Average Driving Distances: How Far Should You Drive The Ball?

What are the average driving distances of male amateurs? Around 215 yards, according to the USGA.

We have researched publications by the USGA, Trackman, Arccos. You’ll find them summarized for you here.

Many amateur golfers believe they have to drive the ball like the pros on the PGA tour. In reality, you can score well with achievable distances!

Average Driving Distances by Handicap

You might think distance off the tee is your biggest weakness. Most likely not! According to the USGA, the average driving distance for all golfers is 215 yards.
Accuracy is crucial when it comes to scoring. Driving the ball into a favorable position off the tee leaves you with a clear approach shot into the green. Playing from a better lie in the fairway also increases your chances of putting spin on the ball. That makes it easy to hold greens and not overshoot them.

HandicapAverage Driving Distance in yards
13-20 200

Source: USGA Distance Report

For female golfers, the numbers look like this:

HandicapAverage Driving Distance in yards
13-20 155

Average Driving Distances by Age

As expected, driving distance declines over time. Scores don’t increase because of that! You can play scratch golf with a 200-yard drive and less!

AgeAverage Driving Distance in yards

Driving the ball into the middle of the fairway leaves you easier approach shots into the green. Good approach shots take the pressure off your short game. If you miss at the right places, you leave yourself an easy up-and-down for par!

What Influences Driving Distances? 

If you want to increase your distance off the tee, you need to know what’s important:


  1. Length of Club
  2. Shaft Weight
  3. Head Weight
  4. Loft
  5. Face Material
  6. Thickness

Distance is created by converting Club Speed into Ball Speed (Often referred to as Smash Factor).

What to do next

Keep these numbers in mind next time you play a round of golf. Playing your second shot from the middle of the fairway beats taking a drop or teeing off a second time. Read more about how to improve your golf swing here.

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