wedge135 yds
Lob Wedge118 yds

Know your distances

Looking at the charts can be intimidating. On the other hand, it can also lower your expectations! More important than how far you hit the ball is to know your own distances.

Go to the range and map out your 50%-100% distances with every club. In the end, nobody cares if you placed the ball 3 feet from the hole with a 6 iron or a 9 iron.

What to do next

Look at our favorite swing tips to improve your game! More distance off the tee is an easy way to lower your scores!

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